Skills last forever, reasons don’t.

Two examples this week of the marvelous persistence of skill memory.

1. I got tired of 3d graphics and detoured into revising and expanding two old Windows programs. Both were originally done in 2002, recompiled but not revised in 2012. I haven’t done any C++ since 2014. The skill returned immediately after starting to read the source files.

2. For the same ten years (or more) I’ve been wearing old-man shoes with Velcro straps. The last pair was losing traction, so I tried to order new from LLbean, but they were out, like everything this year. So I got the tied version instead. The first time my fingers touched the laces, they knew what to do. No practice needed. The tie is far more comfortable on the arch than the straps, and the new rubber makes a REAL difference on snow.

Why did I depart from tied shoes ten years ago? The reason is lost.

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