I used to know this

Here’s a fact I recognized a long time ago and then forgot.

Antivaxxers are OCD.

The Public “Health” demons are also OCD.

This explains one peculiar twist in the current fake “debates”.

Antivax is a more natural and less contrived outcome of OCD. The provax position was imposed in 2020 by the ALL OR NOTHING digitalized positions of modern times.

OCD types hate ANY impurity, and especially hate it when the government forces you to touch or ingest impurities. In the ’50s, OCDs were agitated about both fluoridation and vaccines, as seen in this item from Aberree in ’57:

At that time, the publicly visible antis were mainly religious and “right-wing”, made famous by the general in Dr Strangelove.

In the ’60s the tendency switched sides, aided by environmentalism. Gaians are also OCD. Hippies joined the Christians on the anti-pollution bandwagon. Nixon picked it up and turned OCD into another government force. All productive activity must be shut down or shipped to China, because all productive activity pollutes in one way or another. Nixon was not OCD; he simply grabbed the wave and redirected it to enrich the rich and kill the poor.

= = = = =

After 1970, antivax and antifluoride were mainly hippie attitudes, and this was STILL true in 2020. Seattle and Portland were, and still are, centers of antivax agitation.

Now we have a peculiar situation. Deepstate has generated two “sides” as usual. Both of them are arguing about vax, which is NOT the most lethal aspect of the holocaust. Vax may be marginally helpful. Lockdowns and ballgags and distancing are the killers.

THE TWO “SIDES” ARE NOT ARGUING ABOUT BALLGAGS OR LOCKDOWNS. Both are perfectly okay with strangling and disemploying the poor. Both are OCD. The antivax side is led by RFK Jr, who is still a leader in the Gaian movement. He’s consistently OCD, consistently pro-banker, consistently anti-worker.

The provax side is inconsistent about vax, but ferociously holocaustally consistent about all the other murder weapons.

Antimaskers and antidistancers and antiluciters are the exact opposite of OCD, and they are only weakly represented in the “debates”. Nobody is even arguing about lucite.**

Polistra is watching the two “sides” agitate. She’s measuring their purity with her trusty GenRad OCD meter. Both sides register the same precise (of course) reading of 571.49315209 GigaKrauts. Both are fully “protected” against witchcraft.

= = = = =

**Footnote: Lucite really deserves more attention. Even the stupidest and least informed activist can’t POSSIBLY believe that a lucite barrier would slow down a microscopic pathogen. The lucite was OBVIOUSLY designed to protect store clerks and bus drivers from enraged HUMANS. Mecher’s gang knew that they were creating a TOTAL WAR AGAINST CIVILIZATION AND LIFE, so they needed to shield their frontline demonic conscripts from attacks by HUMANS.

Weird GIF stuff in WordPress

After a month of using WP, I have mixed feelings.

On the pro side: My reason for switching was to get away from censors and takedowns. So far there haven’t been any takedowns. I’ve been speaking the same truth in the same hard language, and nothing has been censored YET.

On the con side, WP is generally harder to use than Blogspot. Themes are much harder to set up, and the post editor is tricky. It allows you to write raw HTML as I’m accustomed to doing, but it sometimes ‘optimizes’ the HTML in unexpected ways. This isn’t a big deal, since the ‘optimizing’ can be undone.

The GIF ‘optimizer’ is a bigger problem. I often use GIFs with varying frame intervals, to create pauses in the motion or to indicate that the motion has an actual start and end. WP allows a long frame at the START but steadfastly refuses to allow a pause at the END.

This GIF has a 2 second start frame, 200 ms internal frames, and an 800 ms end frame.

No pause at the end. Just snaps back to the start.

I tried the old SWF trick of repeated short frames, but it still doesn’t work. The second GIF has 5 equal frames of 200 ms at the end. They are treated the same as the long single frame, simply deleted. This is truly WEIRD.

The only thing that works is creating some motion in the ‘still’ end frame. In the third GIF, I wiggled Katy’s antennas for 5 frames of 200 ms each, which turned out to be more realistic since she was stopping to examine an interesting sound.

This fools the ‘optimizer’ into thinking the whole thing is active. Unfortunately this trick wouldn’t work in an educational GIF that is mainly labels or text. You’d have to tack on something else after the long end frame, maybe a frame that simply says END.

I can’t think of any technical reason for this ‘optimizer’. It doesn’t save disk space or memory space. The ‘optimizer’ itself must occupy a fair amount of processing time for no purpose at all. It distorts the visual content in ways that definitely affect education or information.

Since the ‘optimizer’ resaved the GIFs as WEBPs, here are the hrefs of the three originals in sequence. This is a screenshot of text to be sure the ‘optimizer’ doesn’t ‘optimize’ anything again!