Provocative but not quite true

Kirn’s latest Provocative Point:

Speech and expression are most suppressed and regulated in academia and the media, where you’d think they would be freest. The culture has basically seized up and died in those places. For a revival of the creative spirit we must look to bodegas, casinos, tire shops, and hair salons.

“You’d think”, but it’s certainly not true of academia. Academia has always been rigidly orthodox. Heresy has been punished harshly for at least 1000 years, and tenure insures that heretics never get into positions of power. Sometimes the standard doctrine inside academia disagrees with the elite view outside academia, which makes the academic world look “free” to outsiders. It’s not free, it’s just tyrannical in a different direction.

I haven’t been inside the media world, so can’t really judge. Still, it’s rare to find a “crusading newspaper” that crusades against the interests of its owner. Crusades are usually aimed at the opponents of the owner.

Real creativity has ALWAYS been found outside media and academia.

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