Murky territory

I’ve been trying to recover the four censored items. Two of them were easily found in the blogspot archives that I saved offline. The other two are lost for technical reasons, not from total censorship. One was written shortly before the censor struck on 11/26, so it was removed from the Blogspot archive before I did my regular month-end download.

In recent years the blogspot archives only pick up the last two weeks of a month, which I didn’t realize because I hadn’t needed to use them until now. The most important item (Who helped? Who didn’t help?) was published in early March, so it didn’t get into the March archive. It was linked in an uncensored followup item on 3/23, which mentioned that the original was ‘two weeks ago’.

I tried the Wayback Machine, but it has the same problem. They sampled the blog on March 10, not including the relevant item, and then again in May, when the stored posts were only after 3/17.

Does cooperate in censorship? Hard to tell unless I can pin down the date more precisely. If it was before 3/10, then Wayback cooperated. If it was after 3/10, then it’s just annoyingly technical.

There’s an interesting pattern in the four items. They are NOT my harshest writing about the psychopathic rulers. Not by a long shot. Hundreds of items in the last two years are harsher in that direction. Three of the four censored items are especially hard on the independent data-gatherers. Who didn’t help was specifically about the unnecessary fear and panic, fake victories, and occasional misrepresentation, from the anti-demon side. The best-selling writers on any subject are trained journalists who know how to manipulate fear to get clicks, so their writing needs to be filtered almost as carefully as the orthodox writers.

I haven’t hit that side very often, and those three items were probably the harshest. Was the censor defending that side, or was he just randomly wandering around and smashing stuff? Again hard to tell.

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