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This is hardly a new thought, and it’s not a dramatic or binary thought, but it deserves more emphasis and repetition.

We need more GUTS and strength in the middle levels of our structures.

Nature is infinitely modular, from mitochondria to cells to tissues to organs to animals to hives to local ecosystems. Every level supervises and comprehends the level below it, and every level depends on every level below it. Infinite loops of two-way obligation.

A healthy company or city or country needs the same distribution of strength and activity and feedback loops.

For 40 years Deepstate has been steadily and systematically dismantling all intermediate structures, in government and economy and culture and technology. Everything favors DC and NYC and Bezos. All laws and regulations are EXPLICITLY DESIGNED TO KILL SMALL BUSINESS AND SMALL SOCIAL STRUCTURES.

Despite the obstacles, the middles are NOT technically or legally impossible.

The people in the middle have simply abandoned their posts.

When a mid-level ruler takes full control, wonderful things happen. See DeSantis. He has saved Florida from the Faucian Nazi torture chamber, and the Faucians haven’t punished him yet. After two years it’s looking like they can’t figure out how to do it. They screech and make horrible noises, but he continues to restore 2019 in Florida.

In the tech world, most mid-level companies have GIVEN UP their own servers and let AWS do the work and take full control of their data. The exceptions prove that this isn’t necessary. For instance, the American Radio Library runs its own servers in its own building.

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