From Liberty Sausage to Liberty Lounge

Back in 2016 as usual, I noted an odd exception to our standard idiocy.

= = = = = START REPRINT:

Russia is our enemy because Russia shows that Life Outside The Empire can succeed. We cannot allow such an example to persist. Modern Russia’s success includes a strong connection between national government and national culture, which means Christianity.

But we’re missing some ingredients of our historical Hate Recipe. In 1918 we wiped out all references to German things. All German foods were avoided or renamed, place names were dekrauted, songs and books were deleted.

We ran a similar process with Russian things and names in the 1950s, though it wasn’t as noticeable because Russian names and things are comparatively rare.

And we baked a bizarrely conflicted Hate Cake in 2001. Bush The Son told us “See Something Say Something”, which most people interpreted to mean “Watch for Muslims plotting terrorist acts”; and at the same time Bush The Son actively and ferociously protected the Saudi beliefs and government. Desired result: Deplorables who thought they were being patriotic got prosecuted for “Hate Crimes”. This was the whole point and purpose of 9/11. Kickstarting the pogrom.

= = = = = END REPRINT.

Well, there still aren’t many things named after Russia, but now we’re finally getting around to deleting them.

The Kennedy Center has renamed its ‘Russian Lounge’ to ‘Opera House Circles Lounge’ or ‘Lounge Of Individuals Experiencing Operatic Circularity’ or something.

Especially egregious since the actual JFK was trying to lower the temperature of our hate oven. Remember detente? Obviously the Kennedy Center doesn’t.

(I wouldn’t be surprised if the rename gets a second rename. Opera House Circles sounds a bit too much like The Fat Lady Sings.)

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