Return to Truman

CNN and MSNBC are pushing ‘limited nuclear war’ to destroy the entire world. All the peaceniks and hippies are superhawks.

We’ve seen this pattern before.

MBS radio news from Feb 3 1950:

Republican representative Robert Hale said the country isn’t frightened enough by atomic weapons. But Senator Elbert Thomas says people are too jittery. He wishes they were more complacent.

Looked up Elbert Thomas. He doesn’t fit the superhawk stereotype. He was a Mormon who spent several years on mission in Japan, went native, spoke the language fluently, gave his daughter a Japanese name, and maintained close ties with Japan. A British intel report described him thus:

He speaks Japanese fluently, and his attitudes towards post-war problems is coloured principally by his Far Eastern views which are summed up in his statement that “the days of the white man’s domination are over and the British Empire is almost certain to be dissolved in that part of the world.” He is an out and out internationalist and interventionist, who has voted with the [Truman] Administration on all foreign measures. He is essentially a free trader but, nevertheless, occasionally votes with the Farm Bloc which is powerful in the agricultural State which he represents.

Superwoke, not superhawk. The modern correlation of Woke types and interventionists is a return to the Truman era. In 1950 the leading Republicans were isolationists, and Ike pulled us OUT of Korea.

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