Interesting Constants and Variables question

Since I’m in a programming mood lately, this caught my attention.

Saagar is listing various political celebrities who suddenly gained and lost Twitter followers since Elon announced his takeover. Many of these changes are reversals of long-lasting trends, and they don’t seem to correlate neatly with R vs D.

Saagar also notes that the takeover deal includes a standard provision ordering the company to HOLD STILL until the deal is done. They can’t adjust their protocols or algorithms or hiring policies to poison the takeover. (HOLD STILL isn’t just for big companies; ordinary house purchases forbid the seller from remodeling or tearing down the house before transfer.)

He asks: Are these unusual changes simply the natural ups and downs, which were previously erased or reversed by Twitter’s constant adjustment of protocols?

Programmers know that the machine is not a machine. The machine always reflects the tastes and desires of the programmer and his employer.

It’s an interesting Constants and Variables question whether it’s true or not. The suddenly non-barking algorithm tells you far more than the perpetually barking algorithm.

See also how constant perfection can stand out among normal variation.

= = = = =

Later thought: Before FB and Twitter, ordinary people didn’t have ratings or follower counts. Books had best-seller lists, which generally disagreed with the judgments of the critics. TV shows had ratings, again disagreeing with the professional critics. Politicians had polls, again disagreeing with political columnists.

Now the professional critics get to alter the ratings and listings to suit their own preferences.

Did non-celebrities ever have written and visible status ratings? Yes, in one peculiar situation. College fraternities and sororities.

And where did FB originate? In a Harvard fraternity.

Constants and Variables 172, web-to-web edition

The “rights” fans are weeweed up this morning over Biden’s new Disinformation Centre. The director is a former Disinformation Fellowess at the WILSON CENTRE.

Fact: Secrecy and censorship are the defaults. We don’t have the choice of escaping censorship. Given this CONSTANT, there are two interesting VARIABLES, a political timeline and a tech timeline. They overlap partly but not entirely.

= = = = =

The political timeline variable goes like this:

Wilson picked up a mainly commercial Deepstate and made it official, under the evil eye of Lady Edgar. The previous Deepstate had mainly been concerned with our semi-colonies in the Caribbean. We fomented revolutions every time a semi-colony got uppity.

Wilson turned our imperialism westward toward Russia, invading and occupying Siberia along with Japs and Axis soldiers in 1918. Wilson also allowed Lady Edgar to blackmail and instigate and imprison “Reds”.

After Wilson tried to replace Germany as the main controller of Europe, the country soured on imperialism. Harding was able to shut down many of Wilson’s agencies, then FDR completed the turn toward neutrality.

Deepstate was itching and burning with pent-up sexual desire during FDR’s life, and burst out of its richly deserved grave in 1946. Since then, Deepstate has been steadily expanding its “sphere of Democracy” to the whole world, literally climaxing in 2020 with Perfect Democracy as expressed by mass murder + mass torture + mass imprisonment + universal muzzles = universal orgasm for psychopaths.

= = = = =

There’s also a technical variable with a different timeline, which helps to explain why Deepstate’s constant desire for Perfect Democracy wasn’t always able to achieve Perfect Democracy.

In 1918 the world was hardwired by the digital telegraph network, with undersea cables linking the continents. Radio was just barely beyond experimental, mainly serving as ship-to-shore communication for fisheries. Whoever controlled the cables controlled the world.

In 1922 radio started to gain maturity, and Harding took full advantage of it. As I’ve been hammering forever, radio is soft and analog, capable of penetrating through walls and across seas without any firm controls. Shortwave reached maturity in 1933 at the same time when FDR took office. Our own propagandists realized they couldn’t turn off the world, so they had to PERSUADE. We encouraged our own people to listen to adversaries and alternatives, and we had confidence that our PROBLEM-SOLVING PRESIDENT would maintain the loyalty of our own people. FDR explained what he was trying to do, and explained when he needed to try something different because the first attempt hadn’t worked. He created a CIRCLE OF TRUST enveloping the entire country.

After he died, Deepstate recognized that shortwave and confidence and explanation were poisonous to their needs and desires. They replaced SW with TV, which is a vastly tighter pipeline. Then in the ’70s they tightened the screws even more with the Web.

1990 was a significant switchpoint in both politics and tech. Bush Senior invaded Russia again and implanted Our Drunk SOB. Bush Senior also invaded Iraq for fun and profit, breaking out of our post-Vietnam sour neutrality. At the same time, cable TV became universal, spawning the Official Dividers of Fox and CNN, and enabling the rebirth of the hardwired telegraph system.

Now we’re back to Wilson both politically and technically. Spreading Perfect Democracy through a hard-wired digital system with no leaks or skips.

As usual the reason matters more than the content….

According to Vice, Deepstate has “released” a bunch of documents about its UFO research programs. Skimming some of the links, it appears that nothing much has changed since the ’50s. The government was “trying” to achieve antigravity propulsion in Project AVRO back then, and it’s still “trying” the same thing. The beta tests of these experiments are still showing up in various places, and the government is still pretending that they’re “not ours”.

More interesting is the list of human effects from encounters. Again nothing has changed. Some of the effects are clearly part of a panic reaction, some are internal heating from diathermy, and some are from radiation.

Most interesting is the reason for the current release. It’s officially stated as a FOIA response, but everyone knows that a FOIA can linger forever without a response. Why was this blob of non-Shannon non-information emitted NOW?

It was emitted because Harry Reid stopped blackmailing in December.

Reid was the sponsor of the recent “research” because one of his gang buddies was getting some of the contracts. Reid had a remarkable level of blackmail power over every aspect of government. His Mafia connections mattered far more than any “election”.

The use of blackmail to halt release of UFO info is ALSO nothing new.

I haven’t been listening to any media for a year, so didn’t realize Reid had stopped blackmailing.

Now that Reid has ceased blackmailing, it’s time to revisit the Yucca Mountain nuclear storage facility. This was essentially completed and ready to use many years ago, but Reid closed it down. Now that Reid’s power is gone, somebody should try to bring it back into action.

Always a thrill

Coral and Jim Lorenzen developed a network of independent UFO observers across USA and South America. Their organization knew what was happening, and thus knew when the media was choosing not to report what was happening.

Immediately after Sputnik a large number of media reports came to the surface, and the media went supernova after Sputnik II (carrying Laika the dog.) Coral knew that the change was mainly in the media, not in the actual frequency of reports. The media clearly wanted to distract us from the Russian success, and needed to associate HORRIBLE UFOs with Russian satellites.

Even so, a couple of highly dramatic incidents happened just after Sputnik II. A huge orange ball was seen by a military installation at Itaipu in Brazil, and a similar orange ball (possibly the same ball) was seen in Levelland, Texas. These objects used their electric fields more aggressively than before, seriously burning two of the soldiers at Itaipu and ‘warming up’ some people in Levelland. Both of these objects also stopped cars and electric power systems.

Coral believed UFOs were from other planets because she grew up under FDR and couldn’t imagine our own government killing its own people for thrills.

She wrote:

Is there a purpose and a pattern? I believe so. A moderate-sized American town “besieged” by an object which stopped traffic. A test to halt panic-stricken flight of the natives when the day of contact comes?

A modern observer who grew up under the post-FDR Deepstate wouldn’t be so sanguine. We’ve seen repeatedly, with increasing frequency and cruelty, that our own government ENJOYS trapping and destroying us.

The tendency was already clear in the ’50s in retrospect. Our Civil Defense program was designed to paralyze us with fear and panic, not to shelter us from real bombs. And now we recognize with horror the BESIEGED CITY, halting panic-stricken flight with lockdowns and lucite and ballgags in all transportation.

The UFOs were clearly part of the experiment, giving a thrill to the demonic experimenters. Imprison the peasants! Stop their cars! Burn them to a crisp! Day of Contact! Orgasm!

= = = = =

Calibration: My own attitude toward Civil Defense was much more sanguine before I tossed the TV and sobered up from the neocon drug.

2005: Please protect us from terrorists! Need more lockdowns!

2011: Civil Defense was formerly sensible but now it’s useless.

2014: It’s always been crap.

So what’s my guess?

Branching from previous item on command/fact pairs….

For a brief period last year, Deepstate was preferring the believer side of the UFO question. (Deepstate always runs organizations on both sides, but this was a switch of preference.)

NASA presented some sightings in an attempt to gin up yet another fake “threat” requiring “protection”. It fell flat, probably because we’re too busy trying to survive the “virus” hoaxocaust.

Now they’ve found the sweet spot with good old KILL RUSSIA. Much less confusing for the People Who Count. Media and Experts were accustomed to dismissing UFOs, so they couldn’t make the sudden pivot. Media and Experts have been hating Russia for 100 years. They know how to play this game.

Last year’s government-sponsored sightings were not convincing. They looked to me like flies on the camera lens. In an era of CGI deepfakes, anyone could do better. Were they intended to fail? Seems too complicated, but possible.

= = = = =

What’s my guess about the more convincing UFOs of previous decades?

The one common factor in the believable reports is electric charge. Car ignitions failed, light bulbs flickered, some power systems failed. People felt a variety of symptoms that resembled high-frequency focused waves, ie Diathermy. Dogs and horses inside buildings could sense the objects from a distance.

Electric fields can create complex visual impressions in the human brainstem without showing up on a camera.

Another common factor, the sudden moves, would also fit a controlled charge vortex. A field is massless, and can accelerate in any direction instantly.

In other words, it’s all ball lightning. Some of the ball lightning appeared in unlikely places and moved in unnatural ways. Those objects may have been located and moved by remote command. Perhaps they were controlled by an intersection of waves, or perhaps there was a very small physical object inside the ball.

Where was the control? Our Deepstate, not Mars or Venus. The sightings started at the same time when Deepstate was taking control of “science” and technology. Good old 1946. What was the purpose? Spying on the peasants. If you’re going to debug new spy tech, you want to start in remote areas, not big cities. Only a few observers, and it’s much easier to tinfoil hicks and hillbillies.

Why did they fade out after 1965? Spy satellites took over the visual part of the job without scaring the peasants. Then the web started in ’68, enabling total monitoring of movements and thoughts.

It’s all about caste

Headline at MindMatters:

Unexplained — Maybe Unexplainable — Numbers Control the Universe

In Carl Sagan’s Contact, the extraterrestrials embedded a message in the irrational number pi (the circumference of a circle divided by its radius). But some other numbers are critical to the structure of our universe too — and why they are critical does not make obvious sense.

Laurence Eaves thinks the number 1/137 would be good for starting communication with intelligent aliens as they would be likely to know about it and to realize they were dealing with other intelligent entities.

NO. NO. NO. Even between humans of different cultures, abstraction is EXACTLY THE WRONG STARTING POINT for communication. You need to start with discussions of shared physical objects and physical skills.

= = = = =

Lately I’ve been listening to selections from the huge Wendy Connors archive of UFO material at bedtime.

I already mentioned the openness of the ’50s, contrary to modern idiotic fake history.

The UFO groups also show another contrary fact:

Women played a major part in scientific inquiry.

Connors arrived on the scene after most of the ‘live action’ and did the hard work of gathering and organizing audio.

The UFO movement was FOUNDED by Coral Lorenzen. Her story is inspiring and typical of great scholars and scientists. As usual, greatness started at 9:

On a sunny, warm day in the sum­mer of 1934, three little girls, Coral Lightner, Barbara Stringer and Dorothy Wethern, were playing hopscotch on the sidewalk at the Ward School in Barron, Wisconsin. Coral finished her turn and was facing west when a movement in the sky caught her eye. She looked up and saw what appeared to be a parachute moving into the north. When she called the attention of her playmates to the object, one of them said it looked like a parachute to her and went back to the game. “But it doesn’t have any strings,” Coral said, and watched the thing until it went over the horizon in the northwest.

Coral Lightner was puzzled and she didn’t let it rest there. That evening she told her father what she had seen and he was so impressed by her tale and her puzzlement that he made inquiries the next day. Was there a pilot down in Barron County? The answer was no.

Note her instant focus on Constants and Variables, and her persistent need to find the answer. She was lucky enough to have a father who wanted to help her learn. The rest of her life was devoted to the quest, sometimes in the background and sometimes as a sole obsession. She married Jim Lorenzen, an engineer who could handle the math side of the subject, and became a newspaper reporter and later a freelance writer. Coral and Jim founded and maintained APRO, one of the two or three strictly scientific UFO organizations. She defended objectivity against the opportunists and hustlers like Hubbard, and against the Deepstate censors.

Truly a heroic ‘life in science’.

But no Nobels or rewards or federal grants.

= = = = =

Sagan wrote positively about CONTACTEES, the disreputable side of the subject, and was treated with respect. Other high-status professionals assume that aliens exist and assume that aliens would want to discuss 1/137 with us.

One of the 1947 contactees claimed to have discussed farming methods and fertilizer with a Venusian. This makes sense. An explorer and colonizer would want to ask the locals about farming methods. There’s no point in discussing math because math is the same everywhere. Math does not contain any INFORMATION.

As fucking always, caste correlates with abstraction.

You get ridicule and censorship for investigating Unidentified Flying Objects.

You get Nobels and tenure for investigating Unidentified Figuring Objects.

= = = = =

Graphics sidenote: I made the UFO last week as a biological joke, after NASA’s new Venus probe reminded me of a polychaete larva. The actual probe is scheduled to fly in 2029. Not exactly speedy performance. We can’t do anything now. We’re totally paralyzed by bureaucratic compliance and political lunacy and offshoring of skills.

Since then I’ve been reading Coral Lorenzen’s 1966 book, packed with precisely reported descriptions. The NASA model fits the median description of the 1947-1965 UFOs quite nicely. Is NASA reverse-engineering captured technology, or were the earlier UFOs also made by NASA?

Coral was fully convinced that the aircraft were coming from elsewhere, but she was not fully convinced that they were piloted by humanoids. Based on where the discs appeared and how they moved, she guessed they were engaged in mapping the planet’s terrain and resources for possible colonization.

Not what BVM meant

Zuhlsdorf catches a revealing inconsistency in Bergoglio’s fake “peace” consecration.

Bergoglio is following Deepstate as always, obeying NSA and CIA and Wall Street. He’s attempting to treat Russia and Ukraine as historically separate because Deepstate wants to separate them.

When Mary called for the consecration of Russia through the Fatima girls, she meant the constant and complete Russia, not a variable remnant of Russia. Through most of the history of the Church, including the time of the Fatima girls, Ukraine was an indistinguishable part of Russia…. except in the earliest centuries when Russia was an indistinguishable part of Ukraine.

Germany has always wanted a variable Russia, without Ukraine and Belarus and the Baltics. Hitler fought to pull Ukraine away from Russia, and Hitler’s modern “viral” descendants are doing the same thing.

NOTHING.NEW under the sun

Still thinking about trite non-info vs new info…

American Radio Library has added a section for the Western Union tech journal.

Trite: I’ve said this a hundred times. The HTML web is just the latest and NOT the greatest incarnation of data webs. Formalized data webs started with Chappe’s mechanical semaphores, then the electrical telegraph gradually evolved. Transferring pictures and 3d patterns was possible in 1848.

By the 1930s Western Union was routinely carrying pictures and data and voice, multiplexed on the same wires and the same radio channels. WU was using microwaves in 1950. The only real difference between 1950 WU and the modern setup is that WU didn’t offer retail services; it was expensive and mainly business-to-business. A few rich people had their own WU installations.

No retail? What about telegrams? By the 1950s telegrams were a sideline, really a gimmick. The day job of EVERY data web, from Chappe to WU to Compuserve to AWS, is stock transactions and government commands.

= = = = =

New: Here’s a non-newness I hadn’t seen before. One article in the WU tech journal shows the format of each message on the 1950 microwave setup:

Header, body, tail, just like modern packets. Note especially the location identifier SY.GHA in the example, which meant the SYracuse GreyHound station, section A. Berners-Lee didn’t invent anything.

= = = = =

Later: This WU journal is a treasure trove of well-written solid info. I’m learning new things about all sorts of topics, from assembly lines to termites.

Opposite of news

In previous item I made a note about my attempt to favor information and avoid repeating the repeated. This shouldn’t be strange; this is exactly what our nervous system does at all levels. Find and focus on the new and unusual.

The old definitions of news were also natural. The word itself is just a genitive form of new. ‘Man bites dog’ is another way of saying the same thing. Don’t waste time and neurons by telling people about the ambient constant situation; just tell the variables.

Social media work the opposite way. Google and FB always push the ambient. The most popular and orthodox view or product or influencer goes to the top. Even in a non-entertainment and non-political situation, FB always favors the favored.

On the Spokane News page, Vicki is ALWAYS there with hopes and prayers for every accident or fire. She’s so ambient that the one time she DIDN’T get there, people asked Where’s Vicki?

FB insures that Vicki is the only comment we see. We have to click 5 or 6 times to get down to the non-ambient stuff, and even then we can’t see comments in time order. FB’s popularity order is inescapable.

This is NOT an echo chamber. It’s a deliberate attempt to prevent echoes and conversations. It’s a positive feedback loop, which is anti-natural and LETHAL.

Wolf explodes a myth

And speaking of modules sharing a common ground…

Wolf’s latest excellent graphs tell a story that breaks down the conventional media myth about 2008. I hadn’t seen these graphs before. I knew that the myth about a US housing bubble was wrong, but I assumed it was a US phenomenon, not international.

Wolf shows stock indexes from all major countries from 2000 to now. All run in perfect sync from 2000 through 2009. The same fucking graph. Obviously those Euro countries were NOT affected by our housing bubble. Most of them are predominantly renters and apartment dwellers. They never developed our single-family suburbs.

So 2008 was not about housing or securitized mortgages or loose lending. It was just another Bush family Deepstate project to enrich the rich and slaughter the poor. Like 2001 and 2020.

Some things don’t change

From an otherwise uninteresting 1948 WBZ station brochure:

Caption: Talent arrives with costumes for video rehearsal.

Video was brand new in ’48, and talent was still operating in Vaudeville mode. Traveling between theaters, carrying their own costumes and props.

The car in front is a base-model Hudson business coupe, probably belonging to one of the engineers. The Hudson’s trunk could have held the talent and the costumes and the MG, and the Hudson could have beat the MG in most races.

But talent, then as now, needed status and drama. You can’t ARRIVE in a Hudson business coupe.

Aside from personal feelings…

Putin has decided to retake Ukraine in a dramatic way. If he had done this before 2020, I would have been disappointed and disgusted at the way he’s doing it.

But two years ago Putin joined the “virus” holocaust, and I gave up on him at that point. He’s indistinguishable from Trump or Biden or Trudeau or Merkel.

Aside from personal feelings, this is simply NONE OF OUR FUCKING BUSINESS. Ukraine and Russia are NOT separate nations. 1000 years ago Kiev was the capital of the Russian empire, then later the capital moved to Moscow. It’s all the same nation.

In 1990 our SOB Yeltsin worked with Soros to break up the empire. Since then we’ve been maintaining the fiction of separate nations, and pretending that Ukraine was part of our sphere of influence.

Now Putin has dissolved the fiction and restored the permanent reality. He did the same with Crimea in 2014, and we made a bunch of noise but eventually recognized reality. I hope we do the same this time.

= = = = =

Perspective: Lately I’ve been listening to 1938-1940 news broadcasts. In 1940 Stalin was temporarily allied with Germany, and invaded Finland forcefully. Our media was ENRAGED.

Hitler was bombing London at the same time. Stalin bombing Finland was WORSE than Hitler bombing London. After Stalin switched sides, Russia was temporarily one of the “democracies” fighting the “fascists”. Then in 1946 we resumed our permanent war against Russia.

What’s the constant under all of this variable nonsense? The constant is that we HATE Russia and LOVE Germany. We fight Germany reluctantly and halfheartedly, then immediately return to our love affair. In WW1, while reluctantly fighting Germany, we were working WITH Germany to invade Russia.

Even so, there’s a basic difference between Finland and Ukraine. Finland is NOT part of Russia and never was. Ukraine was ALWAYS part of Russia until we stole it. Stalin was stealing Finland. Putin is repossessing Ukraine.

Constants and Variables 170

Doggy logic: Every time I bark at the mailman he goes away, so my barking is responsible for keeping the house safe. I’m powerful!

Human logic: We’ve been protesting every day for two years, and finally some of the torturers are going away. We’re powerful!

The doggy logic is actually better, because it starts with a real immediate correlation. The mailman leaves every time I bark.

The human logic fails the correlation test.

Fact 1: Protests have been happening steadily in many countries for two years. Some of those countries and states are loosening up exactly two years after the start of the holocaust project, which implies a scheduled end of the project. Some countries are NOT loosening up.

Fact 2: Many states and two countries loosened up MUCH earlier, without any protests at all.

There’s very little correlation between protests and loosening. The only thing that matters is the personality of the ruler. Sane rulers are lazy. They realize that their job is MUCH easier, and their tax income is MUCH larger, if they don’t kill all the people who pay taxes. Crazy rulers are hard-working demons, driven only by a burning need to KILL AND OBLITERATE THE UNIVERSE.

The Brahmin solution

How do we prevent the next round of torture and genocide?

We know that we’ll never get a Nuremberg, because there is no Allied side in this war. Tanzania and Florida aren’t big enough to win the war and hold the trial.

The best counterforce, oddly enough, seems to be India. Not the government of India, but Indian people who have gradually risen to positions of power and influence in USA and Europe.

This counterinfluence has been clearly visible among the MDs (Mengele Demons). Roughly 99.9% of MDs are enthusiastic torturers and mass murderers. The few dozen publicly visible exceptions mainly have Indian names.

We’re also seeing the countervector in a few “elections” because the “two” “parties” haven’t figured out how to squash it yet. Normally the “parties” work together to factor out genuine opposition. Youngkin won Virginia because the Indians among the DC bureaucrats were pissed off at school closures and “affirmative action” idiocy. A few days ago, SAN FRANCISCO of all places successfully removed three school board members who had been pushing the same “affirmative action” along with all the usual Woke crap. Again it was the wealthy and influential Indian immigrants who pushed the recall over the top.

In tech and banking and “medicine”, elite Jews are quickly being replaced by elite Indians, whose traditional culture hasn’t yet been elitized and effetized. Dems haven’t figured this out yet.

Other parts of the Dem coalition are equally traditional. Mexicans and Blacks are strongly Christian, with old-fashioned and accurate ideas about gender and family life. But this is not new, and the Dem method of bribery via NGOs still works on those groups. It doesn’t work with wealthy high-caste Indians.

Constants and Variables 169

More from the trust-inducing 2/2/51 news report, which was ordinary mainstream CBS output at the time.

This story deserves respectful verbatim transcription. Note the literary level as well as the content……

= = = = =

With all the troubles that beset us, and perhaps more to come, this is an inevitable corollary. The AP reports a phenomenal upsurge of religion in the United States.

The AP is careful to say that while the survey does not show the nation is more devout, it does suggest that organized religion is commanding wider attention; and it cites evidence.

Seminaries are packed. Some of them for the first time are turning away applicants. Bible sales have nearly doubled in the last decade. Church building is at an all-time high. Colleges have expanded their religious curricula to meet student demand. Church attendance and contributions are at a peak.

For a 20th century materialist note, advertising men are backing a big nationwide religion promotion.

Here’s the way one minister explains the revived interest in things spiritual:

“People have discovered that the things they counted on the most are no longer dependable. The family structure is not what it was 20 years ago. The positive assurance of American invulnerability is gone. The value of money has fallen to pieces. To put it briefly, things are shaking, and people are looking for something unshakable.”

= = = = =

Constant: Similar situation now in MANY ways.

Variable: Exact opposite response to churches, because churches have decided to be the MOST SHAKABLE INSTITUTION of all. Instead of maintaining the CONSTANT and PERMANENT values of morality, churches have joined the vanguard of the chaos-generating Deepstate torture brigade. Instead of providing sanctuary and protection from the Faucian stormtroopers, churches locked down and gagged their customers more enthusiastically than any other ‘voluntary’ institution.