Too late


Do not normalize what we’re seeing here: the leaders of democratic countries casting striking workers and nonviolent protestors as terrorists and using state violence to break up a nonviolent labor strike in order to protect commerce.

Too late. It may not be normal but it’s a deep American tradition.

Lincoln created a new “normal” to enrich NYC, then treated everyone who retained the old normal as enemies to be slaughtered. He slaughtered 1/5 of the entire country to impose NYC Share Value as the sole purpose of government.

Wilson treated all disagreements as Russian Terrorism and imprisoned huge numbers of “Russian” “terrorists”.

Harding and FDR created a rare ATYPICAL situation where government listened to rebels and tried to solve the problems they were screaming about. FDR did solve the problems as far as he could.

Truman returned to the Lincoln/Wilson tradition. He responded to striking railroad and steel workers by NATIONALIZING the railroads and steel industry. All dissidents were defined as Russian subversives and fired or imprisoned.

Ike and JFK gave us a brief partial reprieve from 1959 to 1962, then LBJ resumed the norm. Since LBJ we haven’t had even a pause or break in the norm. It’s all “terrorism” all the time, with new “threats” and new puppet shows every few years, always reverting to Wilson’s “Russian” “threat” as the baseline.

This is how psychopaths work. Change the rules, demand obedience, change the rules again and punish the victim who is still obeying the old rules. Occasionally give a brief reprieve to make the torture sharper and more salient when it resumes. Loop until all the LOSERS are dead.

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