Constants and variables 171

On 3/11/2022 Obersturmbannführer Inslee started another brief reprieve from ballgags. Finishing the current two-year contract, 3/11 to 3/11. It doesn’t matter a whole lot to me, because the buses are still strangling me, and the stores weren’t enforcing the rule.

The change does allow a better measurement of public insanity. Previously, Obersturmbannführer Inslee gave us a reprieve in June ’21, which lasted two months. During that reprieve, the vast majority of customers took off the ballgags and breathed. When the reprieve ended, the stores resumed enforcement, but looser than before.

During the loose enforcement, about 20% of customers were breathing. Breathers needed two innate qualities: (1) Sanity. (2) Confidence that they can get away with shit.

In other words, sane people who were pretty or impressive could breathe openly. Unimpressive sane people (like me) realized that we never get away with shit, so we complied loosely and symbolically. (ie over the mouth but not over the nose).

Today I was expecting to see the majority of customers breathing. Nope. The proportion hasn’t changed much. Maybe 30% open breathers now (including me, because the official signs are gone). 70% are still fully gagged.

Now we know who is crazy, without any confounding variables of status and personality. The second year of the torture contract has turned half of the population incurably loony. So it was worth the trouble and expense for the Nazis.

= = = = =

Calibrating! Next store trip, two days later: Now almost all of the customers are breathing. I was too hard on them. I apologize. They were apparently unsure or confused on the first day after the change.

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