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… has been true for centuries. Machiavelli and Parkinson exposed it, and nothing changed.

While looking for something else I ran across this 1960 letter from Theodore White. He deserves RAW VICIOUS CONTEMPT because he knew the whole thing was a fucking fraud and CONTINUED TO EXPAND THE FUCKING FRAUD. Vile evil bastard.

Practical morality doesn’t require us to heroically expose evil, because heroes don’t make any difference. Practical morality DOES require us to stop assisting evil. If we’re working for an evil company or agency, we should stop. Remove our talents and labor from the evil task.

Heroes strengthen Deepstate’s resolve. Desisters weaken Deepstate’s resources.

More rambling on UATX

Most of our institutions are stuck in a Parkinsonian positive feedback loop, often without any real reason. Corporations and universities and media channels keep punching and torturing and strangling their customers, and then they wonder why their customers are running away.

Life is negative feedback. If the current path is leading to failure, try something different. This is the most basic fact of life, and the institutions can’t seem to figure it out.

Thinking about the Austin “free university” bait and switch again. Trying to be charitable this time, though I don’t really believe it.

Charitably: They’re stuck in the standard university path of accreditation and tenure. They don’t seem to realize that they CAN’T HAVE open discussion and standard university stuff at the same time. It’s just factually impossible and always has been factually impossible.

A university’s product is a credentialed student, and the credential is quality controlled by tyrants.

If the organizers really want an ‘academy’ that values free flow of ideas, they should set it up as a business with a real product. The students would be the makers, not the product.

I’m thinking of Bell Labs, but the same was true of every industrial research facility before the era of offshoring and Share Value. It’s probably still true in smaller companies.

Admittedly the ideas discussed in a glassware or wheat research facility are somewhat limited, but the process of productive discussion and the pleasure of creative discussion are the important learnings. The ideas are just the consumable lab equipment.

Above all, the students will get MORE EXPERIENCE and MORE MENTAL EXERCISE when working toward a physically achievable goal than they would get from the 136267th pointless rehashing of Plato or Nietzsche. Those “great ideas” were worn out a thousand years ago. A new variety of wheat, or a new way of refining oil, is GENUINELY NEW, and the students who help to create it will leave a GENUINE LEGACY.

Carver. Carver. Carver.

Listening to Nesbitt’s ‘Passing Parade’ episode on the development of the giant Palomar telescope. Hale was a rich heir who took up astronomy. He used up his father’s money on building bigger and bigger scopes, and then learned how to lobby other rich men and foundations and governments for more and more money to build bigger and bigger scopes.

In the end the biggest scopes haven’t shown us anything that wasn’t already visible to Galileo. The biggest scopes simply create new fake problems like Dark Matter and Dark Energy and Big Bangs and Multiverses, classic Parkinsonian problems that generate larger grants to create new problems. These problems are NOT SCIENCE by any definition. They are perpetually untestable speculation.

None of this bigness has solved any problems. We didn’t get a good view of the moon and Mars until we sent robotic rovers who can dig in the soil and analyze specimens. The rovers told us that the earliest astronomers were right. Mars has canals.

In biology we’ve been running the same stupid Parkinson circle. Fancier scanning microscopes “justify” more money for the next stage in ever-finer microscopes. None of this fineness has solved any problems. Brain scans are interesting, but they don’t tell us anything meaningful, so we “need” bigger and better scans to tell us even more meaningless shit.

We weren’t learning anything new in 60 years of ever-increasing microscope power.

In biology we VERY RECENTLY started learning new things because we started LOOKING IN PLACES WE HADN’T LOOKED BEFORE. After we took off our Grant Goggles, we found that most of the genome is programmable variables, not junk. We found bacteria living in super-hot volcanic vents, up in the clouds, and deep in dry rocks where “life couldn’t possibly exist”. VERY RECENTLY we found a lymph system feeding the brain, and an intelligent separate immune system in the marrow of the skull. These systems are visible to the naked eye, and clearly visible with the earliest and simplest microscopes.

Carver. Carver. Carver.





Every word counts. HOLD is the most important word of all. Get your hands and senses and muscles directly in contact with the material or behavior or action. If you can’t get there physically, send a machine to take hold.

Bigger lenses achieve nothing but bigger grants. Bigger lenses prevent us from TAKING HOLD OF THE THINGS THAT ARE HERE.

No excuse

For a month or two I’ve been pleasantly marinating in UFO discussions, mainly from the mid 60s. Thanks to archivist Wendy Connors, we have a huge well-organized selection of radio programs and interviews.

Earlier today I was reminded of Avi Loeb’s pet UFO, and watched some of his recent interviews. He hits the failings of Experts sharply and accurately.

But the modern discussion of UFOs is frustrating now that I know the history. Loeb and his interviewers are just starting to rediscover the questions and patterns that earlier thinkers had already organized and formalized.

We’re in the Dark Ages. All previous knowledge has vanished. Demonic rulers repeat the tortures that Machiavelli described, and we’re surprised. Bureaucracies replay the destructive games that Parkinson described, and we’re surprised. Elon “invents” electric cars and spaceflight, and we’re surprised. Avi starts to think about UFOs and starts to criticize Experts, and we’re surprised.

There’s no excuse for any of these vanishings. Most of the old material is within living memory, not 500 years old. All of the old material is EASY to access now, thanks to archivers and GoogleBooks. No need to join an obscure tape-swapping club, no need to learn ancient languages, no need to roam the world in search of the best libraries, no need to climb ten flights of narrow stairs in the Old Stacks of the best libraries. It’s all there at the click of a mouse, if you know enough about the subject to search wisely.

WPA 1/5, background

Time for another review/renew series. Five parts from top to bottom.

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The New Deal set up dozens of overlapping agencies at first, then gradually simplified the arrangement. In other words, FDR didn’t allow Parkinson; didn’t let agencies create problems to guarantee growth. Unneeded agencies were removed or merged. Bureaucrats were forced against their will to SOLVE PROBLEMS.

Most of these agencies ended up as part of the WPA in name or in reality, and all of their products are remembered generically as WPA, without trying to separate the funding and authority of the various names.

The National Youth Administration was one of the originals; later it blended with CCC. The 1941 final report of the NYA tells us why the New Deal was focused on WORK, not PAY, and why this focus was crucially needed at a time when REAL PROBLEMS were causing REAL REVOLUTIONS.

Providing young people with sound employment, representative of a cross-section of contemporary American commerce, industry, and agriculture, was in keeping with the best tradition of American life. From Benjamin Franklin on down, American young people had learned trades, unit skills, the banking business, store clerking, garage work, railroading or what have you, through actually going to work and learning through doing.

When such opportunities became limited in the process of economic development and subsequent depression years, the vast majority of citizen leaders found the NYA method desirable, and led in the organizing of such work for young people in their communities.

Why was a New Deal needed? The report runs a detailed comparison between Europe and US after WW1, with special attention to the form and style of youth movements in Germany and Russia.

How the youth problem in extremis became a concern of national governments was demonstrated by the regimented lengths to which the Nazi and Fascist governments went to control the mental and physical development of youth for nationalistic ambitions and in so doing usurped to a major degree the influences of the home, the school, and the church. These countries, particularly Germany, were so effective in their psychological, educational, and military methods with the younger generation that they were prepared to subdue the continent of Western Europe, and subsequently to challenge the power of democratic peoples throughout the world . In these Fascist countries, government controlled youth programs, as well as government controlled youth organizations, were designed instruments to inculcate and perpetuate the political ideology of the Nazi and Fascist Party Leaders.

What was special about Germany?

Hitler Youth were required to give complete obedience not only to Hitler, as supreme leader, but to other national leaders and to the leaders in the different grades in the entire hierarchy above the individual young person. The organization was strongly nationalistic, dominated by the Nazi doctrine of racial purity. Emphasis was placed on physical achievement and bodily fitness rather than on intellectual prowess. Young people were attracted by the uniform, marching, public display, hiking, and sports activities.

Of course Krauts are always marching together in perfect UNISON, precisely obeying the personal orders of the ruler down to the 7124th decimal place. Kraut genes are constant, Hitler was a variable. Hitler simply overlaid his ideologies on the goose-stepping Kraut genes.

Russians don’t have the mechanical synchromesh gene. As Henry Ford found, Russians are even less sync-able than Americans. So Lenin had to aim his youth movements in a different way, focusing on serving the country instead of obeying the god-like leader.

A strong youth movement has always been a part of the Soviet Union’s program. The Soviet Union believed that its future depended largely upon its youth. Great strides have been made in the educational system to reduce illiteracy. In the case of university students, large numbers have been enabled to take university courses through a system of special allowances paid either by the government or by the administrative bodies for which the students expected to work upon completing their courses. In 1935, it was estimated that approximately 80 percent of the university students were receiving allowances to enable them to live while studying.

All youth organizations in the Soviet Union are included in one organization — the Communist Union of Youth, which is open to young people 15 to 26 years of age who are loyal to the Soviet Government. The Communist Union of Youth was formed at an all-Russian congress of youth organizations in October 1918 and retained its organizational structure with a few modifications and additions until 1936, when it drew up an entirely new program and statutes. The period of reconstruction in Russia was considered as over, and the Communist Union of Youth now directed its effort toward the filling of the tremendous needs of industry and agriculture for trained and well-educated workers.

The Soviet focus on training was constant from 1936 to 1990. In those years we were steadily moving AWAY from training and into memorizing nonsensical theories and fake “facts”. Sputnik allegedly woke us up, but we responded by moving EVEN FASTER into bizarre and useless memorized theories.

The New Deal was closer to the Russian model, focusing on SKILL TRAINING at all levels, and aiming to help the country. The NYA/CCC trained youngsters while using and paying for their labor. WPA trained adults while using and paying for their labor. The agriculture programs trained farmers while subsidizing their products to protect them from the murderous futures markets.

Return to Truman 2

Still watching all the “independents” falling into line like passive iron filings near a powerful magnet.

Still branching from that Feb ’50 Mutual news broadcast. It includes a brief emotional snip of the HUAC committee grilling Henry Wallace.

The simple FACT is that all politicians were neutral and non-combatant from 1920 to 1940. We actually learned a lesson from Wilson’s unnecessary intrusion in WW1.

In 1946 Deepstate rose from the grave and began its long campaign to insure that no American would ever see or hear or tell the truth again. HUAC was picking out specific scapegoats like Wallace, blaming them for our two decades of horrible sanity. NEVER AGAIN! NO MORE SANITY!

Grilling Wallace was especially shameful because Wallace was in charge of agriculture in the New Deal. He wasn’t a politician or a lawyer. He was born in agriculture. His father was a farmer and a writer about agriculture, and served as Sec of Ag for Harding. So Henry knew the scientific and practical sides of farming, and he knew how bureaucracies work.

In the New Deal, Wallace organized the training of farmers, the subsidies and commodities, and the building of irrigation systems. He solved the Dust Bowl.

If he hadn’t done his job so well, the whole fucking country would have starved. Those Congressmonsters should have been THANKING him for their daily bread, not BAKING him for HELPING TO WIN THE FUCKING WAR.

During the war Wallace was vice president, and FDR assigned him to sit on various war production boards when needed, using the power of the office to halt pointless disputes and get shit done.

Before 1946 we were cautiously sharing our research and materials with Russia and Britain. Russia was working with us to defeat the NAZIS, and Russia had taken the greatest loss of men and industry. Allies should share information, and we did. In his role as expediter, Wallace helped to sway those boards and commissions toward sharing with Britain and Russia.

After the CIA/NSA/FBI zombies took over, we resumed our normal love affair with NAZIS like Wernher von Braun. Our only purpose in life is to OBLITERATE RUSSIA and torture people.

The HUAC hearing, as recorded in this document, focused on shipments of uranium to Russia in 1944, which were simply part of the war effort at that time, but now redefined as treason.

The congressmonsters repeatedly read out lengthy passages of laws and executive orders which were supposedly “violated” by the real policy. Wallace repeatedly explained how government really works. Parkinson. Bureaucrats are only concerned with expanding their own turf. Laws are designed to create loopholes and exemptions for one agency or one company. FDR needed to WIN A NECESSARY WAR, and Wallace was trying to break through the normal bureaucratic crap with personal power.

Wallace makes the main point here:

What I wanted to do at that time, we felt Russia’s part in the war effort was very significant, and I was going to be visiting certain spots in Siberia where they were seeking to produce many products that would save the lives of American boys, and I wanted to make some speeches.

The most emotional part of the radio news broadcast is this, roughly transcribed:

Wallace: As the wartime vice president of the United States, I feel very deeply on this subject and I think that I did a good job. This kind of questioning, I think, is not helpful.

Congressmonster: This is not a proper response, and I’m going to ask that it be stricken from the record, as you are making a reflection on the policy of this committee.

Wallace: And I don’t like to hear the Roosevelt administration impugned.

Sure enough, this part was stricken. This part is not in the document.

Truth is always stricken from the record. Thanks to MBS for unstriking it, and thanks to those blessed OTR digitizers and preservers for making this particular clip available in modern form.