Probably right

Saagar and Krystal interviewed Dylan Ratigan about stocks and crashes. Before they got into the subject, Ratigan offered up a more likely scenario for the Young vs Rogan “fight”.

Rogan wants this “fight” because he wins either way. If Spotify fires him, he gets a massive payout from the terms of his contract, and he can immediately start up his own fully independent servers and channels in competition with Spotify. If Spotify doesn’t fire him, he continues making millions and dominating the landscape within Spotify.

This makes tremendous sense. As I’ve been pointing out, censorship is OFTEN triggered by the “controversial” author or actor or movie studio, because censorship is a great selling point. The outraged activists don’t know who they’re really working for.

On second thought, I’ll bet they do know who they’re working for. The Inner Party always knows the truth.


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Later, a more positive thought. Rogan is actually reinstating the Fairness Doctrine by sheer market force. He proved that huge numbers of people are HUNGRY for a relatively nonpartisan and balanced source of news and opinion. When the FD was repealed in the ’80s, all media abandoned the concept and turned back to the pre-radio newspaper approach, where each station or paper has an immediately recognizable partisan brand. When FD was in effect, radio had proved consistently that nonpartisan content SELLS. The FD forced radio stations to compete on quality, not on mindless repetition of a single phrase like BENGHAZI or JANUARY6VIOLENTINSURRECTION. The mantra approach attracts SOME people, but it disgusts and repels people who are hungry for nonpartisan quality. Those people didn’t disappear from the country, they just turned off the TV and radio.

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