Reality = ∫(Demon)dt

Wolf has two great graphs today.

The first is the total quantity of counterfeit “money” in the central bank, updated. It shows the sudden surge “justified” by the 2008 manufactured “crisis”, and the VASTLY LARGER surge “justified” by the VASTLY LARGER 2020 manufactured “crisis”. The 2022 turnaround is continuing without pause, and the demons are diminishing without pause.

The graph also shows a less sharp increase in 2014, which I hadn’t noticed before. This may explain why there was a sensed increase in demonic activity in 2015. Many people caught the smell of a turn toward evil, but there wasn’t any explicitly named Project or “crisis” at the time.  Looking back, the 2014 counterfeit surge was probably needed to organize the Trump “crisis”.

The second interesting graph shows demand for paper dollars. This represents the massed HUMAN RESPONSE to the DEMONIC SURGES.


Before QE, currency in circulation was the primary driver of the increase in assets on the Fed’s balance sheet through the collateral that banks have to post to get FRNs. And demand has been huge – but not for payment purposes, for which demand is declining. Paper dollars are stashed around the world for legal and illegal purposes, and when there is fear of a crisis, demand surges.

The real money graph is the integral of the demonic surge graph.

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