Kirn hits a home run

Kirn has a way with words!

Even the fiercest of our debates now occupy about 1/100th of the spectrum thinkers and writers of earlier times have used while exploring major human questions. Through censorship and timidity, we’ve lost access to bandwidths we don’t even know exist now. Deafness is setting in.

This point has been made by many others. Never in such an evocative and stark way. Kirn is not an engineer or a neuroscientist, but he uses both of those disciplines accurately.

I’ve discussed those abandoned bandwidths in a more literal way. In the ’30s and ’40s, shortwave allowed ordinary people to hear what other countries were doing. Our media and government ENCOURAGED us to listen to Moscow and Berlin, because our government was CONFIDENT that we wouldn’t be swayed. Why was the government CONFIDENT? Because FDR had been SOLVING PROBLEMS for the people. When you SOLVE PROBLEMS instead of UNSOLVING PROBLEMS, you can be sure the people will support you.

The key point, of course, is that our “debates” are not natural. They are carefully staged and scripted by Deepstate, constantly creating ever smaller and more trivial “arguments”. Our energy is monopolized by these irrelevant or counterrelevant quibbles so we don’t discuss the important questions.

In every possible way, Deepstate is sucking up the available energy and material and bandwidth, leaving nothing for humans.

In the material realm, offshoring removes our industries and our skills. We no longer know how to do anything.

With literal energy, bitcoin miners and Gaian limits turn off electricity for normal uses. In discussion, the Fox vs CNN stageplay keeps our attention on soap operas between political personalities.

Anti-vax protests are counterrelevant. Vax is normal public health, and a few shots are essentially harmless, possibly helpful to some extent. Closing down commerce and schools is LETHAL. Muzzling everyone all the time is LETHAL.

Staging all the dialog and protests about vax prevents us from discussing the BIG BIG BIG BIG QUESTION: NONE OF THIS SHIT WAS NECESSARY, AND ALL OF THIS SHIT IS GENOCIDAL AND HOLOCAUSTAL.

The worst part of this particular filter is that it creates guilt and doubt among people who see the BIG BIG BIG BIG QUESTION. If I argue against the ENTIRE HOLOCAUST, I’m also forced to argue against vax, which is the only non-lethal part of the holocaust. As always, this twist is intentional.

Nuance is impossible in a digital world. Everything is all OFF or all ON. If you take the officially provided OFF position, you are arguing against your own interests and knowledge in some ways. Analog positions (Ballgags are bad, distancing is bad, vax is probably harmless) are UNTHINK.

Deepstate ALWAYS plays this game. FBI moves into groups that are trying to assert analog reality, and adds on a pile of crazy or inverted “facts”, which then become an automatic digitalized part of the perceived view of the realists. All or nothing.

Continued in next item.

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