His predecessors would have loved it

News item: Michael Cohen, one of Trump’s gangsters who got stupid enough to end up in jail for a while, is now jumping on the NFT bandwagon.

Among the NFTs will be a handwritten manuscript of his newly released autobiography “Disloyal,” a video of Cohen writing a section of the book during his incarceration at New York’s Otisville federal prison, and his prison badge.

My first thought was raw and personal:

If I had retained some of my leftovers from prison, like the badge and the badly-fitting ‘release suit’ that required a rape while being fitted, I couldn’t possibly profit from them. Only an already rich and famous fuckhead can profit even more from the symbols of his wealth and fame and fuckheaditude.

Second thought is more general: Earlier members of the same NYC Jewish Mafia would have loved NFTs. Mickey Cohen and Roy Cohn would instantly recognize the BLACKMAIL POWER of an NFT.

The classic badger game was a photo taken in a ‘compromising situation’, usually arranged by the blackmailer. You want the picture to remain quiet, you pay. After you paid, the blackmailer tore up the print and kept the negative to insure customer loyalty.

Film photos are not unique and not permanent. A blurry picture might not be worth the price. An ‘accidental’ fire in the right location could burn up all of the highly flammable negatives.

NFTs are unique and permanent. There’s no chance of mistaken identity and no way to burn the negatives, so there’s no way to end the revenue stream.

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