Shkreli has a GOOD idea.

Shkreli has finished his 5 years in prison, and DailyMail has an informative interview.

Is he reformed? Hell no. I understand the Shkreli type, and I understand prison, and I predicted correctly that he would be an outstanding mentor to other Bad dudes.

From the DailyMail:

At the top of his post-prison to-do list is getting back into his former industry and taking aim at the FTC, with Shkreli stating: ‘My main focus is just fighting the government and getting back the right to be in pharma.’

To that end, he is appealing an FTC ruling that banned him from the industry, while also landing him with a $65 million fine. And while he is confident that he will come out on top, Shkreli is already working on a new venture that he says will provide him with the opportunity to get his ‘revenge’ on Big Pharma once and for all: a new drug-discovery software company, Druglike.

Through the Robin Hood-style start-up, Shkreli wants to make early drug discovery more accessible by putting the same software used by multi-billion-dollar pharma companies on the cloud and crowdsourcing it so that it can be used by the masses.

Does he mean it? Probably not. Most likely it’s just another sneaky way for Shkreli to make money. But if he means it, the idea has tremendous potential. Pharma desperately needs to be snatched away from the Nazi torture industry. If ordinary people could build or buy useful pharmaceuticals quietly and privately without passing through the extortion and torture gates of the MDs (Mengele Demons) we might have some real goddamn health for fucking once.

We could use some expert BAD dudes who know how to sneak around the system.

Look at this picture of Evans Drugs in Enid, circa 1897. (Crank up the contrast on the image.) Or these pictures of a similarly equipped drugstore in Seattle.

The pharmaceuticals were carefully organized and OPENLY AVAILABLE. Rows and rows of Mason jars and drawers containing herbs and chemicals. Nobody was stealing the chemicals because everyone could BUY THEM LEGALLY.

PAY FOR VALUE is the solution to most modern problems.

The old books on Science as DIY entertainment assumed that the reader had access to a drugstore like this. Most of the ingredients listed in those books are totally unavailable today, classified as Schedule 534853489578594 Narcotics or Schedule 6789463753 Terrorism Tools.

= = = = =

Also: Mark Cuban has started a more practical and immediate answer. He’s only dealing with the cost end of the problem. Supposedly Cuban’s retail pharmacy will avoid insurers entirely, and avoid those mysterious but wildly expensive Pharmacy Benefit Managers. The PBMs, inserted into the system by Obamacare, serve no function except adding cost.

= = = = =

Two weeks later: Shockedshockedshocked! Shkreli was just pulling a quick pump and dump. As usual he had no intention of actually running a company. It would still be a good idea, but there’s no point in discussing or thinking about good ideas. Good ideas are permanently obsolete and impossible.

More Cirn Cibbles

Latest from Kirn:

They’re really mainstreaming prison culture now. Everyone has to pick a gang, time outside is a privilege granted by the warden, hard drugs are available but cigs are rare, and the guards stand around and do absolutely nothing while the prisoners get violent.

Mostly wrong. An excellent author like Kirn should avoid speaking without experience.

2020 is WORSE than prison.

Taking the points individually:

Pick a gang: Not a variable.

This is pretty much how life works everywhere all the time. In a civilized culture you can avoid picking, but our civilization dissolved a long time ago. Not peculiar to 2020.

Time outside is a privilege: Diametrically wrong.

In prison exercise and food and medical care are solidly guaranteed.  Prisons CANNOT deprive inmates of food or exercise or medical care for disobeying rules, and the administrators take this rule seriously. They won’t even let you starve yourself (hunger strike). I tried it in 1969 and failed.

In 2020 there is NO guarantee of exercise or medical care or food for non-prisoners. The Public “Health” Wardens give you a stark choice. Strangle or starve.

Drugs vs cigs: Partly true.

Again the outside situation is generally worse than the inside, at least in timeline form. Outside of prisons, public smoking was banned in 1990. Smoking in prisons and jails wasn’t banned until around 2010. When I was in, tobacco was encouraged for a very good reason. Tobacco keeps you sane and helps you tolerate bad conditions.

Guards stand around: False.

In real prisons the guards permit rapes and slight violence, but halt riots decisively. In 2020 riots are ORGANIZED AND LED by the Public “Health” Wardens and Mayors.

Pretty neat trick.

Top gangsters often continue managing their gangs while serving jail sentences. This is fairly rare in modern US prisons, more common in Mexico.

Now the top swindler Anna Delvey is announcing a new swindle IN PRISON, with a highly public news conference IN PRISON. The smartest swindlers always find ways to operate “within the law”, and Anna is doing it with NFTs.

The socialite told NBC News that she has minted 10 NFTs (non-fungible tokens). Holders will somehow have “exclusive access” to Sorokin, who is in a correctional facility under the custody of Immigration and Customs Enforcement. The NFT holders will seemingly have the chance to meet Sorokin, who has appealed her pending deportation. Holders will also receive a bundle of “personal items” from Sorokin, who, again, is in detention.

Pretty neat money-laundering trick. Get your accomplices to visit so you can pass orders and contraband. Call the accomplices “investors”. Call the contraband “art” and sell it for millions of dollars to the “investors”.

Later and better thought. In stories and movies (not much in real life) a gangster leaves his loot in a hiding place while he’s inside. The gangster secretly tells a trusted accomplice where to find the loot, and he recovers it and keeps it until the gangster gets out. An NFT would fulfill this purpose precisely and literally. It’s a coded reference to the location of a valuable object. Anna’s NFTs may be telling the accomplices where to find the digital loot, so they can grab it before the cops figure it out.

When industries submerge

This British Youtuber covers some of the same old tech areas that I cover, with the same general attitude. He doesn’t go as far back in time, but he goes much deeper than I do.

In this clip he tells about the mysterious re-emergence of tape cassettes in recent years. How did they get underway so fast when old became new again? The answer is surprising.


For the usual arbitrary reasons, prisons only allowed cassettes for many years. No 8-track, no CDs, no digital formats. And they only allowed clear cassettes in clear players, so the guards wouldn’t have to use Xrays to watch for contraband.

When cassettes lost popularity, the cassette makers realized they had a literal captive audience, so they served it. When retro became fashionable again, the assembly lines were still running, so there was no need to set up new facilities.

= = = = =

‘Second life’ stories are always fascinating. Several good cars were kicked out of US by planned obsolescence, then lived a long second life in Russia or Argentina or Brazil. Coherers were replaced by crystal detectors in 1910, but returned for an encore in computer memories.

We need a Nuremberg.

I was stupidly hoping that TSA would actually keep their promise this time. Back in August they extended the ballgags until March 18, 2022. In January they reconfirmed March 18. As the deadline approached, I prayed and hoped that they wouldn’t push it out again.

Hope is poison in Hell. NAZI TORTURERS never keep a promise. Psychopaths never keep a promise.

Today, just 8 days before the deadline, they extended it to April 18.

We need a SUPER NUREMBERG. ALL federal employees, MOST governors, ALL mayors, ALL public health employees, and all MDs (except the three or four who openly told the truth) need to be tortured and executed. NOW.

= = = = =

Addendum: According to various comments, the Stewardess Union is responsible for keeping the ballgags in all TSA-controlled torture chambers. The Teachers Union was responsible for keeping schools closed when even CDC was trying to open schools. So I’ll place union leaders at the head of the execution list. It’s hard to be MORE NAZI than Federal officials, but union leaders are up to the job.

Still more Zenith musings

The Zenith memory pulled me back into those first few months after release from prison.

I was appreciating freedom, but I was starting out on the wrong track AGAIN.

What was the wrong track? COLLEGE, and especially college courses in physics and math. College drove me crazy, drove me into hopeless depression which led inevitably to jail.

What was the right track? Printing and typesetting, which would have led to editing. Or any career using language skills, not math skills.

I can forgive the wrong choice immediately after high school, because there was NO information or guidance available in the correct direction. Culture and parents and friends and mentors were all pushing toward a degree in physics. The wrong choice after prison was not forgivable. At that point I knew what had happened, and should have tried a different path.

Those first few months of Zenith-flavored freedom were spent in an apartment in Stillwater, attempting to resume a physics degree from OSU. I hated it AGAIN, couldn’t grasp the theories or the PURPOSES of physics. I dropped out after a couple months and returned home in disgrace and depression AGAIN. After a month of moping around, my father got pissed and ordered me to go out and get a job, any old job.


I got a job as delivery boy at Cromwells in Enid, and soon learned typesetting and then offset printing. None of these subjects had been covered in college, but I had a real talent for spelling and grammar and fonts.

The old pressure was still there, from parents and friends and culture and mentors. Get back in school! So I did AGAIN, and quit Cromwells in the middle of mastering THE PROPER CAREER.

= = = = =

Here’s a reprint that appeared by chance in the blogstats today. A random reader was looking at this item for an unknown reason, probably geographical.

From 2009:

= = = = = START REPRINT:

Every day in science-oriented news we hear of a new study showing that some tendency, from honesty to obesity to (of course) breast cancer is partly determined by heredity. These studies are not needed. Pure waste. We ALREADY KNOW DAMN WELL that every human tendency, taste and talent is roughly half innate and half learned.

Studying each tendency on its own is like carefully examining every dog in the world and saying “This one appears to have four legs. And this one appears to have four legs. And this spotted one seems to have four legs. Surprisingly, this small one with big eyes also appears to have four legs. Amazingly, this big brown one seems to have four legs. Wowie zowie! I think this scruffy one has four legs as well! Will wonders never cease?”

The only thing these “studies” prove is that scientists are still hopelessly ensnared and stupefied by Leninist egalitarianism.

Finally we have one study with a truly new, surprising and crucially useful finding about heredity.

In short:

Intelligence depends MORE on genes and LESS on training as you get older.

From the brief article in New Supersitionist:

Previous studies have shown that variations in intelligence are at least partly due to genetics. To find out whether this genetic contribution varies with age, Plomin’s team pooled data from six separate studies carried out in the US, the UK, Australia and the Netherlands, involving a total of 11,000 pairs of twins.

In these studies, the researchers tested twins on reasoning, logic and arithmetic to measure a quantity called general cognitive ability, or “g”. Each study also included both identical twins, who have the same genes, and fraternal twins, who share about half their genes, making it possible to disentangle the contributions of genes and environment to their g scores.

Plomin’s team calculated that in childhood, genes account for about 41 per cent of the variation in intelligence. In adolescence, this rose to 55 per cent; by young adulthood, it was 66 per cent.

This is certainly counter-intuitive. On Nature vs Nurture I’m hard-line Nature, but I also know a thing or two about neurons. Thus I’d always assumed that differing experiences shape your ability to learn in different ways. Use more language neurons, grow more language pathways. Use more number neurons, grow more number pathways. If identical twin Bob is doing more mental work than Bill, Bob should grow more pathways overall, and Bob’s intelligence should increase more than Bill’s, even though they started with the same brain.

Apparently the surprising result is still unexplained. Since the study pools information from several countries, you can’t implicate one cultural milieu or one educational system.

And then the researchers claw their way out of egalitarianism for a moment to reach some valid conclusions for education:

Plomin suggests that genetic differences may be more accentuated if all children share an identical curriculum instead of it being tailored to a child’s natural abilities. “My inclination would be to give everyone a good education, but put more effort into the lower end,” he says.

Yes! Yes! Tailor to natural abilities! Yes! Can we spell apprentice?

This finding also settles the “puzzling” question of why black students seem to do well enough until 4th grade, then fall farther behind in higher grades.

If we were really serious about serving our black population (and half of the Caucasians) we’d quit trying to educate everyone to compete with the Chinese, because THAT WILL NOT WORK. IT IS PHYSICALLY AND GENETICALLY IMPOSSIBLE. Abstract intelligence has NEVER been America’s strong point, as Polistra has discussed in detail.

Until we return to our previous accurate reckoning of our comparative strengths and weaknesses, we will continue to get weaker and weaker.

If we want to regain our power, we should put all of our resources into rebuilding American heavy industry and cut all ties with China and India. Call it the Second War of Independence. Yes, it would cost a lot to buy out China’s bonds, but we’re currently throwing trillions down the drain to stay enslaved to China!
= = = = = END REPRINT.

Including India with China was probably inaccurate, but the rest still holds water.

Musing leads to reprint

Thinking again about the 1969 jail experience in previous item leads to this especially apropos reprint from 2019, before the “virus” holocaust.

= = = = = START REPRINT:

Listening to Tom Gresham’s gun talk show. Guns are definitely Not My Department, but Gresham is one of the few sources of plain common sense and sanity in modern radio. His attitude is strict non-interventionist. Be ready to defend your life and family WHEN ATTACKED, but MIND YOUR OWN FUCKING BUSINESS. Don’t get involved in a dispute that isn’t yours, avoid situations where you’re likely to need a gun. Let the cops do what they’re paid to do.

Today he’s talking about some folks who have decided to start carrying rifles openly, as a way of “expressing” their “rights”. Gresham suspects they’re Agents Provocateurs, and he’s undoubtedly correct.

= = = = =

This year is the 50th anniversary, so I’m always going back to my 1969 experience for reference.

I learned two things IMMEDIATELY on March 21, 1969.

1. Government runs by fakery and stings. An open drug seller, or an openly available drug buyer, is working for the government. Both are APs, designed to lure unsuspecting hippie dummies into buying or selling so the government can nab you.

2. Government works for the rich. My rich housemate had a significant stash, but the cops knew who he was and knew what was his. They searched only my materials and found one seed.

The rest of the jail experience repeated and reinforced those two learnings.

= = = = =

Later on, especially after 9/11 when I allowed TV to ruin my mind, I forgot both of those learnings and went along with partisan idiocy. Government was OK when it was Repooflican, not OK when it was Democrat. The ruination disappeared when I unplugged the TV in 2011, and the old valid learnings returned to the foreground.

= = = = =

The sum of those two learnings, in three words:


If a “movement” is inviting you to “express” your “rights”, the movement is a trap. The best way to express a radically realistic understanding of the world is to remain quiet and inconspicuous, and to do your duty according to your talents and tendencies and opportunities.

Know the truth, make more life and value and beauty.

= = = = = END REPRINT.


I haven’t made any new graphics in MANY months. I used up my graphics gumption during 2020, in a frantic outpouring of science as entertainment to counterbalance the Nazi torturers misusing “science” as a god of genocide.

During most of 2021 I was just weary, bombarded with especially awful weather along with the torture. 2022 is definitely back to normal on the weather front, and it looks like the Nazis will grant us a brief reprieve starting in late March, before the next horrible fake imaginary fictional “threat” requires even more deadly and vicious and grotesque torture and murder to “protect” us from living, and to provide glorious sexual joy for the demons.

= = = = =

I’ve been doing some C++ programming this month, updating my first and best courseware project to add more features and run on newer Windows. After reaching a point of satisfying semi-completion, I got hungry for graphics again, so decided to run up a couple of personally resonant items. I’ve been wanting to make these Zeniths for a long time.

The first is a Zenith ‘shutter’ or ‘clamshell’ radio. I owned one of these in ’68, and threw it away when I went to jail in ’69. The ‘shutter’ chassis was built in several forms and fitted into all sorts of cabinets. It was THE best radio in the late ’30s. Only the super-custom jobs by Scott were supposedly better; but I’ve never seen or heard a Scott so can’t judge.

Zenith specialized in fancy mechanisms, and the shutter chassis reached an absolute zenith of wonderful gadgetry. The band switch used a series of cams to push the ‘shutters’ aside. The other controls had dials visible through arc-shaped slots instead of plain old labels on the front of the set. Tuning was clock-style with a fast-moving second hand on a 0-60 scale and a slow-moving minute hand on the actual frequencies. The tuning knob had a big flywheel so you could throw it across the dial with one good spin. And of course the Magic Eye tube showed you when you were tuned in.

The Magic Eye presaged TV in some ways. Fancy dials with Magic Eyes gave you something to look at as you imagined the visual part of the show. TV ruined its initial promise by destroying your visual imagination.

= = = = =

The second Zenith is the TransOceanic. Zenith carried this brand through four decades from 1941 to 1981, morphing from tube to discrete transistor. It was built in Chicago until 1979, one of the last consumer electronic products built here and very likely the last with discrete transistors and real wiring. The final version from ’79 to ’81 succumbed to ICs and digitalism and offshoring.

Wikipedia says the TransOceanic was inspired by Zenith’s CEO, a navigator and outdoorsman who wanted a portable. So the TransOceanic was not designed for room-filling volume or mechanical gimmicks; it was a rugged portable SW receiver for camp or boat, enclosed in a suitcase for weather protection. It had a choice of battery or AC power, switched by a toggle switch on the back.

The version I’ve made is the most familiar of the postwar types, the G500. This radio served me and helped me just after I got out of jail, so these two Zeniths form a sort of symmetrical pair.

I installed A and B batteries (which could still be bought at hardware stores) but never used the battery mode. Oklahoma didn’t have power outages. I also didn’t take advantage of the gimmicky separable WaveMagnet antenna, which could be removed and mounted on a window with suction cups. Oklahoma had excellent SW reception, so I just left the WaveMagnet on the lid.

I treasured the TransOceanic as a reassuring companion in those first few months as I was resuming life ‘on the bricks’. Open doors, bicycling, cooking my own food, not being raped.

In 1970 US media was in one of its crazy spells. Not nearly up to 2020 standards, but plenty bad enough. The ogre of Nixon and the “threat” of Antiwar Terrorists were filling the air in the same way as the ogre of Trump and the “threat” of Antivax Terrorists now. Several Euro SW broadcasters were neutral and objective on Vietnam. BBC and Lisbon and Nederland served as unwavering beacons while US Deepstate and media thrashed around in a partisan frenzy.

I’m not sure what happened to my TransOceanic after those first few months. In the next location I can remember, I was listening to a big Philco console, then dropped down to an uninteresting but competent Radio Shack transistor receiver in the ’80s. In 1990 I moved to Spokane, a dead spot for SW propagation, and then SW broadcasting itself died.

= = = = =

Since I’m in Zenith mode, might as well turn out a couple other iconic Zeniths.

This AM-FM table model was the most popular Zenith in the late ’50s. For some reason it was more often seen in stores and workshops than in homes.

= = = = =

And finally, this ‘owl-eyes’ clock radio just struck me as fun. Zenith got into the ’50s plastic styles with a vengeance.

= = = = =

For Poser users, the four radios plus Orby are now at ShareCG.