Latest Kirn quibble

Kirn’s latest pithy point:

We need a few experts on the history of experts. Such a figure could estimate their average accuracy. My guess is that it hovers between 1 and 2 per cent. If it were any higher, we would not have needed new ones every few years.

This is a beautiful observation about the current meaning of ‘Expert’, but the historical aspect is conflated.

Everyone who has performed a job or task for a long time is an expert in the job or task. Real expertise is a collection of motion and sense sequences in the cerebellum. If we haven’t been ruined by mind-smashing media, we can judge facts and actions in our area of expertise ACCURATELY. We can compare the described skill with our skill and record the deltas. When we hear an official or media ‘Expert’ speaking in our area, we can instantly tell that the official ‘Expert’ is perfectly wrong. This is an absolute universal since 1946.

The same goes for risk assessment. We can judge the risks of actions and things within our area ACCURATELY unless we’ve been ruined by media.

The monsters currently described as ‘Experts’ (especially ‘Scientists’) are not experts at all. They are not describing the part of reality they know best. They believe what their paycheck believes and say what their paycheck says. Attempting to relate their verbal poison to reality is a category error. Their verbal output serves as reinforcement for utterly insane and murderous commands given by the demonic rulers.

Reality is totally disjunct from the output of demons. Attempting to compare a MURDEROUS COMMAND with a STATEMENT OF FACT is impossible and meaningless.

= = = = =

The history of official expertise is more complicated. In some times and places the only audible authority was a hard-wired loudspeaker for demonic commands. In earlier centuries these loudspeakers were called priests. Starting in 1700 the murdersquawkers were called Philosophers and Economists. Starting in 1789, some regimes called the loudspeakers ‘Scientists’. Since 1946 we have been in such a regime.

This situation is fairly new. As I’ve noted too often, before 1946 our government-paid scientists were generally real experts, describing reality in a careful and humble and non-authoritarian way.


A great image from Kirn:

Every day little dams are being placed in the rushing current of the English language. The builders think they will hold. They believe new technologies will help their project succeed.

Shakespeare laughs.

More to the point, pimps and hoes laugh. New language comes from the peasants, not from the writers. And the new language is being CARRIED AND SPREAD by the supposedly leakproof canals and pipes of social media. The dams and turbines can’t compete with the infinitely powerful semantic generators of human conversation.

Even morer to the point, censors control CASTE, not CONTENT. Deepstate destroys Incorrect Persons, not Incorrect Language. This was true of the insane kings and popes in the 1500s, and still true of the insane kings and popes** in 2020.

** I wasn’t trying to be literal, just throwing around my sloppy medieval metaphor as usual… but this particular word is literally true. There were two popes in the 1500s, and there are two popes now.

Quasi-correction: Depending on who you ask, until last week there were THREE popes.

Big Birn Bibble

Kirn is seriously wrong on this one, and commenters called him down.

When my son was very little he asked me: “Why do so many people live in little houses when there are mansions?”

“It’s not their choice,” I said.

“Then whose choice is it?” he asked me.

I am still trying to come up with an answer for him.

= = = = =

Many people choose apts or small houses when they could afford larger places, not necessarily mansions. Many people who live in mansions allowed status-seeking wives to make the choice for them, and would be happier and richer in a more humble place with lower payments and lower maintenance.

Oddly, I had a dream on the exact subject last night before reading Kirn. In the dream I bought a giant beautiful Wrightian split-level with a magnificent view of a lake from the upper balcony. As I started moving in, I said:  Wait! I’m old now. I don’t climb stairs easily. How am I going to manage here? I should have stayed in my little one-story house.

Granted, these choices are irrelevant in the current economic situation. All prices are mansion prices. There’s no linear relationship. Either you can afford a mansion or you’re on the street. This peculiar situation will probably resolve itself now that the central banks have stopped feeding the speculative frenzy, but it will take time to settle.

Much better!

Here’s a much more valid and informative comment by another of Kirn’s discussers.

Polarization is bad now but it was worse in the early 70s. At that time there was a full-on violent left wing insurgency underway. Thousands of bombings by people who believed they were the vanguards of a communist revolution. Then it ended & down the memory hole it went.

I hadn’t thought about the sudden end before!

I was a small part of that insurgency, and I understood at the time that we were working for DNC and against Nixon. The antiwar movement was growing spontaneously during LBJ, but it didn’t have media and political fuel until Nixon was elected. The movement closed down when Nixon was gone, exactly as the 2020 riots closed down when Trump was gone.

RTFM, idiot.

In Kirn’s continuing discussion of misdefinition, one commenter says:

Half-seriously just waiting at this point for the Regime to redefine election victory:
“Ballot totals are only part of the story. To truly understand who won an election, we need to take a holistic look at a number of variables…”

That’s not a wild ironic redefinition, that’s PRECISELY EXACTLY LITERALLY VERBATIM PRIMA FACIE what the 1787 Constitution says. The Electoral College is a controllable ‘holistic’ simulation, with ZERO input from actual votes. It’s ENTIRELY manipulated by the power structure. The states MAY CHOOSE to let actual votes be ONE of the influences, but they are NOT REQUIRED to solicit or count or use actual votes.


Not new

Kirn is musing on the arbitrary definitions of recession and inflation.

The whole late 20th Century notion that your immediate experience is less reliable than information broadcast on electronic screens needs to be reconsidered. It was a case of mistaking science fiction for fact and stemmed from a kind of daft optimistic boom-times delirium.

Well, the hatred of experience is considerably older than TV, but comparatively recent on the broad scale of history.

Looking up the history:

Turning against experience seems to have been part of the 1700s Endarkenment, along with the monstrous anti-experience lies about “equality”. The Endarkenment deified Rationality and Science, which are brand names for arbitrary counter-experiential insanity.

Experience is the BEST teacher is an extremely common and extremely correct proverb. It was first written by Caesar and Tacitus, and found often in English writing since 1500.

Franklin, representing the Endarkenment, reversed it: Experience is a dear teacher, but fools will learn at no other. Sir Walter Scott, a bit later, also reversed it: Experience is the name everyone gives to their mistakes.

On the specific subject of government economic fakery, we have the predictable dividing line. 1776 started it with the Self-Evident Lethal Nonsense. Lincoln used economic lies to kill 1/5 of the country. FDR gave us a break, telling the plain truth about everything and using the plain truth to solve problems. 1946 brought the liars back in full strength.

Frank Edwards, still running on FDR vapors, showed us the starting point of the current set of lies. In the one surviving newscast from 1954, he leads with a story about unemployment and economics.

“Last night the Secretary of Commerce had to admit that in his own words we are in a recession.” Edwards then reviews the fakery of unemployment statistics, “But of course you knew that”, and then details the plight of farmers, caught between forced low prices for produce and forced high prices for fertilizer and other supplies.

Sounds fucking familiar.


Kirn is active tonight!

No man is an island, but perhaps ten thousand people can be an island, and society can be a chain or network of connected yet still largely self-sufficient islands. This ever- enlarging, ever-consolidating pyramidal model is showing its age.

= = = = = START REPRINT:

Hawala or scrip is the economic implementation of a principle that’s painfully familiar and even trivial in other areas.

Decentralizing works ONLY when the modules or units share a common ground.

A trust network holds up ONLY when the units are built with a shared purpose. Ideally each unit should be physically incapable of harming the network.

When you can count on the units to follow the same rule in the same situation, you don’t need a heavy controller sending commands to the units, and you don’t need a lot of communication between the units.

When the modules have different grounds or different limits or different operating systems, you need a strong central controller, and even then the overall system will be inefficient. Most energy will be chewed up in the contradictory and redundant operations of the bureaucratic control system.

= = = = =

In electronics the common ground is literal, and the modules may also need to agree on limits of output voltage and input impedance, or may need to be sync’d to a common phase. It’s easy to design modules that are physically incapable of violating the limits.

In law and morality, the common ground is a shared immersion in the same system of commandments and taboos. Natural Law works best because Natural Law was scientifically settled by 50k years of experimentation. Other systems and charters and constitutions are generally designed to violate Natural Law, so they don’t hold up. (Our insane constitution held up for only 16 years, 1787 to 1803, then it was replaced by an even crazier system.)

Chaotizers understand this principle better than anyone. After you eliminate the common operating system, the common understanding of reality, the units will DEMAND a strong controller.

With hawala or scrip, the separate bankers share a common PURPOSE of helping the ethnic group or township. A banker isn’t quite physically incapable of breaking trust, but he knows that the group or township will physically break his legs if he goes wrong, so he remains trustworthy.

Hawala has both sticks and carrots. The banker earns a small fee on each transaction. The American scrip system didn’t last long enough to grow carrots, but a fee structure would undoubtedly evolve given more time and experience.

= = = = = END REPRINT.

The scrip system did grow carrots, which I didn’t see in 2017 because I wasn’t looking at a wide enough variety of scrip.

No quibbles on this one….

Question by Kirn, and excellent answers by the responders.

After a point, the main thing money can buy — that I can see — is more money. Yet few seem to stop at this point, or even slow down. So maybe there’s something to be had in life I don’t know about. Power? Is power really all that exciting? It’s not a mystery I expect to solve.

The responders came back immediately with several versions of: Making something new is more exciting than money or power.

Of course this is a discussion among LIVING THINGS. For living things, especially humans, creating value and beauty is more important than destroying and ruining and killing. Living things can’t understand the needs of demons.

Among demons the zones of understanding are reversed. Demons only want to ruin and kill. Demons create ugliness and horror and chaos. Value and beauty are just filthy byproducts that must be disinfected along with the living things that excrete value and beauty.

= = = = = START REPRINT from a few months ago:

Dan Olson asks:

Why is the art of NFTs just so dang ugly? Because they don’t care.

No. People who don’t know much about art would simply copy what the books say is good art. NFTs would be poor copies of Leonardo or Rembrandt or cathedrals. In other words, kitsch.

NFTs aren’t kitsch. NFTs are intentionally horrible. Some of them are 6-pixel approximations of bad drawings. It’s a classic and VERY OLD Sucker Filter.

The hollowness isn’t in the artist, it’s in the buyer. People who want to spend billions for “art” are not looking for art at all. They’re only looking for prestige and status and brands.

This particular Filter was invented 100 years ago by the Dadaists and Abstracters. Picasso and Pollock knew how to paint, and produced some beautiful work before they figured out the Filter. They started producing horrible anti-art to guarantee that only the richest fools would buy their shit.

NFT follows the same idea as Pollock. If you want to insure that your buyers are idiots who will spend megabucks for PRESTIGE, you don’t want to dilute the idiot class by offering beauty. You want to restrict the market to money-mad prestige seekers with no morals or esthetic sense.

= = = = =

Later thought: Money-greed on its own is not the same as demonic evil. It seems to be a simple addiction, one expression of the insatiable gene. Hetty Green, mother of Ned Green, was the purest well-known case of money-greed. She was born wealthy and could have enjoyed life without working. Instead, she devoted every minute of every day to expanding the fortune exponentially, sleeping in her NYC office, wearing old clothes, eating in cheap diners.

Convergence is a big word

Kirn’s love for the Beats is misplaced, but his mention of the science-based conformity of the 50s is a solid and strong point.

Conformity in a tech context means losing old information and old devices that were valid and functional.

The scientific consensus of the ’50s was good on “climate” and excellent on viruses and immunity. They had everything right in those areas. No lost info, no fake data.

The consensus in other areas was horrible. Previous generations understood human nature and economics and nutrition accurately. Deepstate tossed out all knowledge in those fields.

The supposedly positive utopias of the ’50s were based on the vicious Enlightenment lie that all humans are identical passive grains of sand, with no internal purposes or differences. Utopian food was a single pill each day.

= = = = =

In mechanical and electronic tech, many earlier developments were standardized out of existence in the ’50s. Cars reached a point of maximum conformity in 1956. Many devices and sizes of car and types of engine had been available in the ’30s. Theft-proof ignitions, adaptive suspensions, and power brakes were common in 1935 and nonexistent in 1950.

= = = = =

Here’s a 1935 development in electronics that radically surprised me yesterday. A new upload at American Radio Library is a trade journal for radio repairmen. It mentions:

The photoelectric cell, that marvel of modern science which makes it possible to broadcast and receive television programs and which causes doors to open and close without the aid of human hands, may soon be making the lives of thousands of paralytics happier. Experiments carried out in New York City’s Reconstruction Hospital have demonstrated the remarkable usefulness of the electric eye. The first tests of an apparatus devised by an electrical engineer in connection with crippled patients were made in the room of a I4-year-old boy paralyzed from the neck down. The head of the boy’s bed was fitted with a photoelectric cell and several beams of light were so focused that, when the boy moves his head from side to side, the light beams were interrupted and the electric eye was actuated to perform such minor miracles as turning on a radio, or shutting it off, turning the pages of a book placed on a rack before the patient, and ringing a bell to summon a nurse.

In 1983 I built a nearly identical device for a patient in an identical situation. A photocell on each side sensed when her head turned toward the pillow, and a row-column selector program in a Radio Shack Color Computer printed out a text or issued commands.

This was considered advanced cutting-edge AAC technology in 1983. I had no idea that it had been made and forgotten 50 years earlier!

More Zirn Zibbles

Kirn is praising the Beats again:

All the worst bland utopian conformist “scientific” aspects of 1950s culture which the Beat writers eloquently reviled and Hollywood and popular music then spent decades satirizing are present again today at stultifying levels.

But where are the peers of those writers? Absent.

More than a quibble again. The premise is just flat wrong. The Beats were trivial, not serious non-conformists. They were Deepstate agents. In the ’50s there were some serious nonconformists and serious critics of science-based conformity. They lived in odd places like Enid. and they worked in odd places like computer centers.

Where are the nonconformist writers now? Same places. Nonconformist artists are everywhere now, eg Anime and videogaming.

The basic rule is the same in all eras:

A “resistance” movement that is recognized by media and adopted by culture was designed by Deepstate. Real nonconformist creativity happens in unexpected places and unlikely situations, without a movement.

It’s just a tautology. Nonconformists are not part of a movement BY DEFINITION. Members of a movement are conformists BY DEFINITION.

More Xirn Xibbles

Kirn is making a strong point here, but I can still find a way to quibble!

Note to my bumptious unorthodox younger friends: Lots of tricky “honey pots” on this site right now meant to draw you by degrees into anti-whomever grunting neo-primitivism so you can go on a big list to be used against you later, quite possibly. Stay at the other end of the bar!

Other end of the bar is PRECISE and POWERFUL, but the proper word is honeytrap, not honeypot.

I dealt with this semantic fussiness in 2019.

= = = = = START REPRINT:

Honeypot for honeytrap.

Example 1:

Mike Flynn’s Alleged Honeypot Slams Russiagate ‘Spy’ Stefan Halper And Journos Who Covered For Him

Example 2:

Whatever the truths of the matter, it certainly looks like the intelligence community was all over the Trump campaign like flies on shit, and if the Papadopoulos interview and book are correct, not merely doing “counter-intelligence,” but setting up honeypots, coat-trailing, installing moles, etc.

Clarifying the difference:

This is a honeypot.

This is a honeytrap.

= = = = = END REPRINT.

Honeytraps aren’t always sexy, but they are always attractive or impressive or charismatic in some way.

The original and literal honeytrap is a snapdragon. The term was extended metaphorically to human ‘honeys’ who call you ‘honey’ and then bop you upside the head to knock you down into the sticky stuff.

When you start smelling the sticky stuff, get the fuck out. Don’t be there.

No quibbles this time

A nice long interview with Kirn. Highly needed compensation after this morning’s demon strike.

Kirn stands back from all branches of nonsense, tribal and partisan and generational, and sees the BIG picture.

The best part of the interview starts around 11 minutes, when he takes his father’s experience as a patent attorney dealing with inventors, and generalizes to all forms of creativity.

= = = = =

An earlier interview by the same moderator is absolutely the BEST conversation I’ve ever heard. Angela Nagle is the most perfect realist in the world. Pure Machiavelli with no unnecessary entities.

More Cirn Cibbles

Latest from Kirn:

They’re really mainstreaming prison culture now. Everyone has to pick a gang, time outside is a privilege granted by the warden, hard drugs are available but cigs are rare, and the guards stand around and do absolutely nothing while the prisoners get violent.

Mostly wrong. An excellent author like Kirn should avoid speaking without experience.

2020 is WORSE than prison.

Taking the points individually:

Pick a gang: Not a variable.

This is pretty much how life works everywhere all the time. In a civilized culture you can avoid picking, but our civilization dissolved a long time ago. Not peculiar to 2020.

Time outside is a privilege: Diametrically wrong.

In prison exercise and food and medical care are solidly guaranteed.  Prisons CANNOT deprive inmates of food or exercise or medical care for disobeying rules, and the administrators take this rule seriously. They won’t even let you starve yourself (hunger strike). I tried it in 1969 and failed.

In 2020 there is NO guarantee of exercise or medical care or food for non-prisoners. The Public “Health” Wardens give you a stark choice. Strangle or starve.

Drugs vs cigs: Partly true.

Again the outside situation is generally worse than the inside, at least in timeline form. Outside of prisons, public smoking was banned in 1990. Smoking in prisons and jails wasn’t banned until around 2010. When I was in, tobacco was encouraged for a very good reason. Tobacco keeps you sane and helps you tolerate bad conditions.

Guards stand around: False.

In real prisons the guards permit rapes and slight violence, but halt riots decisively. In 2020 riots are ORGANIZED AND LED by the Public “Health” Wardens and Mayors.

Back to Kirn Kibbles

Back to quibbling mode.

[I’m not proud of doing so many derivative ‘reactions’; this blog is meant to hold new animations and new thoughts. Shannon information, not mirrors. But I’m in a dull period now, and the reaction stuff keeps the routine going until the graphics juice returns.]

Latest Kirn provocative thought:

I remember the vogue for “astronaut food” when I was a kid. Tang. Something called “Space Food Sticks.” There was a fetish for the artificial, as though nature existed to be repudiated by chemical engineers. How odd that it’s coming back. I wonder why?

He cites the latest from Superdemon Gates, who is recommending 100% synthetic meat.

First, the trend really hasn’t reversed. Before 1970 it was harder to find whole-wheat bread and fresh vegies in regular grocery stores. Unless you grew your own, or lived in a big city with specialized bakers and butchers, you had to make do with extremely processed food.

Second, synthetic isn’t the goal of the Davos/Schwab/Soros/Gates crowd. They have made it grotesquely clear that peasants should be eating insects, not fake meat.  Torture is their purpose.   Room 101 is their precise exact verbatim blueprint.  Clamp muzzles around our faces and force-feed ants and beetles and scorpions.  Jack off while we scream and die.

The apparent trend toward synthetic meat is just an outgrowth of 14 years of free “money” from central banks. All sorts of nonsensical fake companies were spinning up, NOT intended to make real products or change diets. They were solely meant to attract money from idiot venture capitalists, and then abscond with the money. Now that the central banks have stopped counterfeiting, these fake companies are collapsing FAST.

I’ve discussed the new fake meat from the experience of a long-time vegetarian. The new companies weren’t trying to compete with existing soy-meat makers. They were pretending to seek new customers from carnivores, knowing full well that it wouldn’t happen.


= = = = =

Sidenote: Highly processed food has been a problem for a long time, and overall the trend is in a positive direction.

No quibbles at all

Kirn hits the mark precisely this time.

One clever way to fight the power is to get onboard in a totally inert way with absolutely everything it does, to comply unenthusiastically with every last little dictate, forcing the system to carry your dead weight in full, along with everyone else’s.

This is the ONLY way to survive under demonic rulers. Chuck’s Law, aka Desistance.

Active resistance excites the demons into a killing frenzy. You’ll die for no purpose, and everyone else will suffer even more.