Secession timelines

Canada is currently running the same sequence that happened here, but much later and much faster.

Carter Mecher’s Nazi holocaust and Nazi torture chambers started everywhere in March 2020.

In the US, only South Dakota refused to participate at first. Over the next several months, first Dixie then the prairie states seceded from the Nazi tyranny. By the end of 2020 the separate nations were clearly formed, and didn’t change much through 2021.

In Canada, nothing changed at all through 2020 and 2021. The prairie provinces were the harshest Nazis for a while. Suddenly this month, after many protests in many places, Trudeau decided to crack down on the latest protests, invoking full martial law. Now, just as suddenly, the prairie provinces and Quebec have seceded from the Nazi occupation. The provincial governments have drawn a firm line, and will not help Trudeau extend the Nazi occupation any longer.

The prairie states are obviously analogous. Alberta is like Oklahoma or Texas, and Manitoba is like South Dakota. Quebec isn’t much like Dixie, except maybe for the French influence in Louisiana. The quasi-separate history is analogous, since Quebec tried to secede once before.

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