Aside from personal feelings…

Putin has decided to retake Ukraine in a dramatic way. If he had done this before 2020, I would have been disappointed and disgusted at the way he’s doing it.

But two years ago Putin joined the “virus” holocaust, and I gave up on him at that point. He’s indistinguishable from Trump or Biden or Trudeau or Merkel.

Aside from personal feelings, this is simply NONE OF OUR FUCKING BUSINESS. Ukraine and Russia are NOT separate nations. 1000 years ago Kiev was the capital of the Russian empire, then later the capital moved to Moscow. It’s all the same nation.

In 1990 our SOB Yeltsin worked with Soros to break up the empire. Since then we’ve been maintaining the fiction of separate nations, and pretending that Ukraine was part of our sphere of influence.

Now Putin has dissolved the fiction and restored the permanent reality. He did the same with Crimea in 2014, and we made a bunch of noise but eventually recognized reality. I hope we do the same this time.

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Perspective: Lately I’ve been listening to 1938-1940 news broadcasts. In 1940 Stalin was temporarily allied with Germany, and invaded Finland forcefully. Our media was ENRAGED.

Hitler was bombing London at the same time. Stalin bombing Finland was WORSE than Hitler bombing London. After Stalin switched sides, Russia was temporarily one of the “democracies” fighting the “fascists”. Then in 1946 we resumed our permanent war against Russia.

What’s the constant under all of this variable nonsense? The constant is that we HATE Russia and LOVE Germany. We fight Germany reluctantly and halfheartedly, then immediately return to our love affair. In WW1, while reluctantly fighting Germany, we were working WITH Germany to invade Russia.

Even so, there’s a basic difference between Finland and Ukraine. Finland is NOT part of Russia and never was. Ukraine was ALWAYS part of Russia until we stole it. Stalin was stealing Finland. Putin is repossessing Ukraine.

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