Circassian Solution reprint

Written Aug 2020.

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Idiot headline at RCS:
Why is science letting us down?

I won’t read the underlying article since I know in advance that it will be answering the wrong question to serve Satan.

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The proper answer is:

Science isn’t letting us down. We abandoned and obliterated science.

Science means Solving problems by objective measurement and analysis, refined by experiment.

Science already knew how to deal with a virus, and science had done all the necessary experiments to refine the answer.**

Let the immune system do most of the work. Encourage people to live a normal healthy life. Sunlight, exercise, fresh air, work, social contact, confidence. When possible, give the immune system an early preview of the virus with vaccines so it won’t be surprised.

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In the few blessed countries that REMAINED with science (Sweden, Belarus, Turkmenistan, Tanzania, etc) this definition still applies.

In all other countries, science was replaced by Satan. There’s no other word for it. Pure murder, pure evil, pure genocide, serving no purpose except satisfying the bloodlust of psychopaths. The accumulated knowledge of public health was TURNED BACKWARDS and used to commit a holocaust.

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We also have solid scientific knowledge about psychopaths, acquired by observation and experiment. We know what they want, we know how they work, and we know that there are only two ways to solve the problem. (1) Kill the psychopath. (2) Redirect his energy toward hedonism and dissipation.

Natural Law uses solution 2, giving psychopaths plenty of riches and pleasure, PROVIDED they use their powerful talents to serve ordinary people. A satiated psychopath doesn’t have enough energy to do serious harm.

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500 years ago the Circassians solved BOTH problems at the same time. Unsurprisingly, Turkmenistan is part of Circassia.

Circassian girls were a major export product. They were especially beautiful, and the psychopathic sultans of the Ottoman Empire bought them for a good price. [Why did the Ottoman sultans prefer slaves or commoners? Because they had seen how the Euro habit of marrying foreign royals led to stupid wasteful wars.]

Unfortunately, many of the girls were disfigured by smallpox, decreasing the profit. Presumably by serendipity, the Circassians figured out that a small dose of cowpox prevented smallpox. They developed inoculation into a science.

Selling their daughters to sultans solved the psychopath problem and provided a better life for the pretty ones. A harem girl gets the best food and the best clothing, and has ample opportunity to display her beauty through dancing and ceremonies. She takes her turn occasionally in the bedroom of the blubbery oversatiated Sultan, who can barely find his dick amid the rolling mountains of fat.

If the pretty ones had stayed at home, they would be milking cows, pulling plows, weaving crude clothing, losing their beauty, and enduring daily sessions with a strong muscular farmer. Some would enjoy the sex, but most wouldn’t.

So the Circassians used REAL SCIENCE to solve both of our current problems in a SYNCHRONOUS AND BALANCED WAY. The pretty daughters had a better life, the people were protected from smallpox AND protected from the worst excesses of the psychopaths, and the people received PAY FOR VALUE.


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** Footnote: This is true of ALL REAL PROBLEMS. We have already solved all real problems that can be solved physically. We’ve acquired all the necessary data, we’ve done all the necessary experiments. Anyone who claims we need “new science” or “emerging science” to solve a “new problem” is a criminal and a murderer. The sole purpose of “new science” is to CREATE problems, not to solve problems. We are making valid new observations in a few areas like neurology, and it’s possible that the new observations may help to refine existing solutions, but they won’t generate new solutions to new problems.

Nature doesn’t have new problems. All new problems are created by psychopaths.

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Chuck vs Chuck

Kirn on evolution:

You read history, count up the wars, the slaughters, the genocides, etc, you realize the most stalwart, spirited, courageous members of our species have been culled in a kind of counter-evolution. Nature may favor the fittest. Not society. We descend from those who fit in.

This isn’t counter-evolution, it’s evolution.

The leader is not the species. Society is the species. Courageous stalwarts kill society and thus kill the species. Fit-ins preserve society and thus preserve the species.

The common misunderstanding arises from the word fittest which doesn’t belong in the rule.

Personally, Darwin believed that stalwart, spirited, courageous animals were the fittest. And of course the stalwarts were English aristocrats like Darwin, filled with Manly Virtue And Ciceronian Orations, not cowardly filthy uneducated darkies.

But Darwin was able to separate the personal from the scientific. His scientific description of natural selection was based on survival for the SPECIES or POPULATION, not for the Nietzschean Atlas. Fittest is a completely unnecessary word. Natural selection doesn’t say who or what is fit; natural selection is a TAUTOLOGY.

Survivors survive. That’s all.

Survival doesn’t mean courage or heroism. Survival literally and etymologically means continuing to live in the same place, whatever it takes.

In real history, stalwart courageous heroes lead an entire tribe or nation into destruction. Wars ruin the winner and the loser. The conqueror enjoys a sexual thrill for a while, but his tribe has to spend huge amounts of time and energy repressing rebellions and trying to get labor from workers who HATE them.

Tribes who avoid conflict, fit in, use resilience and hospitality to neutralize the would-be invaders, survive longer with less damage. South America remained resolutely out of WW1 and WW2, and never got bombed or invaded. It was able to sell beef and wheat and oil to both sides.

Lately I’ve been listening at bedtime to Elmer Davis’s brief newscasts from the first years of WW2 before US entered. The sequence is clear. Austria and Czechoslovakia surrendered immediately and remained largely intact. France surrendered soon and minimized the damage. Britain was courageous and stalwart and dead.

If every nation in the world had surrendered immediately in unison, Hitler would lose the psychopathic thrill. He would get bored.

Krauts would then be faced with the OCD nightmare of dominating and ruling a billion filthy imprecise disorderly germ-ridden Unkrauts.

Malicious compliance would be universal, the technique I call Chuck’s Rule.

Ja wohl, Herr Ubermensch! We will do it your way, down to the 999th decimal point! It may take a wee bit longer than you think, as in forever; but we will do it for you, Herr Ubermensch!

Reviewing Aberree, part 3/7

Alphia Hart had a powerful and unique view of copyrights:

Copyrighting everything you write is a confession that you have little faith in your ability to continue producing salable stuff — and that there may come a time when you’ll have to fall back on your own, protected material to make a living. When we can’t produce new copy for The ABERREE, The ABERREE ceases to exist, because we’re certain no one wants to read tomorrow what we said yesterday and today.

Alphia practiced what he preached, and specified in each issue that his work was NOT to be copyrighted.

I reached a similar conclusion a long time ago in making courseware. The restrictions of ‘digital rights’ get stricter and more tangled every year, but they don’t bother me because I have CONFIDENCE in my own ability to produce new images and animations.

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Here’s a corollary which isn’t quite obvious:

If you want to leave a legacy, don’t copyright your work.

Despite his probably fake modesty, Hart did leave a legacy. His work is still eminently worth reading 60 years later.

BUT: If he had copyrighted his work, or even failed to EXPLICITLY turn off the copyright, his legacy would be GONE.

Thanks to recent anti-Hubbard types who found the collection and scanned and uploaded it, all of Hart’s work is readable. If he hadn’t made a point of turning off the copyright, those blessed preservers couldn’t have done their job, and his work would be lost.

A similar situation exists in the recordings of old-time radio. The obscure syndicated shows are better preserved and more available than the big network shows. Why? Because the networks still exist, so a copyright could be enforced. This makes it possible for one of the OTR vendors to play copyright troll games, forcing the other vendors and the free service at to delete items it wants to sell. Even though the one trollish vendor has no inheritance rights to the recordings, the potential of a copyright makes the big network shows harder to find and hear. And because they’re less widely distributed, they’re likely to disappear when that one trollish vendor goes out of business.

A much more important application of this principle was already operating at the time when those radio shows were made. Local stations and small syndicates and small civic orchestras were able to play live music as long as it was classical. Modern copyrighted music could only be played by networks who had enough money to pay the royalties. THEREFORE: Classical music has been performed and enjoyed and remembered much more widely than modern copyrighted music.

We have a dense and constantly performed legacy from composers who worked before copyright laws. Similarly with literature and visual art.

Not everything is great, but some work that was considered trash when written has been appreciated later because it was PRESERVED in some form. PRESERVED work can be revived and re-judged.

When the work is copyrighted, it has much less chance of being preserved and reprinted or replayed, no matter how good or mediocre it is.

Natural law and Sharia law agree: Use it or lose it. Everything in nature is meant to be useful, meant to serve. Copyright prevents use, so copyright guarantees loss.

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From personal experience: When a publisher owns exclusive copyright, the publisher may go bankrupt or merge, or it may simply decide to stop selling the item. At that point there’s no automatic procedure to revert the item to public domain, or to return it to the author’s possession. Sometimes a revert contract is written, but big corporations don’t obey laws. They can and will prevent ANYONE from using the material, even though they’re not using the material either. Total and permanent loss.

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Note for clarity: Before Disney bought the law in 1996, the US copyright law was less monopolistic. There was no ‘intrinsic’ copyright. You had to register an item specifically if you wanted to claim protection, and the protection was officially turned off when you stopped paying for renewals. There was a solid fence between protected and public domain, so there was less room for monopolistic lawyering.

Kirn on the collapse

This new interview is worth watching but could have been condensed some. Walter Kirn and Liel Leibovitz are discussing the total collapse of all institutions.

Kirn was a familiar establishment writer in the ’70s. He departed from the establishment and is now writing ‘newsletters’, though not very actively. Leibovitz is unfamiliar to me and seems a bit scattered. The moderator gets impatient with his wandering.

Kirn, with the training of an old newspaperman, knows how to get down to the fucking point.

The discussion gets down to the fucking point around :38, speaking directly to younger establishment types who are just now seeing that the whole system is fucked, just now seeing that the “paranoids” and “tinfoilers” were extremely inadequate.

What do the discussers suggest? Listen to the people you’ve been disdaining and mocking. They are right and you are wrong. Start from scratch. Find your specific purpose and plateau and try to do it, ON A SMALL SCALE. Don’t aim for the top, don’t aim for acceptance, don’t aim for prestige. Just do what you’re meant to do.

Magnificent advice!

The importance of plateaus

Assisted by the Kirn discussion, I connected two longtime themes.

1. Exponential vs tanh. Life doesn’t go exponential. Every individual, or company, or community, rises to a ceiling or plateau and stays there. Individuals die, but companies and organizations don’t necessarily die. Many have lasted for hundreds or thousands or years, by steady satisfaction with a steady source of profit.

If you know where your particular ceiling or plateau is, you can be satisfied after you get onto the plateau.

2. Meritocracy tells us that we don’t have a plateau, and ESPECIALLY tells us that we don’t have our OWN plateaus. Everyone is required to strive for an EXP growth to the same INFINITE and thus IMPOSSIBLE goal.


The plateau links meritocracy and EXP. Fake economies and fake life trajectories require the same lie about endless universal growth without plateaus.

The fake economy in most countries couldn’t exist if we were thinking in plateau form. We would understand that perpetual accelerating growth is DEADLY, not HEALTHY. We wouldn’t be suckered by abstract exponential growth, whether in the old-fashioned stock market or the new bitcoin market.

Sharia economics understands plateaus. A company or laborer adds a finite amount of value by working. Every person and every company has a distinct role, based on abilities and opportunities. Our task is to reach our distinct plateau and maintain it, creating enough excess value to overcome friction and ideally store some value and energy against future bad times.

The worst part of fake growth is that it consumes all the energy and money and work that SHOULD be devoted to real steady maintenance. We’ve lost our factories and farms and stores, and above all we’ve DEVALUED AND TRASHED the people who worked in those factories and farms and stores.

All individual talents are totally wasted as everyone rushes to grab the next meaningless number. Every rush enriches Bezos and kills ordinary people.

Another name for plateaus is purposes.

Reprinting from last year:

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France learned a major lesson from the 1789 revolution. After the EXTREME dose of Innovative Disruption in every aspect of life, the French became the world’s best PRESERVERS. They tried to maintain everyday objects and skills instead of discarding them. The tendency was still strong in the 1970s; I don’t know if it’s still strong now. Unions are certainly strong.

Wars and revolutions and depressions often induce this healthy immune response. America was in skill-preservation mode after the 1930s depression, thanks to FDR’s emphasis on work and training and unions. We remained in skill-estate mode until the ’70s when Nixon, then Reagan, then Clinton, cumulatively removed ALL the supporting framework and shipped ALL skills overseas.

There’s already some indication that the current holocaust is inducing a healthy PRESERVATION impulse for money. Wolfstreet noted a decrease in credit card usage and increase in savings. Bloomberg sees “a new austerity, expressed through pantry stockpiling and delayed big-ticket purchases.”

We also need to follow the French model of frugality in skills and knowledge. The long-term goal of globalism is to eliminate all skills and knowledge, and the current holocaust is an EXTREME FINAL step in this process. Jobs requiring skill are “non-essential”, and all knowledge of science and logic and truth has been precisely and diametrically inverted and garbled and deleted.

We’ve got a partial start through Emerson justice. Public schools and major colleges have voluntarily committed suicide “because virus”, thus eliminating the main purveyors of ANTI-SKILL education. The field is open for smart operators like DeVry. Will they step up and take advantage?

Probably not. We don’t have FDR or Harding at the top to break the litigation and regulation obstacles. Instead we have Trump, Deepstate’s most loyal and perfect servant. FDR locked down the banks to enrich the real economy. Trump locked down the real economy to enrich the banks.

The overriding perpetual purpose of the ‘enlightenment’, from 1776 to 1793 to now, is to obliterate PURPOSE from life. The focus on “rights” instead of duties started the breakdown. The focus on finance and abstraction instead of industry finished it.

Natural Law in its varied forms, whether the Sharia rules or the Soviet Constitution or FDR’s four freedoms, always starts with PURPOSE AND WORK. Every aspect of the economy and culture is shaped to preserve PURPOSE for ordinary people. The ‘enlightenment’ starts with “rights” and “freedom”, which means that psychopaths are free to dominate culture and economy, free to eliminate all PURPOSE from ordinary workers and families. The sole PURPOSE of a psychopath is to obliterate PURPOSE.


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