Ambiguous, unambiguous

Holmes was found guilty on four of the 11 available fraud charges.

From what Carreyrou has been writing this seems appropriate. The story is a tragedy by the classic literary definition, a potentially decent ruler brought down by one character flaw.

Holmes wasn’t a professional criminal and didn’t go into the project with a purely criminal intention. After discovering her unique honeytrap superpowers she got intoxicated with glory and wealth, and couldn’t stop while she was ahead.

The project ACTUALLY CREATED a real and useful machine. But this wasn’t ambitious or unique enough, and didn’t generate enough Share Value. So she kept pushing the boundaries, pursuing exponential rises and impossible infinities.

So I’m ambiguous about Holmes, but totally unambiguous about the conditions of the trial. The judge and jurors were BOUND AND GAGGED BY THE MOST MONSTROUS AND HOLOCAUSTAL AND GENOCIDAL MEDICAL CRIME IN ALL OF HISTORY, while they were judging this medical quasi-crime.

It’s like a jury of concentration camp inmates convicting one inmate of stealing a coin. They are forced to participate in this grotesque travesty, but the “laws” and “judgments” made under these circumstances are egregiously invalid.

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