Constants and Variables 170

Doggy logic: Every time I bark at the mailman he goes away, so my barking is responsible for keeping the house safe. I’m powerful!

Human logic: We’ve been protesting every day for two years, and finally some of the torturers are going away. We’re powerful!

The doggy logic is actually better, because it starts with a real immediate correlation. The mailman leaves every time I bark.

The human logic fails the correlation test.

Fact 1: Protests have been happening steadily in many countries for two years. Some of those countries and states are loosening up exactly two years after the start of the holocaust project, which implies a scheduled end of the project. Some countries are NOT loosening up.

Fact 2: Many states and two countries loosened up MUCH earlier, without any protests at all.

There’s very little correlation between protests and loosening. The only thing that matters is the personality of the ruler. Sane rulers are lazy. They realize that their job is MUCH easier, and their tax income is MUCH larger, if they don’t kill all the people who pay taxes. Crazy rulers are hard-working demons, driven only by a burning need to KILL AND OBLITERATE THE UNIVERSE.

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