Who’s dumber?

Who’s dumber, philosophers or tweakers?

Finalist for the philosophers:

The “philosopher’s zombie” is an imagined creature exactly like you or me, but with a crucial ingredient – consciousness – missing. He does everything he is supposed to do but experiences nothing inside.

In step two, Chalmers argues that if you can conceive of the zombie, then zombies are possible. And finally, step three: if zombies are possible, then physics, by itself, isn’t up to the job of explaining minds.

Step one is illogical because I don’t know if ANY other creature or object is conscious. This particular creature may have the same molecules as me, or it may be a granite rock. Both are EQUALLY unknowable, with no LOGICAL reason to prefer the copy over the rock.

Step two is just factually wrong. We can conceive of an infinite number of physically impossible things.

Step three doesn’t make any sense by itself, even before it depends on the first two dumb steps.

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Finalist for the tweakers:

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