Someone, not Something

I linked this 2016 observation in previous item to illustrate the sense that SOMETHING was moving in 2015 and 2016. This wasn’t the best illustration of my vague sense, but it turns out to be a prophetic view of the SOMEONE who was returning to power. The SOMEONE is perfectly obvious now.

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What would make ABC News sound like National Review? Trump. A common enemy.

The former president [GW] emerged from his self-imposed political hibernation to try to give [Jeb] Bush a President’s Day boost. He layered each validation of his younger brother with an implicit critique of Trump.
He urged voters to back a candidate who will be “measured and thoughtful” on the world stage. A candidate whose “humility” helps him understand what he doesn’t know. A candidate who can win in November’s general election.

“All the sloganeering and all the talk doesn’t matter if we don’t win,” Bush said. “We need somebody who can take a positive message across the country.”

Rather than gloss over 9/11, Bush leaned in. As the crowd fell into a hushed silence, he recounted in detail his whereabouts on the morning of the attacks and praised the troops that served in the two wars he started in response. “Your most solemn job as voters is to elect a president who understands the reality of the threats we face,” he said.

As he praised South Carolina’s Republican Gov. Nikki Haley, the daughter of Indian-born parents, Bush pointedly said: “Thank goodness our country welcomed her parents when they immigrated here in 1969.”

Yes, that was about Dubya. And yes, it was written by ABC News. Amazing. After all these years of coprolalia, finally the mediasatans are singing Dubya’s praises.

I guess the NR comparison isn’t valid after all. Jonah Goldberg would have been embarrassed to let such adolescent hero-worship into print.

Same old litmus. It’s not Bush himself that NR and ABC are defending so ferociously; it’s OPEN BORDERS. Trump is the first threat to OPEN BORDERS since Perot. The Bush family, conspiring with the media, knocked down Perot quickly. They haven’t managed to purge Trump yet. They will continue to intensify their efforts.

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Next day: This is clearly a coordinated effort.

Article in Bezos Post states the point explicitly: Donald Trump Makes Me Miss George W. Bush

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Well, Bush certainly understood the “threats” because he was the manufacturer of the “threats”, from 9/11 to 2008 to the “virus” of 2020. All Bush products.

And incidentally, Jonah is no longer embarrassed.


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