Reprint on two-way obligation

Continuing the theme with a reprint from just a few months ago.

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Via Evolution News, a POWERFUL idea from Neil Thomas.

Here I will make the attempt to drill down even further to the root causes of what appeared to be the Western world’s unprecedented rejection of tried-and-tested philosophers and scientists such as Aristotle, Cicero, Plato, and the physician Galen in a strange capitulation to “out there” philosophic fantasists like Epicurus and his Roman disciple, Lucretius.

It was the would-be rehabilitation of those ancient materialist thinkers by the Scottish philosopher David Hume, in the late 18th century, coupled with the later Victorian crisis of faith and the sudden irruption into this already volatile mix of Charles Darwin which was to result in the particularly strange irrationalism which has stubbornly persisted right up to the present day.

This abdication of normal canons of reason consisted in people forsaking traditional norms of philosophical common sense and (effectively) throwing in their lot with the ancient goddess of chance, Lady Fortuna (or Lady Luck as she was later to be called), that accursed personification of unreliability whom the ancient philosopher Boethius, Geoffrey Chaucer, and many others have arraigned since time out of mind for being incapable of any productive and dependable action on behalf of struggling humanity.

Thomas is onto something big. This change from order to chaos happened in politics when the orderly and genetically determined sequence of hereditary kings was replaced by the random dice-toss of revolutions and “elections”. Not coincidentally, the replacers (Robespierre, Tom Paine, etc) were psychopaths devoted to SMASHING order and life, and ENFORCING perfect chaos and death.

Around the same time, science abandoned the quest for order. The Arab and Persian astrologers, trailed by Kepler and Brahe and Chaucer, were observing the heavens to discern God’s will. After Kepler, astronomers stopped looking for order and contented themselves with sampling the dots.

Also around the same time, economics was taken over by BETTING MEN who developed statistics to profit from rolling dice and shuffling cards. Previous investment had been based on common sense and personal involvement. Two-way obligations between the investor and the farm or business, and two-way obligations between employer and worker. Sharia codified this arrangement best, but it was also strongly encouraged by Catholic and Jewish economic systems.

The stock market broke up the obligations, turning investment into a fungible and STATISTICAL process with no common sense or human connection. Share Value functions on multi-layer SIDE BETS, not personal judgment of competence.

When the psychopaths took over biology, they abandoned the two-way obligation loop of feedback. Natural selection is explicitly random, bringing in the astronomer’s pet randomizer of cosmic rays. Unpredictable particles change the genome, and unpredictable climate events decide which changed version will survive.

Finally in 1906 the psychopaths took over physics and math. Godel and Bohr declared that everything is perfectly unpredictable. We’re not allowed to trust our own senses and instruments; we must wait for a Credentialed And Approved Scientist to tell us whether the cat is there or not.

Darwinians assume God is a psychopath just like them. Change the rules, kill the defiant, change the rules again, kill the defiant again, loop forever. Never allow the victim to regain BALANCE or swing with a RHYTHM or form his own FEEDBACK LOOPS with your chaotic torture.

Actual nature has constant rules. The inherited mechanisms of negative feedback (life) interact with the predetermined patterns of inanimate nature (weather, geomagnetic fields, earthquakes) in an infinite pattern of two-way loops.

Two-way? Yes. Every life form alters the inanimate parts of nature. Bacteria dissolve rocks and build new rocks, and create and move clouds. Trees break up rocks and build soil, and change temperature and humidity patterns. Complex animals dig up minerals and food, plant more food, and build hives and houses and dams. Intelligent brains reshape the magnetic field.

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Too late


Do not normalize what we’re seeing here: the leaders of democratic countries casting striking workers and nonviolent protestors as terrorists and using state violence to break up a nonviolent labor strike in order to protect commerce.

Too late. It may not be normal but it’s a deep American tradition.

Lincoln created a new “normal” to enrich NYC, then treated everyone who retained the old normal as enemies to be slaughtered. He slaughtered 1/5 of the entire country to impose NYC Share Value as the sole purpose of government.

Wilson treated all disagreements as Russian Terrorism and imprisoned huge numbers of “Russian” “terrorists”.

Harding and FDR created a rare ATYPICAL situation where government listened to rebels and tried to solve the problems they were screaming about. FDR did solve the problems as far as he could.

Truman returned to the Lincoln/Wilson tradition. He responded to striking railroad and steel workers by NATIONALIZING the railroads and steel industry. All dissidents were defined as Russian subversives and fired or imprisoned.

Ike and JFK gave us a brief partial reprieve from 1959 to 1962, then LBJ resumed the norm. Since LBJ we haven’t had even a pause or break in the norm. It’s all “terrorism” all the time, with new “threats” and new puppet shows every few years, always reverting to Wilson’s “Russian” “threat” as the baseline.

This is how psychopaths work. Change the rules, demand obedience, change the rules again and punish the victim who is still obeying the old rules. Occasionally give a brief reprieve to make the torture sharper and more salient when it resumes. Loop until all the LOSERS are dead.

Constants and Variables 169

More from the trust-inducing 2/2/51 news report, which was ordinary mainstream CBS output at the time.

This story deserves respectful verbatim transcription. Note the literary level as well as the content……

= = = = =

With all the troubles that beset us, and perhaps more to come, this is an inevitable corollary. The AP reports a phenomenal upsurge of religion in the United States.

The AP is careful to say that while the survey does not show the nation is more devout, it does suggest that organized religion is commanding wider attention; and it cites evidence.

Seminaries are packed. Some of them for the first time are turning away applicants. Bible sales have nearly doubled in the last decade. Church building is at an all-time high. Colleges have expanded their religious curricula to meet student demand. Church attendance and contributions are at a peak.

For a 20th century materialist note, advertising men are backing a big nationwide religion promotion.

Here’s the way one minister explains the revived interest in things spiritual:

“People have discovered that the things they counted on the most are no longer dependable. The family structure is not what it was 20 years ago. The positive assurance of American invulnerability is gone. The value of money has fallen to pieces. To put it briefly, things are shaking, and people are looking for something unshakable.”

= = = = =

Constant: Similar situation now in MANY ways.

Variable: Exact opposite response to churches, because churches have decided to be the MOST SHAKABLE INSTITUTION of all. Instead of maintaining the CONSTANT and PERMANENT values of morality, churches have joined the vanguard of the chaos-generating Deepstate torture brigade. Instead of providing sanctuary and protection from the Faucian stormtroopers, churches locked down and gagged their customers more enthusiastically than any other ‘voluntary’ institution.

Peasants must be reminded

Via Spokane News, the demonic “city” dysgovernment sponsored and allowed a fireworks display for Chinese New Year. There was no warning or notice in advance, and many people were panicked.

Peasants are not allowed to shoot off fireworks on their own, which is a good and necessary rule, especially in summer. Fireworks flying into bushes or onto roofs have often started huge fires, including some forest fires.

Nazi demons are always allowed to do everything.

Peasants must be repeatedly reminded who’s in charge. July 4 is prohibited, Chinese New Year is sponsored.

We already know who’s in charge, but the “city” dysgovernment gets vast sexual pleasure from every STOMP STOMP STOMP STOMP STOMP STOMP STOMP.

Nazi torturers.

We need a Nuremberg.

No more donations

GoFundMe has seized the $10 million fund for the Canadian truckers and will repurpose the money to charities chosen by GoFundMe.

The flat statement isn’t exactly true; donors can request a refund, and GoFundMe has a well established refund system, which always goes into action when a fund fails for various reasons.

Even so, moving millions into the wrong place is grand larceny. When GoFundMe cancels a fund for a specific purpose which is NOT speculative or betting, refunds should be automatic; or the money should drop back into your account so YOU can choose to put it elsewhere.

Some funds are openly stated as speculative, such as making a movie which can’t happen unless the fund reaches a certain size. In those situations there’s no crime involved. You’re supposed to recognize the risk. This fund was not a speculation or a bet. It was all meant to go to the truckers, regardless of thresholds.

In 2020 I stopped supporting DonorsChoose after it officially endorsed riots.

I’ll never give through GoFundMe or any of those web-based donation systems again.

Some charities may be starting to realize the problem. Last week I got a papermail request from the Fraternal Order of Police, with NO mention of any websites. I gladly sent them a paper check, which didn’t go through any of the tech-world fake money systems.

Police are the ONLY PART OF GOVERNMENT that remained human through the entire holocaust. MANY police chiefs and sheriffs openly resisted and refused to enforce the holocaust, and regular officers knew when to look the other way. ALL OTHER PARTS of government gleefully turned into NAZI TORTURERS AND HOLOCAUSTAL VAMPIRE DEMONS.

= = = = =

Calibrating for clarity as usual: I figured out some time ago that protests are worse than useless. Government only “listens” to protests that were organized BY government to provide “public pressure” for what government is going to do anyway. Protests that genuinely disagree with government are ruthlessly squashed and usually cause even worse tyranny. So I didn’t support or aid this particular protest. Early in the holocaust I did support a GoFundMe for a Seattle cop who was fired for refusing to assist the holocaust. At that time GoFundMe hadn’t yet turned to crime, and the cop received the money.

The tired old Klaatu story

Via MindMatters, NASA is studying how to use “aliens” to replace religion with science. This replacement has been a constant theme of Deepstate-loving scifi writers. Alien Avenging Angels descend to Earth and cleanse it of redneck crackers and holy rollers, leaving only the Official Doctors And Scientists alive and in charge.

The only problem with this demonic Rapture myth** is that the people who claim to have actual conversations with aliens are always redneck crackers and holy rollers.

Maybe the aliens know more about religion and humanity than the scientists do.

In reality this is NOT about science vs religion, this is two competing religions. NASA belongs to the Robespierre tradition of all-consuming OCD Ubermenschen. The Ubermensch religion has been trying to obliterate the older god-based religions since 1789, but filthy little god-based redneck cracker hillbilly three-toothed bible-thumping LOSER religions just keep popping up like ants, requiring constant scrubbing and disinfecting.

In reality humans are built to resonate with a god-based universe. We can be forced by weapons and psyops to OBEY the omnicidal Emperor-Doctors like Marat and Fauci, but compliance is not belief.

= = = = =

**The newest version of the Rapture myth is more like the Revelations version. Instead of disinfecting the earth, the Ubermenschen fly to Mars and create a new CLEAN STERILE LOSER-FREE earth for themselves. They’ve already built their rockets.

When did I see the Viagra?

I figured out INSTANTLY** that this shit was about power, not health. The first mention of the holocaust in this blog was 2/20/20. After that I started to pin down and narrow down various aspects. At first I thought there was a real virus but not a real epidemic. Gradually I decided that the virus, if any, was just an accidental connection.

Right now I’m ‘agnostic’ in the literal sense that knowledge is impossible. It seems more likely that Deepstate’s main goal is to eliminate immunity and open the way for every disease and virus. This fits the Parkinson endless war model. Looking at it the other way, Deepstate is perfectly capable of generating panics and genocides with NO actual substance or reality at the base. See global warming or Skripal. Witch hunters have always worked this way. Engage the OCD Karens in a perpetual unachievable hunt for an invisible and undetectable particle which MUST BE EXTERMINATED, and watch the fun.

We’ll never know for sure which angle is true, because all “data” is secret forever, and all “tests” for the “virus” are known to be false.

From the exact start I knew that prison and ballgags and distancing were NOT medical ways of dealing with a virus. Imprisoning and killing and binding and gagging innocent people are WAR CRIMES, not medicine.

When did I first catch the psychopathic aspect? It was easily visible in May 2020, dealing with the chickenshit city “government”:

= = = = =

The basic fact about a psychopath is that he must IMPOSE HIS WILL at all times. Obedience is never enough. After you obey, he has to change the rules and make you obey again, then change the rules again and make you obey again.

I remembered my first cellmate in April 1969. Charlie was a small-scale psychopath, not qualified to be a governor or president, but he showed the same basic characteristic. He needed to WIN every single interaction, and then change the rules to WIN again, then change the rules to WIN again.

I had no hope of conquering him, but I figured out how to BORE him. I obeyed beyond his wishes each time, never protesting or complaining. Each time he got tired of imposing and punching and raping. He got bored. This happened every evening, so it was a bit wearisome and bruising for me, but the alternative was death. I preferred life.

Spokane’s city government has been trying to bore rot-brained Thrill Killer Inslee, but he’s a higher-quality psychopath than my cellie. He doesn’t stay bored.

There’s an added distinction. When I was trying to keep Charlie bored, I wasn’t hurting anyone else. I was taking the beatings and rapes without passing them on. When the city is trying to keep Inslee bored, they are PARTICIPATING in the genocide. They are passing along the beatings to 300k innocent people who did nothing to deserve prison. Worst of all, the actual criminals are getting LESS punishment than before because the chickenshit county wants to “protect them from a virus”, whatever the fuck that means. Every day things get crazier, more suicides, more despair, more starvation.

= = = = =

And later on the global level in August 2020:

= = = = =

The real scientists who spoke out against the holocaust have not been punished. Some media platforms choose not to carry the info, but it’s widely available, not censored. Ioannidis, the super-courageous hero who broke the dam, is still employed and still paid. Nobody else in US or UK has followed him through the breach. Many scientists and doctors in Europe have been speaking the truth from the start, and none of them are in jail or fired.

The lack of punishment focuses our attention sharply on the PERSONALITY of individual leaders, not on government systems or ideologies. I noted some common factors among the initial sane countries, but it’s mostly PERSONALITY.

From this viewpoint, it’s highly instructive that none of the holocausters have resigned. No mayors have said “I can’t do this. I can’t carry out the governor’s mass murder. Find somebody else.” Instead, all mayors in crazy states are ENJOYING the holocaust.

Watching the slaves crawl around, bound and gagged, barely able to function, trying to maintain a little bit of life while they wait for the next horrible STOMP. Absolute heaven for psychopaths.

The situation got worse after August. Nearly all leaders converged into aiding the holocaust, and then later a new group, led by DeSantis, started to break away from the holocaust. A few of the honest scientists were fired. But the overall pattern is the same.

= = = = =

**Footnote: I had a geographic advantage in seeing the fakery. Spokane received some of the first publicly announced “cases” of the “virus”, in our big hospitals and in the Veterans Administration nursing home. The VA is a half mile upwind from my house. If the “virus” was as bad as the monsters claimed, this whole neighborhood would have died. We didn’t muzzle and we didn’t die.

I didn’t understand the importance of the VA until November 2020 when Jeffrey Tucker told the horrible backstory of “bioterror adviser” Carter Mecher.

Greenwald gets it.

The push for yet another war against Russia has stirred up some serious writing. Taibbi, who normally writes with a light and parodic tone, gets serious here. Greenwald, who is always serious, gets even more serious here.

Taibbi still misses the main point, constantly focusing on ‘incompetence’ by the demons. They are NEVER incompetent. There’s no such thing as unintended consequences.

The sole purpose is chaos, pain, and HOLOCAUST. Sometimes the holocaust is in foreign countries. In 2020 it’s everywhere. Now we’re going to focus on Russia yet again, for the 1000000000000000000000th time, while we’re still killing everyone everywhere.

Greenwald gets it HARD AND FAST, in this one all-consuming sentence.

Neocons derive purpose, self-esteem and arousal from watching other people’s children fight and die in wars.

This is not about politics or incompetence. It’s about sex. Psychopaths get pleasure from inflicting chaos, constant rule changes, pain, harm, ruination, and mass HOLOCAUST on other humans.

Demons are not confused, they are confusers.

Wars and “pandemics” and other fake panics and “threats” are fake justifications for the sexual thrills of psychopaths.

That’s all. Nothing more, nothing less, nothing else. Viagra for demons.

It’s a better fit than you think

Skeptics are alarmed this morning about the latest censorship. A small university in England has placed a trigger warning on 1984.

Doing just what the book warned us against? Yes, but in a more subtle and deeper way.

Orwell emphasized the caste distinction between Inner Party and Outer Party and Proles. We have the same three castes now. Inner Party is Deepstate. Outer Party is the courtiers and low-level operatives. Proles are Deplorables.

Orwell was especially clear about the KNOWLEDGE AND BELIEFS of each caste.

Inner Party had correct information about the world, and correct information about the leader’s real intentions. Inner Party discussed the facts openly within their circles. You can’t destroy civilization EXPERTLY unless you have EXPERT knowledge.

They knew it was a hoax because they made the hoax.

Outer Party, the courtiers and Karens, DID NOT KNOW the truth. They wanted desperately to move up and join the Inner Party. They BELIEVED the hoax because their paychecks and desires induced belief.

Proles were not privy to Inner Knowledge, but they were ALSO not required to believe the shit. Proles have direct contact with the world and direct contact with other people. They can see that the world is NOT what the Party describes. Nobody cares if they believe, as long as they obey the letter of the law.

This particular little censorship fits the Orwell knowledge structure. Students at a small university are Outer Party. They can’t be allowed to see reality.

= = = = =

More generally, of course, trigger warnings are NOT censorship, and censorship is NOT Orwellian. Warnings and selectivity are natural and necessary. Libraries and bookstores and movie theaters have always found ways to label and warn about books that might offend one group or another. The warning is helpful if your religion or sanity or blood pressure requires you to avoid certain kinds of stressful inputs. The same warning can also make a book or movie MORE popular among people who want this type of stress.

Actions, not words

Listened again to Lindsay MacHarrie’s dramatization of the Cardiff Giant story.

In 1869 George Hull, a skeptic with plenty of money, was arguing with a pastor about the Giants mentioned in the Bible. Hull hired a sculptor to make a huge gypsum man, carefully aged it, and buried it on his brother-in-law’s farm. Hull got a rumor going, and pretty soon there was a “spontaneous” campaign to dig up and examine the petrified man.

Scientists and pastors divided. The scientists insisted it was an old stone idol used by primitives as a religious symbol. The pastors insisted it proved the part about Giants in the Bible.

Hull and his relative made $150k (about $4 million now) from charging admission.

The science experts said “Don’t trust religion!” The religious experts said “Don’t trust science!” They were both right.

Ultimately a local geologist chipped off a little piece of the giant, examined it closely, and realized it was made of ‘foreign’ gypsum, not ‘native’ Onondaga limestone. Hull finally spilled the beans.

Hull knew it was a hoax because he made the hoax.

We should always be asking questions about ACTIONS, not BELIEFS. Who made the entity, or who brought the entity to our attention and told us what to believe about it? Who designed the publicity around the entity?

We shouldn’t waste time arguing about the official belief or the official counter-belief. Both are wrong, because both sets of Experts know it’s a hoax. Instead we should just examine reality with our own senses and tools. Chip off a piece and look at it.

Carver as always: (aptronym in this case!)


Demonically clever

The D side of Deepstate wasn’t able to take down DeSantis, for unknown reasons. Perhaps it’s practical politics. Half of Florida is NYC retirees and escapees, who are clearly happy to be living under a SANE governor. The D side didn’t want to offend those NYC types.

So they assigned Trump to do the job. He’s shooting from the other flank, calling DeSantis “gutless” for being the ONLY FUCKING GUTSY POLITICIAN IN THE FUCKING COUNTRY. Trump’s partisan bots will now denounce sanity and call for return to full lockdown.

Ultimate betrayal is of course Trump’s specialty. He was Roy Cohn’s boy toy, trained by the supreme betrayer.

Behind the curtains this is consistent, not paradoxical. The “virus” holocaust was a Republican project from the start, launched by GW Bush in 2005, planned and scheduled by R operatives in the “bioterror” departments of hell, and triggered by Trump in March 2020.

Trump allowed DeSantis to break away for a while, again for unclear reasons. Now he’s reasserting control of the REPUBLICAN HOLOCAUST while the Dems quietly cheer him.

Meanwhile, as I predicted on New Years Day, the Bush dynasty is blasphemously resurrecting. Cheney mystically rolls back the stone and shows up in Congress, where all the Ds touch his zombie flesh and kiss his poison ring. Soon we’ll see GW himself returning to public view, the Real King taking back power after years of pretenders and regents.

I used to know this

Here’s a fact I recognized a long time ago and then forgot.

Antivaxxers are OCD.

The Public “Health” demons are also OCD.

This explains one peculiar twist in the current fake “debates”.

Antivax is a more natural and less contrived outcome of OCD. The provax position was imposed in 2020 by the ALL OR NOTHING digitalized positions of modern times.

OCD types hate ANY impurity, and especially hate it when the government forces you to touch or ingest impurities. In the ’50s, OCDs were agitated about both fluoridation and vaccines, as seen in this item from Aberree in ’57:

At that time, the publicly visible antis were mainly religious and “right-wing”, made famous by the general in Dr Strangelove.

In the ’60s the tendency switched sides, aided by environmentalism. Gaians are also OCD. Hippies joined the Christians on the anti-pollution bandwagon. Nixon picked it up and turned OCD into another government force. All productive activity must be shut down or shipped to China, because all productive activity pollutes in one way or another. Nixon was not OCD; he simply grabbed the wave and redirected it to enrich the rich and kill the poor.

= = = = =

After 1970, antivax and antifluoride were mainly hippie attitudes, and this was STILL true in 2020. Seattle and Portland were, and still are, centers of antivax agitation.

Now we have a peculiar situation. Deepstate has generated two “sides” as usual. Both of them are arguing about vax, which is NOT the most lethal aspect of the holocaust. Vax may be marginally helpful. Lockdowns and ballgags and distancing are the killers.

THE TWO “SIDES” ARE NOT ARGUING ABOUT BALLGAGS OR LOCKDOWNS. Both are perfectly okay with strangling and disemploying the poor. Both are OCD. The antivax side is led by RFK Jr, who is still a leader in the Gaian movement. He’s consistently OCD, consistently pro-banker, consistently anti-worker.

The provax side is inconsistent about vax, but ferociously holocaustally consistent about all the other murder weapons.

Antimaskers and antidistancers and antiluciters are the exact opposite of OCD, and they are only weakly represented in the “debates”. Nobody is even arguing about lucite.**

Polistra is watching the two “sides” agitate. She’s measuring their purity with her trusty GenRad OCD meter. Both sides register the same precise (of course) reading of 571.49315209 GigaKrauts. Both are fully “protected” against witchcraft.

= = = = =

**Footnote: Lucite really deserves more attention. Even the stupidest and least informed activist can’t POSSIBLY believe that a lucite barrier would slow down a microscopic pathogen. The lucite was OBVIOUSLY designed to protect store clerks and bus drivers from enraged HUMANS. Mecher’s gang knew that they were creating a TOTAL WAR AGAINST CIVILIZATION AND LIFE, so they needed to shield their frontline demonic conscripts from attacks by HUMANS. The lucite Maginot Line went up BEFORE the satanic war got underway.

Kirn hits a home run

Kirn has a way with words!

Even the fiercest of our debates now occupy about 1/100th of the spectrum thinkers and writers of earlier times have used while exploring major human questions. Through censorship and timidity, we’ve lost access to bandwidths we don’t even know exist now. Deafness is setting in.

This point has been made by many others. Never in such an evocative and stark way. Kirn is not an engineer or a neuroscientist, but he uses both of those disciplines accurately.

I’ve discussed those abandoned bandwidths in a more literal way. In the ’30s and ’40s, shortwave allowed ordinary people to hear what other countries were doing. Our media and government ENCOURAGED us to listen to Moscow and Berlin, because our government was CONFIDENT that we wouldn’t be swayed. Why was the government CONFIDENT? Because FDR had been SOLVING PROBLEMS for the people. When you SOLVE PROBLEMS instead of UNSOLVING PROBLEMS, you can be sure the people will support you.

The key point, of course, is that our “debates” are not natural. They are carefully staged and scripted by Deepstate, constantly creating ever smaller and more trivial “arguments”. Our energy is monopolized by these irrelevant or counterrelevant quibbles so we don’t discuss the important questions.

In every possible way, Deepstate is sucking up the available energy and material and bandwidth, leaving nothing for humans.

In the material realm, offshoring removes our industries and our skills. We no longer know how to do anything.

With literal energy, bitcoin miners and Gaian limits turn off electricity for normal uses. In discussion, the Fox vs CNN stageplay keeps our attention on soap operas between political personalities.

Anti-vax protests are counterrelevant. Vax is normal public health, and a few shots are essentially harmless, possibly helpful to some extent. Closing down commerce and schools is LETHAL. Muzzling everyone all the time is LETHAL.

Staging all the dialog and protests about vax prevents us from discussing the BIG BIG BIG BIG QUESTION: NONE OF THIS SHIT WAS NECESSARY, AND ALL OF THIS SHIT IS GENOCIDAL AND HOLOCAUSTAL.

The worst part of this particular filter is that it creates guilt and doubt among people who see the BIG BIG BIG BIG QUESTION. If I argue against the ENTIRE HOLOCAUST, I’m also forced to argue against vax, which is the only non-lethal part of the holocaust. As always, this twist is intentional.

Nuance is impossible in a digital world. Everything is all OFF or all ON. If you take the officially provided OFF position, you are arguing against your own interests and knowledge in some ways. Analog positions (Ballgags are bad, distancing is bad, vax is probably harmless) are UNTHINK.

Deepstate ALWAYS plays this game. FBI moves into groups that are trying to assert analog reality, and adds on a pile of crazy or inverted “facts”, which then become an automatic digitalized part of the perceived view of the realists. All or nothing.

Continued in next item.

Ambiguous, unambiguous

Holmes was found guilty on four of the 11 available fraud charges.

From what Carreyrou has been writing this seems appropriate. The story is a tragedy by the classic literary definition, a potentially decent ruler brought down by one character flaw.

Holmes wasn’t a professional criminal and didn’t go into the project with a purely criminal intention. After discovering her unique honeytrap superpowers she got intoxicated with glory and wealth, and couldn’t stop while she was ahead.

The project ACTUALLY CREATED a real and useful machine. But this wasn’t ambitious or unique enough, and didn’t generate enough Share Value. So she kept pushing the boundaries, pursuing exponential rises and impossible infinities.

So I’m ambiguous about Holmes, but totally unambiguous about the conditions of the trial. The judge and jurors were BOUND AND GAGGED BY THE MOST MONSTROUS AND HOLOCAUSTAL AND GENOCIDAL MEDICAL CRIME IN ALL OF HISTORY, while they were judging this medical quasi-crime.

It’s like a jury of concentration camp inmates convicting one inmate of stealing a coin. They are forced to participate in this grotesque travesty, but the “laws” and “judgments” made under these circumstances are egregiously invalid.

A 2022 prediction.

Here’s a prediction. As more info about the massive crimes of the last few decades gradually filters out, we will see that the Bush family is the source and heart of the demonic evil.

Other monsters like Soros and Bezos and Gates and Clinton and Trump are major subdemons, but the Bushes give the commands and set the tone.

When did this reign of terror start? 1981 when the Bush family assassinated Reagan. As with the earlier Deepstate assassination of FDR, the plan failed, but the failures went in different directions.

FDR was untouched because a brave civilian and an ordinary cop knocked down the gunman. FDR gained even more GUTS from the attempt, and successfully suppressed Deepstate for 12 years.

The bullet hit Reagan and would have killed him, except that he happened to be very close to a DC hospital that was accustomed to treating gunshots. He was weakened, and Bush Senior basically assumed the presidency at that point.

What’s the tone of this world-ending reign of terror? Eternal unceasing exponentially increasing war and torture against all normal life. Eternal exponentially increasing wealth and power for the demons.