The dayest day of all?

According to the daily log at Enid Buzz:

Happy May Day! It’s also Couple Appreciation Day, CSS Reboot Day, Executive Coaching Day, Frequent Flyer Day, Global Love Day, Bereaved Mother’s Day, Permaculture Day, Workers’ Day, Keep Kids Alive Drive 25 Day, Law Day, Lei Day, Loyalty Day, Mayday for Mutts, Mother Goose Day, Motorcycle Mass and Blessing of the Bikes Day, Infertility Survival Day, Purebred Dog Day, New Homeowners Day, Phone in Sick Day, Save the Rhino Day, School Principals’ Day, Silver Star Service Banner Day, Therapeutic Massage Awareness Day, Laughter Day and Worthy Wage Day. Foodies and Drinkies enjoy Chocolate Parfait Day and Lemonade Day.

If this isn’t the dayest of all days, it’s pretty damn close.

Atypically one of those Days applies to me. CSS Reboot Day reminds me that I need to get my ass in gear on Ockhamizing the courseware, eliminating unnecessary entities.

This is part of my long-term project to disconnect as many Github and Deepstate tentacles as possible. Back in 2014 the big NYC publisher forced me to include a huge pile of CSS and JS from “Twitter Bootstrap”, which was allegedly needed for fashionable round-edged buttons. The huge pile of extra crap had to be processed by the browser on every page load, and I could see that the browser was unhappy with most of the crap, tossing off dozens of ‘deprecated code’ warnings.

After stripping out the twitter crap and tidying up the loose ends, I noticed that the buttons are STILL ROUND. So it wasn’t doing what it was allegedly supposed to do.

It must have been doing something vaguely related to RWD and zooming. One specific button is dislocated after simplifying. I’ve pulled this one specific button back into its proper place, but need to test everything for other possible leftovers.

So it’s time to reboot my ass into CSS debugging. Thanks to the day day of all day days.

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