Kirn on the collapse

This new interview is worth watching but could have been condensed some. Walter Kirn and Liel Leibovitz are discussing the total collapse of all institutions.

Kirn was a familiar establishment writer in the ’70s. He departed from the establishment and is now writing ‘newsletters’, though not very actively. Leibovitz is unfamiliar to me and seems a bit scattered. The moderator gets impatient with his wandering.

Kirn, with the training of an old newspaperman, knows how to get down to the fucking point.

The discussion gets down to the fucking point around :38, speaking directly to younger establishment types who are just now seeing that the whole system is fucked, just now seeing that the “paranoids” and “tinfoilers” were extremely inadequate.

What do the discussers suggest? Listen to the people you’ve been disdaining and mocking. They are right and you are wrong. Start from scratch. Find your specific purpose and plateau and try to do it, ON A SMALL SCALE. Don’t aim for the top, don’t aim for acceptance, don’t aim for prestige. Just do what you’re meant to do.

Magnificent advice!

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