AI spoils design

Artificial Intelligence accidentally intrudes on a discussion of Real Intelligence, accidentally helping to show the huge difference between AI and RI.

At EvolutionNews, Luskin is developing one of the usual themes. How do you know if something was made by human intelligence? It’s not just unusual or unique; it may be highly repetitive. It’s more likely to be designed if it closely resembles or metaphorically represents a symbolic pattern. He uses Mount Rainier vs Mount Rushmore. Both are unique, but one is clearly meant to repeat and evoke metaphors.

Below is a screencap, in case they fix the error later…

Oops! What happened? No mountains, just two pieces of text.

The left mountain is A picture containing text.

The right mountain is Description automatically generated.

Which of these mountains evokes a metaphor? The left mountain requires us to understand that text and pictures are different kinds of symbolic representation. The right mountain tells us that the left mountain was NOT a symbolic representation developed by a human mind; it was a mechanical process operated by a digital computer. Even worse, the right mountain IS a description automatically generated, telling us that the left mountain is a description automatically generated.

So we know that both of these mountains were indirectly designed. Both are like pages printed by a press, using type and engravings made by humans.

Looking at the underlying HTML page, it appears that the original was done in Microsoft Word and not converted into ‘clean’ HTML. So this entire error was also automatically generated, with inadequate human intervention.

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