Reprint on two-way obligation

Continuing the theme with a reprint from just a few months ago.

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Via Evolution News, a POWERFUL idea from Neil Thomas.

Here I will make the attempt to drill down even further to the root causes of what appeared to be the Western world’s unprecedented rejection of tried-and-tested philosophers and scientists such as Aristotle, Cicero, Plato, and the physician Galen in a strange capitulation to “out there” philosophic fantasists like Epicurus and his Roman disciple, Lucretius.

It was the would-be rehabilitation of those ancient materialist thinkers by the Scottish philosopher David Hume, in the late 18th century, coupled with the later Victorian crisis of faith and the sudden irruption into this already volatile mix of Charles Darwin which was to result in the particularly strange irrationalism which has stubbornly persisted right up to the present day.

This abdication of normal canons of reason consisted in people forsaking traditional norms of philosophical common sense and (effectively) throwing in their lot with the ancient goddess of chance, Lady Fortuna (or Lady Luck as she was later to be called), that accursed personification of unreliability whom the ancient philosopher Boethius, Geoffrey Chaucer, and many others have arraigned since time out of mind for being incapable of any productive and dependable action on behalf of struggling humanity.

Thomas is onto something big. This change from order to chaos happened in politics when the orderly and genetically determined sequence of hereditary kings was replaced by the random dice-toss of revolutions and “elections”. Not coincidentally, the replacers (Robespierre, Tom Paine, etc) were psychopaths devoted to SMASHING order and life, and ENFORCING perfect chaos and death.

Around the same time, science abandoned the quest for order. The Arab and Persian astrologers, trailed by Kepler and Brahe and Chaucer, were observing the heavens to discern God’s will. After Kepler, astronomers stopped looking for order and contented themselves with sampling the dots.

Also around the same time, economics was taken over by BETTING MEN who developed statistics to profit from rolling dice and shuffling cards. Previous investment had been based on common sense and personal involvement. Two-way obligations between the investor and the farm or business, and two-way obligations between employer and worker. Sharia codified this arrangement best, but it was also strongly encouraged by Catholic and Jewish economic systems.

The stock market broke up the obligations, turning investment into a fungible and STATISTICAL process with no common sense or human connection. Share Value functions on multi-layer SIDE BETS, not personal judgment of competence.

When the psychopaths took over biology, they abandoned the two-way obligation loop of feedback. Natural selection is explicitly random, bringing in the astronomer’s pet randomizer of cosmic rays. Unpredictable particles change the genome, and unpredictable climate events decide which changed version will survive.

Finally in 1906 the psychopaths took over physics and math. Godel and Bohr declared that everything is perfectly unpredictable. We’re not allowed to trust our own senses and instruments; we must wait for a Credentialed And Approved Scientist to tell us whether the cat is there or not.

Darwinians assume God is a psychopath just like them. Change the rules, kill the defiant, change the rules again, kill the defiant again, loop forever. Never allow the victim to regain BALANCE or swing with a RHYTHM or form his own FEEDBACK LOOPS with your chaotic torture.

Actual nature has constant rules. The inherited mechanisms of negative feedback (life) interact with the predetermined patterns of inanimate nature (weather, geomagnetic fields, earthquakes) in an infinite pattern of two-way loops.

Two-way? Yes. Every life form alters the inanimate parts of nature. Bacteria dissolve rocks and build new rocks, and create and move clouds. Trees break up rocks and build soil, and change temperature and humidity patterns. Complex animals dig up minerals and food, plant more food, and build hives and houses and dams. Intelligent brains reshape the magnetic field.

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