Woodstock spirit? Hah.

From a Twitter thread about the fake Hundred Flowers promise in the early days of the web……

Joe Angier, a documentary movie maker, says:

I interviewed Mr. Whole Earth Catalog (Stewart Brand) for a Woodstock 25th anniv. special, and was told that the Woodstock spirit and ethos live on in these burgeoning online communities and chat rooms. Thankfully, none of that made it into the final film.

Woodstock spirit? I was active in the early pre-HTTP web. It was the opposite of “free”. It was pure Deepstate. Every forum on every subject, from software to sex, was rigidly divided into Team A and Team B. If you stayed within the chalk lines and took care to quote all of one team’s current doctrine verbatim, you were accepted by both sides. If you wandered outside the chalk lines, you were attacked and rejected by both sides.

Brand was either (1) lying or (2) naive, and I’ll pick Door 1.

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