Chuck vs Chuck

Kirn on evolution:

You read history, count up the wars, the slaughters, the genocides, etc, you realize the most stalwart, spirited, courageous members of our species have been culled in a kind of counter-evolution. Nature may favor the fittest. Not society. We descend from those who fit in.

This isn’t counter-evolution, it’s evolution.

The leader is not the species. Society is the species. Courageous stalwarts kill society and thus kill the species. Fit-ins preserve society and thus preserve the species.

The common misunderstanding arises from the word fittest which doesn’t belong in the rule.

Personally, Darwin believed that stalwart, spirited, courageous animals were the fittest. And of course the stalwarts were English aristocrats like Darwin, filled with Manly Virtue And Ciceronian Orations, not cowardly filthy uneducated darkies.

But Darwin was able to separate the personal from the scientific. His scientific description of natural selection was based on survival for the SPECIES or POPULATION, not for the Nietzschean Atlas. Fittest is a completely unnecessary word. Natural selection doesn’t say who or what is fit; natural selection is a TAUTOLOGY.

Survivors survive. That’s all.

Survival doesn’t mean courage or heroism. Survival literally and etymologically means continuing to live in the same place, whatever it takes.

In real history, stalwart courageous heroes lead an entire tribe or nation into destruction. Wars ruin the winner and the loser. The conqueror enjoys a sexual thrill for a while, but his tribe has to spend huge amounts of time and energy repressing rebellions and trying to get labor from workers who HATE them.

Tribes who avoid conflict, fit in, use resilience and hospitality to neutralize the would-be invaders, survive longer with less damage. South America remained resolutely out of WW1 and WW2, and never got bombed or invaded. It was able to sell beef and wheat and oil to both sides.

Lately I’ve been listening at bedtime to Elmer Davis’s brief newscasts from the first years of WW2 before US entered. The sequence is clear. Austria and Czechoslovakia surrendered immediately and remained largely intact. France surrendered soon and minimized the damage. Britain was courageous and stalwart and dead.

If every nation in the world had surrendered immediately in unison, Hitler would lose the psychopathic thrill. He would get bored.

Krauts would then be faced with the OCD nightmare of dominating and ruling a billion filthy imprecise disorderly germ-ridden Unkrauts.

Malicious compliance would be universal, the technique I call Chuck’s Rule.

Ja wohl, Herr Ubermensch! We will do it your way, down to the 999th decimal point! It may take a wee bit longer than you think, as in forever; but we will do it for you, Herr Ubermensch!

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