Skills last forever, reasons don’t.

Two examples this week of the marvelous persistence of skill memory.

1. I got tired of 3d graphics and detoured into revising and expanding two old Windows programs. Both were originally done in 2002, recompiled but not revised in 2012. I haven’t done any C++ since 2014. The skill returned immediately after starting to read the source files.

2. For the same ten years (or more) I’ve been wearing old-man shoes with Velcro straps. The last pair was losing traction, so I tried to order new from LLbean, but they were out, like everything this year. So I got the tied version instead. The first time my fingers touched the laces, they knew what to do. No practice needed. The tie is far more comfortable on the arch than the straps, and the new rubber makes a REAL difference on snow.

Why did I depart from tied shoes ten years ago? The reason is lost.

I used to know this

Here’s a fact I recognized a long time ago and then forgot.

Antivaxxers are OCD.

The Public “Health” demons are also OCD.

This explains one peculiar twist in the current fake “debates”.

Antivax is a more natural and less contrived outcome of OCD. The provax position was imposed in 2020 by the ALL OR NOTHING digitalized positions of modern times.

OCD types hate ANY impurity, and especially hate it when the government forces you to touch or ingest impurities. In the ’50s, OCDs were agitated about both fluoridation and vaccines, as seen in this item from Aberree in ’57:

At that time, the publicly visible antis were mainly religious and “right-wing”, made famous by the general in Dr Strangelove.

In the ’60s the tendency switched sides, aided by environmentalism. Gaians are also OCD. Hippies joined the Christians on the anti-pollution bandwagon. Nixon picked it up and turned OCD into another government force. All productive activity must be shut down or shipped to China, because all productive activity pollutes in one way or another. Nixon was not OCD; he simply grabbed the wave and redirected it to enrich the rich and kill the poor.

= = = = =

After 1970, antivax and antifluoride were mainly hippie attitudes, and this was STILL true in 2020. Seattle and Portland were, and still are, centers of antivax agitation.

Now we have a peculiar situation. Deepstate has generated two “sides” as usual. Both of them are arguing about vax, which is NOT the most lethal aspect of the holocaust. Vax may be marginally helpful. Lockdowns and ballgags and distancing are the killers.

THE TWO “SIDES” ARE NOT ARGUING ABOUT BALLGAGS OR LOCKDOWNS. Both are perfectly okay with strangling and disemploying the poor. Both are OCD. The antivax side is led by RFK Jr, who is still a leader in the Gaian movement. He’s consistently OCD, consistently pro-banker, consistently anti-worker.

The provax side is inconsistent about vax, but ferociously holocaustally consistent about all the other murder weapons.

Antimaskers and antidistancers and antiluciters are the exact opposite of OCD, and they are only weakly represented in the “debates”. Nobody is even arguing about lucite.**

Polistra is watching the two “sides” agitate. She’s measuring their purity with her trusty GenRad OCD meter. Both sides register the same precise (of course) reading of 571.49315209 GigaKrauts. Both are fully “protected” against witchcraft.

= = = = =

**Footnote: Lucite really deserves more attention. Even the stupidest and least informed activist can’t POSSIBLY believe that a lucite barrier would slow down a microscopic pathogen. The lucite was OBVIOUSLY designed to protect store clerks and bus drivers from enraged HUMANS. Mecher’s gang knew that they were creating a TOTAL WAR AGAINST CIVILIZATION AND LIFE, so they needed to shield their frontline demonic conscripts from attacks by HUMANS.

Not a conflict

I’ve made a habit of watching all Batya interviews, at least until they turn boring. I know Batya’s story by now, but she has the old-fashioned journalistic knack of interviewing the interviewer. The interviewer’s story is sometimes interesting.

This clip with three Bros got boring soon, with the Bros doing the usual Bro things about Fasting and Keto and Supplements and Hitting The Gym and Weightlifting A Thousand Reps, and Everyone Is Morbidly Obese. Crap. Americans used to be skinny because we smoked, not because we hit the gym.

Before that point, the Bros were asking an important question. Now that everything is based on the subscriber model, how can you hope to get unbiased news from any media at all?

It’s not a conflict, and it’s NOT NEW. As I’ve been pointing out for years, newspapers used to depend mainly on subscribers, and each paper had its own explicitly advertised viewpoint.

BEFORE GLOBALIZATION UNIFIED AND MONOPOLIZED EVERY FUCKING THING, a town of 200 people typically had one weekly paper, and a town of 5000 had two competing papers. Before a dozen unnecessary expenses became mandatory for all businesses, it was POSSIBLE to survive on a few hundred loyal subscribers. Smart papers did everything possible to keep the subscribers loyal.

Now we’re back to the same situation, aided by a few gutsy blogging and writing platforms that (SO FAR) resist the pressures of ideological compliance. Substack, WordPress, Rumble and others, now make it possible to run your own small-town weekly, with the same amount and type of content, and it’s possible to make a basic living that way. The typical Substack newsletter has “hundreds” of subscribers paying $5 a month. If you don’t need lawyers and accountants and Diversity compliance officers and EPA compliance officers and CDC Nazi mandate officers, you can live on that.

So it’s not a conflict now, provided those gutsy platforms don’t all get shut down.

As I’ve also been pointing out for years, radio in the 30s and 40s was the source of relatively unbiased news.

People EXPECTED newspapers to favor their own tastes. Competing brands are healthy for business. Paying for value AS YOU PERCEIVE IT is the key to real honest business.

The Fairness Doctrine FORCED radio to be unbiased, and it WORKED. There was no way for a station to gain more advertisers by breaking the fairness rules. So stations had to compete by increasing quality, not by increasing bias.

But the Fairness Doctrine was only strict for 30 years, and was repealed in the ’80s. So it’s not a permanent solution. In all eras, the real source of unbiased info has ALWAYS been your own senses and experience, with no interference or mediation from leaders or media.


Narrowing bandwidth works both ways

Still continuing from Kirn’s theme.

Self-defense in a digital world seems to require narrow bandwidths and digital responses. Ideally we should be able to shrug off false flags and intentionally crazy media. Some people can do it, but I can’t.

I tried it for a long time, and finally decided that I don’t have enough spare blood pressure or enough spare neurons to spend energy fighting the crazy shit. It’s easier to simply turn off the TV and radio, and avoid specific sources after they’ve proved to be false flags.

A few of these digitalized decisions may have been hasty and unfair. I’ve shut off subscriptions at the first hint of converging to falsity.

I feel some guilt about these possibly oversharp decisions, but again life is fucking short, and neurons are a finite resource. Too many times I’ve followed a false flag all the way into the convergence (as with Brexit and Trump) and realized too late that I had joined Satan’s workforce. I don’t want to let that happen again.

— out of the park.

Continuing on Kirn’s latest hit:

Even the fiercest of our debates now occupy about 1/100th of the spectrum thinkers and writers of earlier times have used while exploring major human questions. Through censorship and timidity, we’ve lost access to bandwidths we don’t even know exist now. Deafness is setting in.

Focus on Deafness is setting in. Presumably Kirn means that we can’t process what we can’t hear. There’s a much more powerful metaphor in our real perception mechanism.

Our inner perceptual world is designed, and preset in youth, to match the full range of our outer sensory mechanisms. Our ears can handle 30 Hz to 20 KHz in frequency, and 0 to 120 dB in loudness. The inner world is mapped to those ranges. As we age in a noisy world, the cochlea loses the lower end of loudness and the upper end of frequency. We can’t hear faint sounds or high-pitched sounds.

Reprint from 2014, dealing with the loudness side:

Our perceptual system is based solely on proportions and changes.

Let’s take this graph as a baseline for normal hearing. Sound gets louder; your input to the cochlea gets louder in proportion; the perceptual system follows along.

If you have impaired hearing, your physical input starts at a higher level. You don’t hear the fainter sounds at all. The perceptual system tries to maintain its full range, but it has to start where the hearing starts.

Result: Perceived loudness grows faster than it would in a normal ear. This phenomenon is usually called recruitment, which is a poorly chosen word. It would have been better to call it something like ‘stretched loudness’.

= = = = = END REPRINT.

Limiting the range of discussion has the same effect. Our internal map assumes a wide ANALOG range of possibilities and decisions on every subject. Treating it as a transfer function, with reality on the X axis and our feelings on the Y axis:

As reality changes from civilization to Nazi torture chamber, our outrage rises.

When our input range is restricted, we can only sense the difference between correct usage of preferred pronoun and incorrect usage of preferred pronoun. Our response rises from calm to outrage over this extremely narrow distinction of input:

As the permissible range of discussion narrows and digitalizes, we still FEEL that we are experiencing a full range, because the perceptual range is remapped to the available input range.

Inputs outside this range don’t exist, so they don’t need to be mapped.

Kirn hits a home run

Kirn has a way with words!

Even the fiercest of our debates now occupy about 1/100th of the spectrum thinkers and writers of earlier times have used while exploring major human questions. Through censorship and timidity, we’ve lost access to bandwidths we don’t even know exist now. Deafness is setting in.

This point has been made by many others. Never in such an evocative and stark way. Kirn is not an engineer or a neuroscientist, but he uses both of those disciplines accurately.

I’ve discussed those abandoned bandwidths in a more literal way. In the ’30s and ’40s, shortwave allowed ordinary people to hear what other countries were doing. Our media and government ENCOURAGED us to listen to Moscow and Berlin, because our government was CONFIDENT that we wouldn’t be swayed. Why was the government CONFIDENT? Because FDR had been SOLVING PROBLEMS for the people. When you SOLVE PROBLEMS instead of UNSOLVING PROBLEMS, you can be sure the people will support you.

The key point, of course, is that our “debates” are not natural. They are carefully staged and scripted by Deepstate, constantly creating ever smaller and more trivial “arguments”. Our energy is monopolized by these irrelevant or counterrelevant quibbles so we don’t discuss the important questions.

In every possible way, Deepstate is sucking up the available energy and material and bandwidth, leaving nothing for humans.

In the material realm, offshoring removes our industries and our skills. We no longer know how to do anything.

With literal energy, bitcoin miners and Gaian limits turn off electricity for normal uses. In discussion, the Fox vs CNN stageplay keeps our attention on soap operas between political personalities.

Anti-vax protests are counterrelevant. Vax is normal public health, and a few shots are essentially harmless, possibly helpful to some extent. Closing down commerce and schools is LETHAL. Muzzling everyone all the time is LETHAL.

Staging all the dialog and protests about vax prevents us from discussing the BIG BIG BIG BIG QUESTION: NONE OF THIS SHIT WAS NECESSARY, AND ALL OF THIS SHIT IS GENOCIDAL AND HOLOCAUSTAL.

The worst part of this particular filter is that it creates guilt and doubt among people who see the BIG BIG BIG BIG QUESTION. If I argue against the ENTIRE HOLOCAUST, I’m also forced to argue against vax, which is the only non-lethal part of the holocaust. As always, this twist is intentional.

Nuance is impossible in a digital world. Everything is all OFF or all ON. If you take the officially provided OFF position, you are arguing against your own interests and knowledge in some ways. Analog positions (Ballgags are bad, distancing is bad, vax is probably harmless) are UNTHINK.

Deepstate ALWAYS plays this game. FBI moves into groups that are trying to assert analog reality, and adds on a pile of crazy or inverted “facts”, which then become an automatic digitalized part of the perceived view of the realists. All or nothing.

Continued in next item.

BIG crime is legal

In a semi-serious Facebook thread about a shoplifting arrest, one commenter mentioned that the thieves need to report their illegal loot to the IRS. I couldn’t believe it, so I looked it up.

Sure enough, it’s true. I hadn’t seen it before because it’s not in the regular instruction PDFs. I always file Schedule C, and always read the annual instructions. It’s here in Publication 525.

Illegal activities.

Income from illegal activities, such as money from dealing illegal drugs, must be included in your income on Schedule 1 (Form 1040), line 8, or on Schedule C (Form 1040) if from your self-employment activity.

Wage gangsters working for mafias should report on Schedule 1, and gig gangsters should use Schedule C. Do the mafias send out W2s?

IRS made a media push back in December to remind SMALL criminals of their legal duties.

Hmm. That’s odd. I never heard IRS reminding Facebook about its duty to pay BILLIONS. FB uses an ‘offshore patent location’ to evade BILLIONS, and other BIG criminals like Amazon simply buy their own tax laws from Congress.

This year’s yak-shaving

I tend to do the same things and think the same thoughts at the same time each year, without trying. Keeping a daily journal or worklog helps to spot these patterns.

Right now I’m having fun shaving a yak. I started working on a 3d animatable waterfall spectrogram, extending the ‘live sine waves’ seen here. The graph itself is functional now, but the FFT input isn’t working yet.

I remembered that the Audin project, my first courseware and still my best, was meant to include a 2d waterfall spectrogram. Audin was on a grant contract, and the time ran out before I could properly include and test the waterfall.

I started converting the Audin C++ waterfall code into Python to run the 3d stuff, and then decided it would be even MORE fun to continue and expand Audin itself, finally reaching my intended goal.

So now I have to rebuild and expand Audin before I can get back to the 3d representation. (Well, I don’t really have to, but it’s more fun to think of it this way.)

Here’s the yak-shaving picture from January 2018, with a snowy landscape identical to today’s landscape. These annual verbatim repetitions give credence to real astrology.

= = = = =

Sidenote: Since I was talking about natural selection yesterday, this process fits nicely into the theme of evolution by subtraction.

My original 2002 courseware was full of useful features. It invited the student to do real experiments, and had a wide variety of sound-handling and animation. The later versions in Windows started to drop the useful features because the NYC publisher didn’t like them. They wanted text and still pics in computer form, like PowerPoint. I had to fight hard to maintain SOME of the animations, but lost the interactivity and sound. When the Windows EXE was converted to online HTML/SVG stuff in 2015, ALL of the good features had to be eliminated. Global compatibility does not allow experimentation or interactivity. Genes and languages and inventions follow the same track, from complex and subtle down to simple and blunt.

Contradictory? Not quite.

In the last couple days I’ve been writing and reprinting two opposite approaches.

1. Surrender immediately!

2. Mid-level powers should try to assert their power!

Not really contradictory, just two different categories of people and nations.

Powerless people should avoid exciting psychopaths into a killing frenzy.

People with some power should use it carefully.

DeSantis showed the correct balance. At first he surrendered to the Faucians instead of protesting and getting slaughtered. Magufuli of Tanzania heroically resisted and got slaughtered.

After DeSantis determined the boundaries of available action, he started regaining control step by step, steadily and calmly, explaining his actions at every step to bring his people with him. No mystery, no Delphic utterances, no backdowns.

Circassian Solution reprint

Written Aug 2020.

= = = = = START REPRINT:

Idiot headline at RCS:
Why is science letting us down?

I won’t read the underlying article since I know in advance that it will be answering the wrong question to serve Satan.

= = = = =

The proper answer is:

Science isn’t letting us down. We abandoned and obliterated science.

Science means Solving problems by objective measurement and analysis, refined by experiment.

Science already knew how to deal with a virus, and science had done all the necessary experiments to refine the answer.**

Let the immune system do most of the work. Encourage people to live a normal healthy life. Sunlight, exercise, fresh air, work, social contact, confidence. When possible, give the immune system an early preview of the virus with vaccines so it won’t be surprised.

= = = = =

In the few blessed countries that REMAINED with science (Sweden, Belarus, Turkmenistan, Tanzania, etc) this definition still applies.

In all other countries, science was replaced by Satan. There’s no other word for it. Pure murder, pure evil, pure genocide, serving no purpose except satisfying the bloodlust of psychopaths. The accumulated knowledge of public health was TURNED BACKWARDS and used to commit a holocaust.

= = = = =

We also have solid scientific knowledge about psychopaths, acquired by observation and experiment. We know what they want, we know how they work, and we know that there are only two ways to solve the problem. (1) Kill the psychopath. (2) Redirect his energy toward hedonism and dissipation.

Natural Law uses solution 2, giving psychopaths plenty of riches and pleasure, PROVIDED they use their powerful talents to serve ordinary people. A satiated psychopath doesn’t have enough energy to do serious harm.

= = = = =

500 years ago the Circassians solved BOTH problems at the same time. Unsurprisingly, Turkmenistan is part of Circassia.

Circassian girls were a major export product. They were especially beautiful, and the psychopathic sultans of the Ottoman Empire bought them for a good price. [Why did the Ottoman sultans prefer slaves or commoners? Because they had seen how the Euro habit of marrying foreign royals led to stupid wasteful wars.]

Unfortunately, many of the girls were disfigured by smallpox, decreasing the profit. Presumably by serendipity, the Circassians figured out that a small dose of cowpox prevented smallpox. They developed inoculation into a science.

Selling their daughters to sultans solved the psychopath problem and provided a better life for the pretty ones. A harem girl gets the best food and the best clothing, and has ample opportunity to display her beauty through dancing and ceremonies. She takes her turn occasionally in the bedroom of the blubbery oversatiated Sultan, who can barely find his dick amid the rolling mountains of fat.

If the pretty ones had stayed at home, they would be milking cows, pulling plows, weaving crude clothing, losing their beauty, and enduring daily sessions with a strong muscular farmer. Some would enjoy the sex, but most wouldn’t.

So the Circassians used REAL SCIENCE to solve both of our current problems in a SYNCHRONOUS AND BALANCED WAY. The pretty daughters had a better life, the people were protected from smallpox AND protected from the worst excesses of the psychopaths, and the people received PAY FOR VALUE.


= = = = =

** Footnote: This is true of ALL REAL PROBLEMS. We have already solved all real problems that can be solved physically. We’ve acquired all the necessary data, we’ve done all the necessary experiments. Anyone who claims we need “new science” or “emerging science” to solve a “new problem” is a criminal and a murderer. The sole purpose of “new science” is to CREATE problems, not to solve problems. We are making valid new observations in a few areas like neurology, and it’s possible that the new observations may help to refine existing solutions, but they won’t generate new solutions to new problems.

Nature doesn’t have new problems. All new problems are created by psychopaths.

= = = = = END REPRINT.

Chuck vs Chuck

Kirn on evolution:

You read history, count up the wars, the slaughters, the genocides, etc, you realize the most stalwart, spirited, courageous members of our species have been culled in a kind of counter-evolution. Nature may favor the fittest. Not society. We descend from those who fit in.

This isn’t counter-evolution, it’s evolution.

The leader is not the species. Society is the species. Courageous stalwarts kill society and thus kill the species. Fit-ins preserve society and thus preserve the species.

The common misunderstanding arises from the word fittest which doesn’t belong in the rule.

Personally, Darwin believed that stalwart, spirited, courageous animals were the fittest. And of course the stalwarts were English aristocrats like Darwin, filled with Manly Virtue And Ciceronian Orations, not cowardly filthy uneducated darkies.

But Darwin was able to separate the personal from the scientific. His scientific description of natural selection was based on survival for the SPECIES or POPULATION, not for the Nietzschean Atlas. Fittest is a completely unnecessary word. Natural selection doesn’t say who or what is fit; natural selection is a TAUTOLOGY.

Survivors survive. That’s all.

Survival doesn’t mean courage or heroism. Survival literally and etymologically means continuing to live in the same place, whatever it takes.

In real history, stalwart courageous heroes lead an entire tribe or nation into destruction. Wars ruin the winner and the loser. The conqueror enjoys a sexual thrill for a while, but his tribe has to spend huge amounts of time and energy repressing rebellions and trying to get labor from workers who HATE them.

Tribes who avoid conflict, fit in, use resilience and hospitality to neutralize the would-be invaders, survive longer with less damage. South America remained resolutely out of WW1 and WW2, and never got bombed or invaded. It was able to sell beef and wheat and oil to both sides.

Lately I’ve been listening at bedtime to Elmer Davis’s brief newscasts from the first years of WW2 before US entered. The sequence is clear. Austria and Czechoslovakia surrendered immediately and remained largely intact. France surrendered soon and minimized the damage. Britain was courageous and stalwart and dead.

If every nation in the world had surrendered immediately in unison, Hitler would lose the psychopathic thrill. He would get bored.

Krauts would then be faced with the OCD nightmare of dominating and ruling a billion filthy imprecise disorderly germ-ridden Unkrauts.

Malicious compliance would be universal, the technique I call Chuck’s Rule.

Ja wohl, Herr Ubermensch! We will do it your way, down to the 999th decimal point! It may take a wee bit longer than you think, as in forever; but we will do it for you, Herr Ubermensch!

Reprint on UNsolving

Speaking of leaders solving and unsolving problems, I managed to pull the subject together a few months ago then forgot. The endless torture chamber ruins focus, as I was saying IN this item.

= = = = = START REPRINT:

Humans want to solve problems. When a problem is important, we devote more attention to it, and try to solve it faster to minimize damage.

Trial and error is especially costly, so we’ve developed a variety of methods to avoid the trials. We learn from other people’s experience via books and teachers. We amortize our own experience via worklogs and saved code and saved tooling.

Bureaucrats work the opposite way because the cost function is reversed. Bureaucrats try hard to UNsolve every problem, and spend an eternity on “failed” efforts in the “wrong” direction, because SOLVING a problem is costly. A solved problem or a finished job means cuts in budget and power.

Here’s an interesting neuroscience experiment that shows the desire to avoid error happens at the deepest brainstem level. It’s not an overlaid function or ‘social construct’.

Learning from error is often a slow process. In machine learning, the learning rate depends on a loss function that specifies a cost for error. Here, we hypothesized that during motor learning, error carries an implicit cost for the brain because the act of correcting for error consumes time and energy. Thus, if this implicit cost could be increased, it may robustly alter how the brain learns from error.

To vary the implicit cost of error, we designed a task that combined saccade adaptation with motion discrimination: movement errors resulted in corrective saccades, but those corrections took time away from acquiring information in the discrimination task.

We then modulated error cost using coherence of the discrimination task and found that when error cost was large, pupil diameter increased and the brain learned more from error. However, when error cost was small, the pupil constricted and the brain learned less from the same error. Thus, during sensorimotor adaptation, the act of correcting for error carries an implicit cost for the brain. Modulating this cost affects how much the brain learns from error.

Learning to follow dots is an unfamiliar task, and the cost was also unfamiliar. No chance of contamination from the conceptual level.

In this particular experiment the distractor was a face of a pretty girl. Not a Woke image of an Individual Experiencing Non-binary Colour And Gendour. A pretty white girl. Researchers might know how to talk Wokish to get the grant, but they also know what real people really want.

A more familiar task would be driving down the street and noticing a pretty girl on the sidewalk. Steering involves a complex interplay of visual and kinesthetic feedback loops. When traffic is clear, the cost of inattention is low, so we don’t improve our precision. When the road is icy, the cost of inattention is high, so we focus much harder on the road and ignore the girl.

Trainers have been using this technique for centuries. Learn the basics in a simple situation, then stretch and improve the learning by occasional forced failures and distractions.

BUT: When high-cost and brand-new distractors of all types come at you fast and hard, there’s no time for learning and no way to use textbooks or worklogs as a guide. You try to focus and try to get your job done in a minimal way. At some point you simply burn out and give up. This is how psychopaths destroy humans.

= = = = = END REPRINT.

Still uneasy

Speaking of cancelling reminded me of the university now being organized by the Famous Cancelleds. When I looked at their website in November, it was all future plans, and felt like vaporware. Now there’s one class or seminar firmly scheduled:

Our Forbidden Courses summer program invites top students from other universities to join us for a spirited discussion about the most provocative questions that often lead to censorship or self-censorship in many universities. Students will become proficient and comfortable with productive disagreement. Instructors will range from top professors to accomplished business leaders, journalists, and artists.

Note the emphasis on TOP students and TOP leaders. This is not for the powerless. This is elites training elites as usual. Outsiders have no way of knowing whether the TOP students will be learning to tolerate and ignore disagreement, or just learning new tactics to censor and ruin the peasants.

Last month I was uneasy about the motives:

= = = = = START REPRINT:

I see three inadequate points in their FAQ.

1. They’re seeking accreditation, which is a powerful force toward orthodoxy. The accrediting agencies expect maximum Wokitude.

2. I don’t see a commitment to avoid tenure. After tenure gets up and running, there’s no escape from ever-narrowing orthodoxy.

3. I don’t see a Trinity House motivation loop. If they simply invite the right kind of students, the wrong kind of students WILL get in and ruin the setup. Stings and APs have plenty of Deepstate money, and know how to manipulate the system.

Maintaining an unorthodox purpose against the headwinds of Parkinson bureaucracy and accrediting agencies requires a more specific feedback loop of money for value. Trinity House, working for safe navigation, has been funded by ships safely reaching port, and it has maintained its purpose for 500 years. Funding for this university needs to depend on students safely reaching the port of independent thinking. How? I don’t know, but I’m sure the TWO-WAY OBLIGATION is necessary.

Also, there are some pure Deepstaters in the founding crowd, like Peter Singer and Larry Summers and Strossen of ACLU. The whole thing could be just another fake front.

= = = = = END REPRINT.

The seminar does nothing to relieve my uneasiness.

Not original

This is hardly a new thought, and it’s not a dramatic or binary thought, but it deserves more emphasis and repetition.

We need more GUTS and strength in the middle levels of our structures.

Nature is infinitely modular, from mitochondria to cells to tissues to organs to animals to hives to local ecosystems. Every level supervises and comprehends the level below it, and every level depends on every level below it. Infinite loops of two-way obligation.

A healthy company or city or country needs the same distribution of strength and activity and feedback loops.

For 40 years Deepstate has been steadily and systematically dismantling all intermediate structures, in government and economy and culture and technology. Everything favors DC and NYC and Bezos. All laws and regulations are EXPLICITLY DESIGNED TO KILL SMALL BUSINESS AND SMALL SOCIAL STRUCTURES.

Despite the obstacles, the middles are NOT technically or legally impossible.

The people in the middle have simply abandoned their posts.

When a mid-level ruler takes full control, wonderful things happen. See DeSantis. He has saved Florida from the Faucian Nazi torture chamber, and the Faucians haven’t punished him yet. After two years it’s looking like they can’t figure out how to do it. They screech and make horrible noises, but he continues to restore 2019 in Florida.

In the tech world, most mid-level companies have GIVEN UP their own servers and let AWS do the work and take full control of their data. The exceptions prove that this isn’t necessary. For instance, the American Radio Library runs its own servers in its own building.

Dust bowls and rice bowls

A surprising fact from the same Nov 33 issue of Electronics as the microwaved “bun sandwich”:

More people than ever before live on the nation’s farms.

Not only has the drift of farm boys and girls to the city been stopped, after thirty years of continuous growth of the city population at the expense of the countryside, but for three years past the movement of the rural migration has been just the opposite way: it now is from city to country. In fact, in these past three years the replacement of farm population has more than equalled in numbers the total population withdrawn from rural districts in the preceding third of a century, so that now more people are living in farm homes than ever had farm homes before.

Most of these 6,000,000 farm houses are without electricity for lighting. Their radios must be battery operated. It is time the radio industry gave more attention to sets especially designed for this vast farm market.

FDR started to electrify those farms, and the radio industry did respond to the farm market.

I’ve always been suspicious of the standard narrative of the Dust Bowl. My ancestors lived in Okla during those years, stayed and prospered. I delved into the subject in detail here.

It’s true that many farms failed because of Wilson’s semi-forced growth. In WW1, government and bankers encouraged city people to try farming on shitty land. Nobody bothered to train them or guide them in selecting land; the bankers just wanted to create a bunch of mortgages. This failure happened in the mid-20s at the same time when the fake NYC boom was creating many unnecessary industries in cities, so the migration was toward cities. When the fake boom ended, the unnecessary businesses failed and the people returned to farms, which are NECESSARY.

In other words, population takes care of itself when allowed to move easily.

China has been FORCING movement in both directions, not just encouraging with fake booms. Mao destroyed farms to build industry, then in 1968 destroyed industry to rebuild farms. After 1980 China moved to the city again. Now Xi is switching back to 1968, destroying industry to rebuild farms. This constant forced movement leaves no time to develop the skills of farming.

Most of the video is synthesized English. The segments featuring a Henan farmer are linguistically interesting. I don’t understand Chinese, but I’ve heard enough of the usual urban dialects to tell the difference. He’s from the Chinese version of Arkansas. Slow and careful, much more music than the urbanites, longer diphthongs, clearer aspirates.