Great writing

Cops have to handle the SECOND-WORST part of humanity, while obeying insane rules and regulations imposed by the WORST part of humanity. They have to keep their sense of humor if they want to survive long enough to get the pension…..

From a press release:

On 12-27-21 around 2PM, SPD responded to a collision near 14th and S Ray. Callers indicated there was a two vehicle collision, one vehicle was on its side, and one driver fled. Further, it was reported a male was trapped in the tipped over work van.

SPD and SFD arrived on scene and the male was extracted from the victim vehicle; the driver was relatively uninjured.
The subsequent investigation indicated 27-year-old Naheelah Hubbard was driving a stolen vehicle when she abruptly entered traffic on Ray St, causing the collision with the work van. Hubbard then fled on foot to a nearby residence.

Witnesses directed officers to the house Hubbard was seen entering. The location is known to law enforcement. Officers knocked on the door repeatedly and announced their presence. After a few moments, the door opened. The occupants, apparently unenthused by the increasing law enforcement presence Hubbard had brought to the house, expelled Hubbard before quickly shutting the door behind her.

Hubbard was arrested for possession of a stolen vehicle, hit and run, and an unrelated felony warrant for burglary. She was booked into Spokane County Jail.

“Apparently unenthused” is GREAT writing, true deadpan humor.

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