Early adaptation

Neat example of handicap adaptation from Motor Age 1922. The T was already closer to all-hand than most cars. Early Ts, and the predecessor model S, were fully footless. The hi/lo/neutral control was a lever instead of a pedal. Only the brake and reverse were pedals, and the brake was always duplicated by the handbrake.…

Weather humor

The local Weather Bureau has finally figured out that you don’t gain trust by constantly screeching imprecatory prayers to Gaia and her Prophetess Greta. Cuteness works better. This is cute and educational at the same time. Science should be entertainment, not torture.

Correct present, wrong history

This piece by Terry Mattingly is frustrating. He accurately describes the current atrocity of total unabashed bias in all media, but he’s wrong about the history. Basically, the world’s most influential newspaper is moving away from the old free-speech liberalism of what historians call the “American model of the press,” with little public commentary about…