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Returning to Say the black and do the red. Media and “science” were formerly indicative, now imperative. Media and “science” were formerly passive description, now absolute gunpoint commands.

Here’s a previous example of media as absolute command, from Wireless World, July 1939.

Broadcasting occupies a special position in Germany. It is the official mouthpiece of the authorities. A new law comes into effect as soon as it has been broadcast. A change of policy may be announced at any moment by a speech in the broadcasting programs and will have immediate effect.

At any moment = psychopath.

For that reason the German authorities have decided that every owner of a radio must have the RIGHT of clear reception of his local station. Apparatus which interferes with this must be suppressed.

“Rights” = tyranny.

The complaining listener calls the Post Office radio department and files a complaint. The PO sends a uniformed officer to investigate. He examines the receiver first, then asks about the nature of the interference and tries to trace it. If it’s not obvious, the PO has a staff of 3400 specially trained ‘searchers’. … The Post Office handled 300k interference complaints in 1937.

Compare this to the British and US attitude in previous item, complaining about secrecy and asking why it’s necessary.

Krauts never complain or ask. All Krauts are OCD Karens, guardians of absolute perfection, instantly ready to obey every momentary command down to the 843858347583758743895th decimal place, instantly ready to snitch on traitors who are only accurate to the 843858347583758743894th decimal place.

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Footnote 1: The article doesn’t speculate about the OTHER purposes of a national interference searcher army. Both were well known in the ’30s, and both were used in Britain and America. (1) Obvious: Listen for unauthorized transmitters from dissidents or spies. (2) Not obvious but well known in tech circles: Superhet receivers use an internal variable oscillator to create a constant product frequency for demodulation. American superhets were standardized so the local oscillator was always ‘transmitting’ 455 kc above the tuned station. If you were tuned to 1000 kc, your receiver would be ‘transmitting’ at 1455 kc. A searcher near the house could tell which station you were tuned to. American rating agencies used this trick to determine which stations had more listeners, and BBC used it to catch unlicensed receivers. It could also spot a receiver tuned to the ‘wrong’ station.

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Footnote 2: Trying to identify the nifty roadster. It’s closest to a ’34 DKW ‘Front Roadster’, with a trunk instead of a rumble seat.

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Footnote 3: Aha. Wireless World did recognize those other functions in an understated British way. From Jan 40:

The popularity of the crystal set is growing in Germany. The reason for this is said to be the unobtrusive manner in which the set works.

Unobtrusive = no emission. TRF receivers were also popular among spies and dissidents for the same reason. Regen and Superhet are both ‘obtrusive’, while TRF and crystal are purely passive.

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Footnote 4: BBC allegedly detected a different form of ‘transmitter’ in the era of television… but it appears that their detector vans were always fake. They were only mobile billboards to remind the peasants of their obligation.

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