Musing leads to reprint

Thinking again about the 1969 jail experience in previous item leads to this especially apropos reprint from 2019, before the “virus” holocaust.

= = = = = START REPRINT:

Listening to Tom Gresham’s gun talk show. Guns are definitely Not My Department, but Gresham is one of the few sources of plain common sense and sanity in modern radio. His attitude is strict non-interventionist. Be ready to defend your life and family WHEN ATTACKED, but MIND YOUR OWN FUCKING BUSINESS. Don’t get involved in a dispute that isn’t yours, avoid situations where you’re likely to need a gun. Let the cops do what they’re paid to do.

Today he’s talking about some folks who have decided to start carrying rifles openly, as a way of “expressing” their “rights”. Gresham suspects they’re Agents Provocateurs, and he’s undoubtedly correct.

= = = = =

This year is the 50th anniversary, so I’m always going back to my 1969 experience for reference.

I learned two things IMMEDIATELY on March 21, 1969.

1. Government runs by fakery and stings. An open drug seller, or an openly available drug buyer, is working for the government. Both are APs, designed to lure unsuspecting hippie dummies into buying or selling so the government can nab you.

2. Government works for the rich. My rich housemate had a significant stash, but the cops knew who he was and knew what was his. They searched only my materials and found one seed.

The rest of the jail experience repeated and reinforced those two learnings.

= = = = =

Later on, especially after 9/11 when I allowed TV to ruin my mind, I forgot both of those learnings and went along with partisan idiocy. Government was OK when it was Repooflican, not OK when it was Democrat. The ruination disappeared when I unplugged the TV in 2011, and the old valid learnings returned to the foreground.

= = = = =

The sum of those two learnings, in three words:


If a “movement” is inviting you to “express” your “rights”, the movement is a trap. The best way to express a radically realistic understanding of the world is to remain quiet and inconspicuous, and to do your duty according to your talents and tendencies and opportunities.

Know the truth, make more life and value and beauty.

= = = = = END REPRINT.

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