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… has been true for centuries. Machiavelli and Parkinson exposed it, and nothing changed.

While looking for something else I ran across this 1960 letter from Theodore White. He deserves RAW VICIOUS CONTEMPT because he knew the whole thing was a fucking fraud and CONTINUED TO EXPAND THE FUCKING FRAUD. Vile evil bastard.

Practical morality doesn’t require us to heroically expose evil, because heroes don’t make any difference. Practical morality DOES require us to stop assisting evil. If we’re working for an evil company or agency, we should stop. Remove our talents and labor from the evil task.

Heroes strengthen Deepstate’s resolve. Desisters weaken Deepstate’s resources.

Deeper itch

After randomly mentioning Tablet Magazine and Kirn yesterday, I ended up watching this long and splendid interview again. Kirn and Liel Leibovitz are talking to young elites who are just now realizing they’ve been swindled by their own leaders. The solution is to fuck the Establishment and find your own way.

Kirn’s praise for the Beat Generation made me itchy the first time I watched the interview. I dismissed the Beats as unoriginal, and pointed to more obscure and more original movements at the same time.

Watching the same interview again, I remembered a much deeper problem with the Beats, and I have a fairly unique viewport into this problem.

Problem: Beat was CIA.

My viewport was a coworker at an OKC motel in the late ’70s.

= = = = = START REPRINT:

In the late ’70s I worked briefly as evening-shift clerk in the Sooner Inn, a low-budget motel in OKC. (Briefly because I was also trying to attend OU in Norman, and the commuting to OKC had to stop when my car broke down. I quickly found a much better night job within the university, so the breakdown turned out to be a good thing.) The overnight clerk was a somewhat older man named Tom, who had an extremely interesting biography. Tom’s mother had been part of the Beat Generation at its peak, closely associated with leftist luminaries like Kerouac, Ginsberg, and dos Passos. [This was verified by a mention of his mother in a biography of dos Passos.] Tom remembered those men as “uncle figures”, though they were actually his mother’s lovers. As an adult, Tom had worked in NY investment banks; he had some kind of breakdown or burnout, and ended up in OKC for reasons that were never quite specified. He had also spent some time in Eastern Europe, and had interesting stories from that period.

Much later, I read Buckley’s spy novels, and was amazed to find Tom’s life story, exactly as he had told it to me, serving as the ‘cover story’ for one of Buckley’s CIA spy characters.

Since then I’ve wondered: did Buckley know Tom? Was Tom’s story real or a CIA standard cover story? Was Tom just an interesting leftist or a spy? Or a double agent? If double agent, did that account for his sudden ‘burnout’ and removal to a low-level motel job? Hall of mirrors for sure.

= = = = = END REPRINT.

The lesson is important.

All organized movements are sponsored by Deepstate.

When a movement is highlighted by media and culture, it’s fake. It’s an Agent Provocateur, a Pied Piper. Don’t join any organized and famous movement. You will end up serving Deepstate one way or another.

Aside from personal feelings…

Putin has decided to retake Ukraine in a dramatic way. If he had done this before 2020, I would have been disappointed and disgusted at the way he’s doing it.

But two years ago Putin joined the “virus” holocaust, and I gave up on him at that point. He’s indistinguishable from Trump or Biden or Trudeau or Merkel.

Aside from personal feelings, this is simply NONE OF OUR FUCKING BUSINESS. Ukraine and Russia are NOT separate nations. 1000 years ago Kiev was the capital of the Russian empire, then later the capital moved to Moscow. It’s all the same nation.

In 1990 our SOB Yeltsin worked with Soros to break up the empire. Since then we’ve been maintaining the fiction of separate nations, and pretending that Ukraine was part of our sphere of influence.

Now Putin has dissolved the fiction and restored the permanent reality. He did the same with Crimea in 2014, and we made a bunch of noise but eventually recognized reality. I hope we do the same this time.

= = = = =

Perspective: Lately I’ve been listening to 1938-1940 news broadcasts. In 1940 Stalin was temporarily allied with Germany, and invaded Finland forcefully. Our media was ENRAGED.

Hitler was bombing London at the same time. Stalin bombing Finland was WORSE than Hitler bombing London. After Stalin switched sides, Russia was temporarily one of the “democracies” fighting the “fascists”. Then in 1946 we resumed our permanent war against Russia.

What’s the constant under all of this variable nonsense? The constant is that we HATE Russia and LOVE Germany. We fight Germany reluctantly and halfheartedly, then immediately return to our love affair. In WW1, while reluctantly fighting Germany, we were working WITH Germany to invade Russia.

Even so, there’s a basic difference between Finland and Ukraine. Finland is NOT part of Russia and never was. Ukraine was ALWAYS part of Russia until we stole it. Stalin was stealing Finland. Putin is repossessing Ukraine.

Cui bono? Non-combatants.

I went to sleep listening to those 1940 news broadcasts, when US was trying to benefit from neutrality without getting involved in the war.

Woke up after only two hours, with a bad dream about being pursued by two sides. Then the next item in the playlist was this episode of Calling All Detectives, where the detective is working for two stamp collectors. As I wrote before:

= = = = = START REPRINT:

The detective is called simultaneously by two high-dollar stamp collectors who are accusing each other of theft. He uses constants and variables expertly, determining that a crooked stamp dealer is playing these two against each other to manipulate prices.

At the end the narrator says:

When two clients accuse each other, always look for the hand of a third party.

Excellent advice. We won’t hear this moral today, because the entire world is based on Symmetrical Scapegoating.

Nevertheless, the rule is universal. When you’re supposed to argue about a specific question, you know the REAL question is elsewhere. Deepstate uses this trick in every possible subject.

= = = = = END REPRINT.

Who was the stamp dealer in WW1 and WW2? The serious non-combatants. South America stayed resolutely out of both wars, and supplied both sides with oil and minerals and beef and wheat.

The current holocaust is not Nation A versus Nation B. It’s nearly all governments versus their own people.

There are only a few neutrals this time. Tanzania and Belarus started out fully and OFFICIALLY neutral, and it appears from a recent ‘stringency map’ that both have mainly held the line. Dixie and a few midwestern states pulled out early, and they are benefiting in the same way that South America benefited before. Young productive people are moving to Texas and Florida and Tennessee. Young productive BUSINESSES are pulling up stakes and moving from California and Washington to Texas and Florida and Tennessee.

Aside from the moves, non-combatant states prosper directly. In WW2 the neutrals didn’t have to suffer bombing and sieges. In the current war, the noncombatant states continue working and living normal lives without muzzles and mandates and Lucite and constant fear of new crazy lockdowns. The state gains revenue and doesn’t have to spend money on welfare, and doesn’t have to clean up riots and suicides. The governor gains popularity.

Cui bono doesn’t automatically imply cause. We know that South America didn’t start WW2, and we know that South Dakota didn’t start the 2020 holocaust. Bush Junior started it in 2005, following a long Bush family tradition. But cui bono is a hugely important LESSON for states and nations that must decide whether to participate in a war.

Unfortunately I’m stuck in one of the Axis belligerents. I can’t choose to be a non-combatant, and I’m not rich or young enough to pull up stakes and move to a neutral. But I can try (yet again) to focus my attention elsewhere, to avoid being sucked into the battle more than necessary. I’ve been focusing too hard on this shit lately. The dream is an overload light. Time to pull back and think about sane subjects for a while, until the bombs strike directly again.