The getter

A sharp comment from Greenwald.

The monomaniacal focus on Trump – treating him as the cause of all US
evils rather than a symptom, pretending nobody before did what he did –
created a sort of magical penance: just oppose Trump and all your past
evils are washed away and you’re reborn with a cable contract.

This wasn’t by coincidence. A key reason the shitty, corrupt,
imperialistic, corporatist DC Swamp was so eager to inflate the fairy
tale that Trump was a unique evil was because it rehabilitated all of
them and distracted attention from what they do.

This is NOT the first time they’ve played this game. They did the same fucking thing with Nixon. In fact Nixon simply copied LBJ’s dirty tricks, and gave Deepstate EVERY FUCKING THING THEY DREAMED OF. Forced integration, environmentalism, endless war, abortion, offshoring, total power to banks.

Trump also gave Deepstate everything. He started the “virus” holocaust. He allowed Fauci and Mecher free rein to obliterate the world. He did nothing at all to slow down Nixon’s EPA or abortion or offshoring.

The trick in both cases is similar to a getter in a vacuum tube or a sacrificial anode on a ship. One piece is assigned to gather up all the impurities and corrosion, so you can throw it away and pretend everything is pure.

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