Giant waste of talent

There’s an interesting desistance movement in videogaming. Influencers are ganging up on game companies that specialize in addictive gambling with REAL MONEY.

At the moment the worst offender is Diablo Immortal. The influencers, who have been playing the game intensively, have figured out all the super-complex steps needed to … win? Well, it’s not really winning, it’s just “equipping your character completely”. I have no idea what this means, but it’s apparently the goal. Or rather it’s part of the goal, because you also need to equip all the other characters completely.

The path to complete equipment includes an unbelievably complex pile of layers, each with different names and mathematical functions. There are Gems and Legendary Gems and stars on the gems and resonances on the stars and more stars that open up when you resonate each star…

This is explicitly gambling, not work, because every one of these fake achievements is governed by random numbers. So you can’t know in advance how much real  money you need to insert in the 5489th slot of the machine to reach the point where you may be eligible to put real money in the 5490th slot of the machine.

YongYea sums up the calcs, and concludes that if you’re unlucky at each step you’ll need HALF A MILLION DOLLARS OF REAL MONEY to equip one character.

The information campaign is working, because the number of players is dropping off quickly, and some servers are no longer carrying the game.

Unlike the Reddit short squeeze campaigns, which were actually orchestrated by one Wall Street fuckhead to maximize his own wealth, this is a simple boycott, and it’s having an effect.

= = = = =


Similar levels of mathy complexity are involved in many REAL jobs, now offshored or eliminated by tech or shut down by the “virus”.  Cooking, sewing, farming, printing, tool-and-die making, car repair, TV repair, all involve layers of semi-mathy knowledge, and all produce REAL RESULTS in return for REAL WAGES.

Gambling produces nothing but debt and sorrow.

These gamblers have tremendous untapped talents, which formerly helped to keep a real civilization going. They served real human needs and RECEIVED real money in return for using their talents. Now they’re using their talents to LOSE MONEY and enrich the owner of the game company.

Good old CIA-sponsored “resistance”

Checking the latest uploads at American Radio Library, tried a 1966 issue of Downbeat, the jazz magazine. Might be some pretty ’60s girls or some interesting old tech. No pretty girls; jazzMEN were all MEN. No interesting tech; jazzMEN didn’t go for electronics.

Instead, some insights into the Deepstate-sponsored “rebellion” of jazz.

I’d already noted that CIA was an active spreader of jazz as part of its long-term psychopath campaign to impose total chaos and war everywhere. The Wikileaks archive of CIA docs from the ’70s is full of CIA and State Dept sponsorship of specific “progressive” jazz groups, including college jazz bands. “Progressive” jazz, like “modern” “classical”, is random squeaks and honks and booms.

First, from the letters column:

I have been a steady reader of DownBeat for the last 10 years, and during this period 1 have read many excellent articles on jazz concerts and festivals. However, after reading the report of Willis Conover on the Prague jazz festival and jazz in eastern Europe, I can say that it is, without doubt, the best documentary on a big jazz event I have ever read. I would like to express the thanks of Hungarians to Conover for his nice comments on our jazz life.

I congratulate Willis Conover for his two lively and interesting articles on the International Festival of Jazz. Both articles gave a true, on-the-spot account as well of jazz activity in Prague, Warsaw, and Budapest.

Conover of VOA was a major part of our chaos superspreader campaign. Hungarian jazz fans loved what he did, and helped us to destroy their civilization.

Then the horribly familiar process of blaming Russia for OUR crimes:

When he was first approached about it some six months ago, bandleader Woody Herman was not too enthusiastic about the idea . . . but at the urging of the U.S. State Department, he finally agreed to take his Herd on a tour of Eastern European countries that would include several engagements in Russia. Now, however, it looks as though Herman’s trepidation was well founded. As a result of the death of Newcomb Mott, whose trial, imprisonment, and supposed suicide on a Soviet prison train followed his illegal entry into Russia last September, the State Department issued a warning to American tourists of the inadvisability of travel in the Soviet Union.

Note that Mott was imprisoned after ILLEGALLY ENTERING Russia. See hikers. We send spies to invade other countries, then make war against the countries after they “unfairly” catch our “innocent” spies.

The warning pointed out that Russian attitudes toward, and treatment of, American tourists were “colored by the tone of political relations between the two countries,” now strained because of the Viet Nam war.

Russia didn’t start the Vietnam war. China started the revolution in Vietnam, and we decided to defend our incompetent proxy regime against CHINA. Russia had very little connection with the war.

Then from the editorials, a plea for MORE government sponsorship!

For the first time since the depression, the federal government is systematically,
actively subsidizing the arts. Through the National Aris Endowment, grants are being distributed to drama companies, writers, and eventually lo dancers, painters, symphony orchestras, and such. The new federal subsidizers also will provide grants that will enable colleges and universities to have more writers in residence, teachers in residence, painters in residence. Why not combos in residence? And elder jazz statesmen in residence?

Sure enough, CIA took up Downbeat’s suggestion. Or more likely Downbeat was helping to boost CIA’s idea among the jazzMEN.

Allocation, allocation, allocation

One of the programs in my bedtime playlist featured Bing singing Kokomo Indiana. Got me thinking about songs and cities and states.

There were two other popular Indiana songs, Gary and Back Home. Gary and Kokomo are novelty songs, mainly having fun with the syllables, not intended as a tribute. Back Home was a proper tribute, and it was used as a theme song for a program with an Indiana host.

The best and most popular state song is unquestionably Oklahoma.

Constants and variables: You expect songwriters to write about their own location, and unsurprisingly NYC is well represented. Big cities in general are well represented, which makes sense.  Most listeners are in the populated places by definition.

Oklahoma and Indiana are alien to songwriters, yet they are overrepresented.

Key: The songiest locations have four syllables, preferably _._. like C in Morse.

Indiana, Oklahoma, California, San Francisco, Kansas City. The most famous New York song is actually about New York New York.

What am I comparing with?

Lately I’ve been fussing about low quality and low quantity of online stuff. Substack is low quality and low quantity. Straight Arrow News is good quality but low quantity.

What’s the baseline? What am I comparing them with? I’ve said that old newspapers and broadcasts had a much better mix of topics, a “substantial and well-seasoned stew.”

But those old products are not available at all. The examples I’m using as baseline are rare, and may be the cream of the crop.

After some pondering, the baseline is active vs passive. I have more fun writing than reading. I have more fun making graphics than viewing graphics. The most fun of all is putting together a tech history piece like this or this or this.

Those pieces give me a chance to look up original patents and discussions in various languages, get to know the inventors and their culture, “build” and animate the device, and vicariously live in the situation.

No quibbles this time

A nice long interview with Kirn. Highly needed compensation after this morning’s demon strike.

Kirn stands back from all branches of nonsense, tribal and partisan and generational, and sees the BIG picture.

The best part of the interview starts around 11 minutes, when he takes his father’s experience as a patent attorney dealing with inventors, and generalizes to all forms of creativity.

= = = = =

An earlier interview by the same moderator is absolutely the BEST conversation I’ve ever heard. Angela Nagle is the most perfect realist in the world. Pure Machiavelli with no unnecessary entities.


The ballgags are returning today after the standard two-month torturer’s pause. New announcements in the bus say “Masks are not required but please mask up and stay home if you’re sick.” New signs in the stores say “Masks encouraged.” The acceleration from encouraged to required will be two weeks. Bet on it.

Of course there was no warning.  Demons always strike without warning.  The bus system’s website has no new info, and the “local” TV station websites have nothing.

I was feeling a sense of dread when the two-month timer on the bus system’s pause dinged with no action. The two-month timer on Demon Inslee’s Viagra was already a month overdue. The population had reached a point of relaxation. After a month of 20% ballgags, the percentage had faded down to essentially zero.

That’s the real action signal for demons. When the victims are totally relaxed, STOMP AND KILL.

Now my sense of dread is replaced by good old demonic Nazi hell again. Relief? Maybe.

The torturer’s timer.

Another converger

Last week I noted that Batya had been unusually silent for a while. Now she pops up again, joining her fellow fake “independents” in total convergence to Deepstate. The old bait-n-switch game, also known as Pied Piper.

Unsurprising but disappointing. She was advancing an important set of principles about the proper role of journalism. Now she’s just applying for a job at MSNBC.

Come to think of it, her overall campaign would fit the replace-Maddow hypothesis. She has been demonstrating her unique interviewing skills in every clip. Now she’s signing the loyalty oath.

“I am not now, nor have I ever been, a JANUARY_6_VIOLENT_INSURRECTIONIST.”

= = = = =

Later: Sounds like Substack itself might be converging or collapsing as a result of the central bank shutoff of venture capital. They’re laying off employees. This is also unsurprising given the peculiarly cagey discussions of profits by its leaders, and frankly not disappointing by now. The promise of a Hundred Flowers turned out to be only two or three worth reading. I’ll keep up with those few after they move.

Censorship isn’t the problem, just low quality and low quantity. Some of the best writers are only using Substack as a billboard to link their main products elsewhere.

Censorship isn’t the main problem anywhere. Constraints are always present, and good creators do their best work under constraints.

Another related reprint

From 2018.


In general 1930s movies and radio were written from a realistic view of human genes and differences. When you’re down you need to understand that you’re permanently down, and shape your life to survive the predicament. Hearing stories about other people who are in various predicaments helps us to understand and tolerate variety, and helps us develop our own strategies. The writers were conscious of this mission, and shaped their stories toward understanding, not mass action.

Genes were abolished in 1946. Instead of genes, choices are responsible for everything. Cop shows started with a moralistic lecture aimed at parents. If your kid turns out bad, it’s entirely your fault. If lots of kids are turning to crime, it’s everyone’s fault. Education cures all ills, so we need to spend more money on education. But if YOU’RE not rich and popular, you need to try harder. You CAN be rich and popular after you obey the orders of the rich and popular people As Seen On TV and buy the products they recommend.


When most of life is seen as predetermined, there’s no reason to obey mass instructions. Everyone is permanently different, so everyone has to figure out how to survive his own unique life. You can’t do much about other lives; you can only do your own.

When everything is possible, solely depending on actions, the authorities can mobilize people to action. Mass guilt leads to mass action AS RECOMMENDED, individual shame leads to individual action AS RECOMMENDED.

Rome has always done things the latter way. Original Sin and Prosperity Gospel. Our priests are rich and powerful because Jesus was rich and powerful. Anyone can gain power by sucking up to the priests. If criminals misbehave, it’s everyone’s fault. We shouldn’t punish the criminal or protect ourselves against the criminals. Instead we should try harder to worship the priests.

= = = = =

The Sorosian [now Schwabian] world follows the Roman model. Three steps. Insinuation, Instigation, Inquisition. Unsurprisingly, the FBIII, founded by the perfect Roman, implements these three steps perfectly.

Insinuation: There are evil forces MEDDLING with our souls. Witches or Terrorists or RussianBots. You may be a witch, or you may know a witch. All of us are responsible for finding and detecting witches.

Instigation: Some people will respond to the You May Be A Witch part of the message by deciding to Be A Witch. When you’re down and out, watching the rich and wicked succeed with impunity, the bonds of guilt-based action break. You’ve been obeying, and things keep getting worse. The authorities As Seen On TV are disobeying every rule of natural and written law, and they get away with it. They are committing mass murder all the time with no guilt, and they want us to feel guilt for having wrong thoughts (such as thinking the authorities commit mass murder all the time.) You say FUCK IT. Okay, I’m a witch. At this point the authorities give you an organization and a plan so you can FUCK IT in a way that will serve their purposes.

Inquisition: Now that the witch has been cultivated, it’s time for the Star Chamber and the barbecue.

= = = = =

Credit footnote: Henry Lea’s book outlines the three steps in the earlier version of the Inquisition. I’ve simply mirrored them into modern times. Lea’s description of the link between Insinuation and Instigation is especially powerful and still fresh. Modern writers either don’t understand it or deliberately skip it.


Perfect contrast

Let’s compare the modern military situation with 1941. Now, after 40 years of unbroken mass destruction of America by its own government and corporations, its young men have no physical skills and no emotional reason to help or serve the country.

Reprinting a 2019 piece that came from an unusual angle…

= = = = = START REPRINT:

Another symbolic dream. This one isn’t mysterious.

In the dream:

I was looking at two T-shirts.

One of them was somehow built so that it turned into blocky modernist shapes. A Bauhaus T-shirt. I was coldly and objectively analyzing how it was built, trying to see how the seams motivated the cloth into such bizarre and painful shapes.

The other T-shirt had a normal shape, but it was printed with insinuating slogans, the repetitive shit you find in any combox or in any “media” account of “terrorism”. Instead of analyzing why it was printed this way, I responded to the slogans emotionally, exactly as the printers intended. I felt ashamed and alienated.

First thought, not new:

Chaotic art and architecture serve the same purpose as “media”. Both drive people crazy and CHANNEL people into radical expressions.

Second thought, new:

I should respond to both of these chaotizers coldly and objectively. Both are designed to ruin civilization.

After waking, another pair of thoughts:

First thought, not new:

We fought WW2 fiercely and loyally because we TRUSTED the government. Why did we TRUST the government? Because FDR’s administration had been trying to tell us the plain and simple truth. Radio, under hardass FCC scrutiny, was forced to follow suit. Radio represented war accurately, and represented human nature accurately. No nonsense about “spreading democracy to the benighted natives”, no nonsense about “meritocracy”. Newspapers continued their natural habit of fomenting genocide and creating crime, but radio was the dominant media.

Second thought, new:

And what did the New Deal build? We instantly associate the ’30s with brutal modernist Bauhaus shit, but the brutality was NOT coming from the New Deal. Art Deco and other “form fakes function” architecture was built by rich fuckheads and big corporations.

WPA and CCC were building five types of structures.

(1) Dams and roads and windbreaks, serving REAL functions with no particular style.

(2) Parks and recreation facilities, using natural materials in natural or vernacular styles.

(3) Public housing, which was vernacular, not modernist.

(4) Public buildings like schools and post offices, which were a mix of vernacular and classical.

(5) Most important of all: A structure of USEFUL citizens. Millions of Americans had been discarded as useless by the brutalist corporations. FDR provided USEFUL and PRODUCTIVE work to rebuild SOCIETY.

Putting it simply: From 1933 to 1945 the government and its subordinates were creating ORDER and BEAUTY and VALUE in all possible ways. From 1933 to 1945 the only chaotizers were corporations and rich fuckheads.

In 1946 Deepstate recaptured the government. Since 1946 the government AND the corporations are run by the same demons with the same purpose of obliterating civilization.

= = = = = END REPRINT.

In the 2019 piece I was too hard on corporations. Outside NYC, many corporations were trying in their own way to maintain jobs and skills and beauty. They didn’t resume the purely abstract Bauhaus chaos until 1980 when profit was replaced by Share Value.

What if they gave a war…

Empires can wither and collapse gradually for a long time. The last step generally happens when nobody is willing to fight for imperial expansion.

We were about to reach that point after Vietnam, and the emperors forestalled it briefly by avoiding new wars for 15 years. Since 1990 we’ve been fighting more and more useless pointless losing wars, with no gain except profit for Raytheon and Lockheed. Now it appears that the natural forces of supply and demand are reaching critical mass again.

Via Straight Arrow:

The Army has gotten rid of its requirement saying potential recruits must have a high school diploma or GED certificate in order to enlist.

All statistical indicators suggest an historically low percentage of young Americans eligible and interested to serve. More young men and women than ever have been disqualified for obesity, drug use or criminal records, shrinking the eligibility pool.

Young men are ineligible because the REST of the imperial system has already collapsed. We offshored the jobs a man can do. We made young men useless and statusless and mateless. They responded accordingly.


Interest in joining is also down to an historic low. An internal Defense Department survey obtained by NBC News found only 9% of young Americans eligible to serve in the military had any inclination to do so.

Why should they want to fight for the country that has ruined them?

9% of 23% = only 2% of the military-age population is both eligible and willing.





= = = = =

In the story of the Astonishing Hammond I mentioned that the Sholes-Glidden typewriter was already in production in 1880, and as with most tech stories, the dominant product was not the best product.

This is crude and impractical, and could never have worked.

The personalities are perpetually familiar. Sholes was the unworldly idea man. Glidden was the practical engineer. Densmore was the dynamic salesman.

Densmore managed to sell this crude thing to Remington, which was chiefly making sewing machines at the time. Remington basically reinvented it as a sewing machine.

Here’s the original:

This was meant as ‘proof of concept’, but it didn’t even qualify there. It had 21 keys, weights and strings hanging all over, and the keys couldn’t have made a good impression.

The carriage was just a frame, pulled along by a dangling weight. This scanned the paper across the typehead for each line, sort of like the early Xerox machines.

The paper was advanced line by line with a separate frame riding on top of the carriage frame. In this animation I’ve made the paper transparent so you can see how the hammers were arranged.

A tight little circle under the paper held 21 hammers radially. Each short hammer pivoted at its own angle, coming around and hitting the paper from below, pushing it up against the ribbon onto a backstop. The letters would have appeared on top of the paper. The short hammers couldn’t have developed any momentum, so they were inevitably weak; and the type itself was hitting the back of the paper instead of the front.

How did the keys move the hammers? Supposedly through stiff wires, but I can’t see how that would have worked, so I didn’t even try to show it! The key and the hammer are moving by magic.

Sholes and Glidden were not taking advantage of existing knowledge and devices. Hammond took the typewheel and hammer from the Brett printing telegraph, and Hammond used the principles of physics correctly and elegantly.

Continued here with the first Remington.

= = = = = END REPRINT.


Terrible idea.

US Congress and UK Parliament are starting to consider regulations on bitcoin.

Terrible idea.

1. Regulating after the fools have lost their money won’t help anyone. If you’re going to protect fools from voluntarily losing their money, you need to do it on the boom side, not the bust side. The bust itself cures many fools and gives them the information and backbone to resist the next boom. Some are incurable.

2. Legislation is bought by the worst criminals. We can be 100% certain that the regulations will GUARANTEE constant reward for the worst criminals, and will punish the stupid and desperate participants who did NOT intend to commit a crime.

3. The only meaningful regulation is a total ban on all stocks and derivatives and abstract financial shit. The Soviet system had it exactly right. No stock market at all. Gosbank decided where to put capital to benefit the skills and needs of the people. Gosbank sometimes emphasized the wrong industries, but it never intentionally made the peasants poorer, and never offshored entire industries to kill working men. The stock market murders working men. That’s the purpose.

= = = = =

Since we’re too evil to follow the Soviet path, the best cure for scams and frauds is in media and schools, not in regulation. As I’ve repeated over and over, media formerly did a good job of dramatizing and clarifying how swindlers work. All the tricks used by bitcoiners are ANCIENT tricks, and all of them were demonstrated clearly by the old radio and TV programs.

The current media universe is purely operated by and for the swindlers. Searching Youtube for “blockchain fraud” or similar terms gives you 98% swindlers and 2% truth. Swindlers always use “fraud” or “scam” to describe OTHER BRANDS of swindle.

“Avoid frauds and scams! Buy MY HONEST COIN, not those other horrible fraudulent coins.”

Schadenfreude is never tiring

I’m repeating this picture happily. Schadenfreude about bitcoin never gets tiring. A refreshing drink on a hot day.

Musical accompaniment.

Via Wolf Richter: Goldman created Coinbase to rope in the greater fools. Now that the Fed counterfeit press has stopped, bitcoin has stopped. After the “value” of Coinbase dropped from $400 to $40, Goldman is advising the greater fools to sell its own product.

It was perfectly fucking clear from the fucking start that bitcoin was created by Deepstate and Wall Street to serve THEIR purposes, not to assist the peasants. Now that Deepstate has identified and tinfoiled the fools, and Goldman has sucked the fools dry, the fools are no longer needed.

Fairness doctrine continued…

Continuing to look at one potential candidate for improved journalism.

After sampling for several days, I’m convinced that Straight Arrow News is genuinely trying for objectivity and neutrality.

I don’t think they’re likely to succeed because they’re skipping the most basic definitional element of news: NEW. The website doesn’t seem to change very fast, and at the moment all the front-page items are at least three days old. Small towns could support a weekly newspaper, but a world-covering newspaper needs to move a lot faster than weekly or even daily.

Later:  They’re moving again, but still not fast enough or ‘dense’ enough on new items.

Reprint from last year:

Yeah, I know Shannon was actually talking about signal/noise ratio in cables, but like Heisenberg his highly technical rule has turned into a useful broad definition.

The broad definition:

News is new. Information is surprising.

This is also the natural definition of information, embodied in every level of every nervous system. Neurons are designed to ignore unchanging data and pay SHARP ATTENTION to departures from the unchanging pattern.

“News” media have always violated Shannon, and government “investigations” and “revelations” also turn Shannon upside down. Media try to generate fake deltas and fake surprise from totally old and unsurprising data. Deepstate sometimes “leaks” shocking facts like Heat Is Hot or Gravity Exists, carefully reworded to sound new.

Today’s fake “news” is the Pandora Papers, a second chapter of the Panama Papers. Both of these “leaks” tell us that rich fuckheads never pay for anything. Heat is hot. Water is wet.

What’s the point of these specific “leaks”? We can safely assume that they are just another way to kill the competition. The “investigators” are funded by Soros, which should tell you everything. These “leaks” give the government a reason to punish dictators and fuckheads who offend Soros.

Analyzing this type of data requires holding an internal template of all the fuckheads who should be included, and comparing this template with the fuckheads who were actually mentioned in the report. We don’t have a strong natural talent for “what’s missing” questions, so we need external helpers like written checklists or McBee cards or Hollerith’s sorter or Reynold Johnson’s multiple comparator.

Interurbans lasted longer

Spending the afternoon in another Enid history FB page. One of the aerial photos seems to show the Big Horn that I wrote about a few years ago.

Most of the pics are purely local and personal interest. This one is interesting in a broader historical sense.

It shows a two-car train at the Frisco station. Interesting arrangement, a compromise between full-fledged train and interurban tram. The first car is 1/3 locomotive and 2/3 baggage. The second car is for passengers. All clean and shiny. The baggage section is carrying farm products, milk cans and sacks of grain.

One commenter mentioned that she took this train regularly to Lucien. (I’m guessing the terminus might have been Perry?) The route is among the Frisco interurbans mentioned in this 1915 description of Enid transportation.

She called it the Doodlebug, which was a common term for a yard locomotive. Judging by the Chevy next to the station, the date appears to be late ’30s, well past the golden age of interurbans.