Constants and Variables 169

More from the trust-inducing 2/2/51 news report, which was ordinary mainstream CBS output at the time.

This story deserves respectful verbatim transcription. Note the literary level as well as the content……

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With all the troubles that beset us, and perhaps more to come, this is an inevitable corollary. The AP reports a phenomenal upsurge of religion in the United States.

The AP is careful to say that while the survey does not show the nation is more devout, it does suggest that organized religion is commanding wider attention; and it cites evidence.

Seminaries are packed. Some of them for the first time are turning away applicants. Bible sales have nearly doubled in the last decade. Church building is at an all-time high. Colleges have expanded their religious curricula to meet student demand. Church attendance and contributions are at a peak.

For a 20th century materialist note, advertising men are backing a big nationwide religion promotion.

Here’s the way one minister explains the revived interest in things spiritual:

“People have discovered that the things they counted on the most are no longer dependable. The family structure is not what it was 20 years ago. The positive assurance of American invulnerability is gone. The value of money has fallen to pieces. To put it briefly, things are shaking, and people are looking for something unshakable.”

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Constant: Similar situation now in MANY ways.

Variable: Exact opposite response to churches, because churches have decided to be the MOST SHAKABLE INSTITUTION of all. Instead of maintaining the CONSTANT and PERMANENT values of morality, churches have joined the vanguard of the chaos-generating Deepstate torture brigade. Instead of providing sanctuary and protection from the Faucian stormtroopers, churches locked down and gagged their customers more enthusiastically than any other ‘voluntary’ institution.

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