Randomly related

Random crap, vaguely related to previous random story about the bitcoin rapping power couple…

Some smart observers have concluded that the bitcoin racket is the male equivalent of MLMs. Most MLMs are explicitly aimed at women, selling cosmetics, weight reduction, and cooking supplies. Bitcoin is selling pure numbers. Competition is based on X > Y therefore Me > You. Discussions among bitcoiners devolve into nearly pure math with only an occasional word.

Tesla plays a similar trick. It’s an environmental status symbol for male environmentalists who have some Car Guy genes. Car Guys are strictly numerical, with competition based on maximizing G force in acceleration and cornering. My G > Your G therefore Me > You. Car Guy articles are nearly pure math, with CID, bore, stroke, gear ratios, head bolt torque, valve clearance, tire sizes, and above all 0-60 times accurate to the microsecond.

Girls can express environmentalism through Animal Rights and Climate Change and Biodiversity and Orcas. Those are not guy-friendly topics. Tesla replaces the Orca with 0-60 in picoseconds and Megajoules Per Kilogram.

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