Secession timeline 3

Now the leaders of the three maritime provinces have joined up with the prairie provinces and Quebec in opposing Trudeau’s martial law.

Trudeau is ruling only Ontario, Newfoundland and BC. US equivalent is NY, Maine and Calif.

= = = = =

At this point it’s blazingly clear that the “pandemic” was scheduled as a two-year contract, March 2020 to March 2022.

The TSA ballgag mandate was already scheduled to end March 18, and hasn’t been extended SO FAR. Previous endpoints were extended two months before they expired. Hoping and praying that they mean it this time, but still expecting that it will go on forever.

TSA is the mandate that really matters to me.

The stores haven’t been enforcing the rule since it was reimposed last August after the usual psychopathic reprieve. As long as TSA is rigidly enforcing it on the buses, I can’t throw away the demonic torture device. I have to wear it on the bus, so I just keep it on (but below the nose) when in the store. Putting it on and taking it off for a few minutes is too inconvenient, especially in winter with gloves and coat and carrying groceries.

Most of the demon states are scheduling the end of their Nazi torture for March 1 or March 15. No word yet from Obersturmfuhrer Inslee. He undoubtedly wants to be the most faithful Nazi of all, the Last Demon Standing. He is “discussing” the matter but hasn’t publicly announced any dates yet. /// Update 2/17: He decided. The mandate for stores and other places will end March 21. For a while, until the ZoomieBoomieGaloomie Variant requires us to resume full hazmat gear. As above, this won’t really matter to me unless and until TSA also drops the mandate.

All the chickenshit cowardass pussyass “opposition” politicians around here are finally calling for an end to mandates now that they know the project is done anyway. Repooflicans always “oppose” when it’s safe. Then they can pretend their protests caused the predetermined end.

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