Still more bitcoin point-missing

Continuing to watch the odd imbalance of HARDASS realists on every other issue who are pure suckers and sellers of bitcoin. Greenwald is an unusually conscientious and thorough realist, trying harder than anyone else in the “journalism” realm to maintain perfect objectivity.

He’s falling under the mysterious spell of bitcoin. Two weeks ago I noted a video where he maintains verbal objectivity but clearly favors bitcoin emotionally.

In this interview he departs from objectivity and starts selling the product.

His caption:

People across the political spectrum are recognizing multiple, growing threats: escalating Big Tech censorship of our political speech, the costs and corruption of Endless War, the spying of the US security state on American citizens, the dominance of neoliberal globalist institutions. Many believe that Bitcoin, by undermining the power of fiat money and enabling greater anonymity, can erode if not solve many of these problems. Glenn Greenwald speaks to one of the leading Bitcoin advocates, Alex Gladstein of the Human Rights Foundation, about the challenges and critiques of Bitcoin.

“Many believe” means “I believe”.

This is a modern version of a similar imbalance in the late 1800s. The serious Populists in Kansas and elsewhere diagnosed the evils of NYC robber baron capitalism precisely and completely. They were the HARDASS realists of their time. Their fake solution was ‘softer’ money and easier debt, which was exactly what NYC wanted.

Are the realists faking? Some probably are. In modern times, McAfee was unquestionably faking. In the earlier era, Jennings Bryan was certainly faking. After using fake populism to reach the national stage, he joined the Wilson administration and helped to expand globalism. The lesser populists like Graybill probably didn’t understand the conflict between diagnosis and prescription.

At the opposite end of the balance, big tech magazines like Verge and Vice and Register and ArsTechnica are total suckers and sellers of the genocidal “climate” and “virus” hoaxes, but come down hard against all aspects of bitcoin.

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