Sucker gene

Thinking yet again of the totally useless blockchain crap. Every one of these “innovations” is a wildly overcomplicated way of doing a task that is already working just fine. I’ve observed for a long time that complicators and simplifiers are disjunct personality types. I’m a pure simplifier, and I have trouble understanding the motives of […]

Can’t make it up

Now that NFTs have resumed their natural and accurate value of precisely zero, the true believers still need a liturgy. So a clever priest has developed a ‘fantasy football’ league where you can pretend to trade the things that you formerly believed you were trading. Via Web3IsGoingGreat: Non-fungible token (NFT) traders who’ve lost real money […]

Sputnik’s birthday, with a difference

Polistra and friends have been saluting Sputnik’s birthday for many years. This year, for the very first time, we have to salute NASA as well. Until last week NASA served no purpose at all. USA was pretending to compete against Russia’s superior education system and superior work system. We lost the pissing contest forever when […]