If you claim

Even in normal times, life is ROUGH. When most of the world is stuck inside a Nazi torture chamber, life is way beyond rough.

We don’t need more mountains to climb. We don’t need more psychopathic rule-changes. We don’t need more argumentation. We especially don’t need more Pied Pipers.

If you claim to be a different kind of leader, you need to be a different kind of leader. You need to be steady and trustworthy. You need to IGNORE minor differences, not amplify them. Glide over the surface instead of etching the rough spots into sharp relief. Above all you need to show that you can SOLVE PROBLEMS instead of amplifying them. Negative feedback, not positive feedback.

If you claim to offer entertainment, you shouldn’t be “confronting the viewer’s prejudices”. Just fucking entertain.

The first time I realized this distinction was around 1961. My aunt and her family were visiting our family. My parents were solid academic “liberals” of that era, and we were planning to see some highfalutin movie that would “confront our prejudices with complex moral conundra”.

My aunt said: “Nah. Life is hard enough. If I’m going to pay for a movie, I want a break from the trouble, not more trouble.”


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