Barnacle Bill the Spider

Male spiders jump away with maximum G force after mating, leaping the human equivalent of 1000 feet in a second. The female stores the sperm until she determines that the male is strong enough to get away. If he gets away, she ingests the sperm and fertilizes her eggs. If he doesn’t get away, she spits out the sperm and eats him instead.

Barnacle Bill was accurate.

Two-buck Tim from Timbuktu was accurate.

= = = = =

Later thought: If we disconnect from the modern “energy efficiency” thinking about genes, and reconnect to Aristotle’s PURPOSE-based thinking, the female’s behavior makes perfect sense. Acting on behalf of the population, she wants her descendants to have a WILL TO LIVE. She’s not judging the males on horsepower, she’s judging them on WILL TO LIVE. Survivor males are smart enough to understand what she has in mind. Survivors are not fooled by honeytraps.


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