Analyzing the handwriting on the wall

Somebody noted that the “variants” skipped the letter Xi because a non-insider might accidentally connect the project with China. Can’t let that happen.**

I got thinking about the “variants” from a different angle. We need to remember that this holocaust was developed by the SAME demons who gave us 9/11 and “anthrax”, so the setup of the program will run along similar lines.

During the 9/11 holocaust, which killed only Muslim countries, we were constantly barraged by new warnings of different colors and color patterns. We needed to know how many “Muslim terrorists” were “attacking” us when the warning was Metallic Puce or Bronze With Diagonal Taupe Stripes.

In the first year of the Carter Mecher holocaust, which kills everyone everywhere, the only relevant color was Orange, so color levels were replaced by Phases and Subphases. We needed to know how many “viruses” were attacking us in Phase IV.3, subphase CXIX.b4, subsubphase R45 Turbo Deluxe.

Psychopaths have to change the rules all the time. The Phases and Subphases had to be replaced by something new after people got adjusted to them. Can’t let people adapt. Unthinkable.

You need a known sequence so people can understand that the current alarm is exponentially worse than the previous. Real viruses mutate all the time, and each mutant is less dangerous than the previous one. By now all knowledge about real viruses has been permanently memoryholed, so a sequence of “variants” could be intentionally reversed to create an ever-ascending ladder of alarm and panic.

= = = = =

** Footnote for calibration: I don’t believe the virus, if it exists, was developed by China. The “lab leak” stories smell strongly of Agent Provocateur. If the named virus does exist, it was most likely selected opportunistically by Mecher’s gang. Their holocaust urgently needed to start while Trump was in office, and this slightly new form of the common cold came along at the right time for cultivation and relabeling. Maybe it first appeared in China, but that’s incidental.

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