The real threat to artists

Sailer is appropriately mocking a major museum’s Woke cancelling of Rembrandt. As usual it’s guilt by multi-level association. Rembrandt lived in Holland at a time when Holland was a major colonial power, conquering tribes in the Caribbean and Indonesia. He didn’t conquer or enslave anyone, he just made money from the aristocrats who were profiting by the enslavement.

Neither side in this dispute is new, and neither side matters. Museums have ALWAYS served their super-rich super-fashionable super-idiotic patrons. Museums have totally ignored and disdained REAL art for 100 years, favoring and paying for abstract ratshit and “installation” non-art.

Here’s what matters: Right now is an especially good time for REAL artists.

REAL artists have never had a chance of winning the bet and making millions. Only the favored few like Rembrandt were able to suck the dicks of aristocratic patrons. The favored few are still sucking and still winning.

Now REAL artists have an easily accessible marketplace through Etsy and DeviantArt and other graphics marketplaces. They can make a subsistence living by seeking worldwide customers with low overhead.

The real threat to REAL artists is not Woke museums. The threat right now is NFT frauds. Those graphics marketplaces are offering NFT fraud services to the REAL artists. Dealing in NFTs requires huge unpredictable fees on transactions, sometimes larger than the cost of the piece itself. If you let your rights be sucked into the NFT market, you’ll end up paying more than you receive.

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