It only works when you’re in charge

Idiot rock musician Neil Young tried to threaten Spotify over Joe Rogan’s “misinformation”.

Young said “He goes or I go”, so Spotify obligingly said “Okay, you go.”

“He goes or I go” only works when you’re in charge. Young has now learned who’s in charge.

Bravo to Spotify for making a NORMAL PROFIT-BASED BUSINESS DECISION, which may be a turning point in this atrocious tyranny. If more businesses favored profit over purity, we’d have a lot less purity.

Rogan is hugely popular because he allows a variety of viewpoints, including Young’s viewpoint. Will other media learn? So far the answer is no.

Some commentators are calling Young a hypocrite for allegedly favoring freedom in previous years. Nope. Hippies and rock musicians were always partisan Democrats, and many of the hippie leaders and musicians were CIA. The antiwar movement started while LBJ was running the war, but it didn’t have money and media support until the war belonged to Nixon.

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