No more donations

GoFundMe has seized the $10 million fund for the Canadian truckers and will repurpose the money to charities chosen by GoFundMe.

The flat statement isn’t exactly true; donors can request a refund, and GoFundMe has a well established refund system, which always goes into action when a fund fails for various reasons.

Even so, moving millions into the wrong place is grand larceny. When GoFundMe cancels a fund for a specific purpose which is NOT speculative or betting, refunds should be automatic; or the money should drop back into your account so YOU can choose to put it elsewhere.

Some funds are openly stated as speculative, such as making a movie which can’t happen unless the fund reaches a certain size. In those situations there’s no crime involved. You’re supposed to recognize the risk. This fund was not a speculation or a bet. It was all meant to go to the truckers, regardless of thresholds.

In 2020 I stopped supporting DonorsChoose after it officially endorsed riots.

I’ll never give through GoFundMe or any of those web-based donation systems again.

Some charities may be starting to realize the problem. Last week I got a papermail request from the Fraternal Order of Police, with NO mention of any websites. I gladly sent them a paper check, which didn’t go through any of the tech-world fake money systems.

Police are the ONLY PART OF GOVERNMENT that remained human through the entire holocaust. MANY police chiefs and sheriffs openly resisted and refused to enforce the holocaust, and regular officers knew when to look the other way. ALL OTHER PARTS of government gleefully turned into NAZI TORTURERS AND HOLOCAUSTAL VAMPIRE DEMONS.

= = = = =

Calibrating for clarity as usual: I figured out some time ago that protests are worse than useless. Government only “listens” to protests that were organized BY government to provide “public pressure” for what government is going to do anyway. Protests that genuinely disagree with government are ruthlessly squashed and usually cause even worse tyranny. So I didn’t support or aid this particular protest. Early in the holocaust I did support a GoFundMe for a Seattle cop who was fired for refusing to assist the holocaust. At that time GoFundMe hadn’t yet turned to crime, and the cop received the money.

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