This makes me feel awful.

Via Kirn:

I’m hearing far too many reports — not on the news, but from people I know — of young children struggling with speech issues as a consequence of masking. In a couple of cases, parents can’t find therapists willing to go unmasked during sessions. This is stunning.

Several of the responders gave personal stories of the troubles their own kids are having.

Makes me feel awful, because my courseware helped to train these therapists who have turned into assistant torturers.

To be sure, before 2020 nobody ever THOUGHT that strangulation and face-hiding would be THERAPEUTIC, just as nobody ever THOUGHT that distancing and riots and avoiding sunlight and avoiding fresh air and endless fear and panic and torture were good medicine. Nobody ever trained teachers and therapists to do torture, but now they’re doing it.

Is there something I can do to help?

I’m already rejuvenating a couple of my older pre-online courseware products. It’s important to have tools that don’t depend on online clouds and subscriptions. Maybe I can help with some of the homeschooling programs?

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