The old Santayana quote is stupidly delusional, and apparently Santayana meant it as wildly ironic. He wasn’t delusional.

The demons who repeat history are NOT unaware, and they are NOT clueless, and they are NOT repeating errors. They know EXACTLY what they’re doing and where they’re going. From their viewpoint they are magnificently successful. The sole purpose of a psychopath is to kill and ruin everything and everyone.

If we delusionally believe that the demons intend to solve problems and help us, we will be totally vulnerable. If we understand their goals, we might have a somewhat better chance of avoiding their traps.

A meta version of the quote can be useful for ordinary people:

Those who don’t know that history repeats are doomed to be ruined by the repeaters.

We can’t fully escape the official torturers and mass murderers like Mecher and Fauci, but we can ALWAYS ESCAPE the demons who operate in the economic realm.

All of the scams and swindles and utopian schemes in the bitcoin world are OLD OLD OLD OLD OLD swindles.

The classic Spanish Prisoner hoax is 1000 years old, with infinite variations. If you know the basics, you can recognize the variations.

A huge potential windfall waits for you! But it’s tangled up in a series of obstacles and legalities. Pay me to bust through the obstacles, and you’ll receive the huge windfall!

Then you pay the swindler and he disappears. The disappearing part is vastly easier online, especially in bitcoin circles where everyone is anonymous and untraceable by definition. The whole structure of bitcoin is designed to make the Spanish Prisoner work smoothly.

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